The Ultimate Guide to Smart Home Compatibility

The Ultimate Guide to Smart Home Compatibility

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smart home compatibility

When building a smart home, figuring out what works with what is one of the most confusing parts. Another confusing part? Figuring out how connecting to one hub differs from connecting to another. Philips Hue being a great example. You can connect the bulbs to SmartThings directly or to a Hue hub. But as a member of the SmartThings Staff shares,

There’s a lot of cool stuff you can do with the Hue App that you can’t do via SmartThings.

So, when building your smart home, how do you know what’s best? A great first step is to learn from the experience of others. Below you will find information on device compatibility, and I invite you to share your experience in the comment section below.

 Amazon AlexaGoogle HomeSmartThingsWeMoWink





SmartThingsNot Certified, Not Supported
Amazon Alexa
Google Home
IFTTTWink Relay

Works with Nest*Not Certified, Not Supported
amazon echogoogle homesmartthings hubwemowink hub
Amazon AlexaGoogle HomeSmartThingsWeMoWink
Read ReviewEcho/Dot ReviewGoogle Home ReviewSmartThings ReviewWeMo Insight Review
LightsOSRAM LIGHTIFY, Philips Hue, Lifx, D-Link Smart Plugs, Lutron Caseta, WeMo Plugs, TP-Link, C by GE Lamp, Switchmate Bright Smart SwitchPhilips Hue, WeMo Plugs, Switchmate Bright Smart SwitchOSRAM LIGHTIFY, Philips Hue, Leviton, SmartThings Smart PlugsCree, OSRAM LIGHTIFY, TCP, WeMo Plugs, Bulbs, and SwitchesGE Link, OSRAM LIGHTIFY, Philips Hue, Cree, Hampton Bay Smart LED, Leviton, Lutron Caseta, iHome
ThermostatsNest, ecobee, Honeywell Lyric, Honeywell Total Connect, Sensibo (AC), First Alert OneLink, tado, Sensi, VenstarNestHoneywell Lyric, Honeywell Total Connect, Honeywell Z-Wave, ecobee Smart SI, ecobee3NestNest, ecobee, Honeywell, Sensi, Carrier® Côr™
CamerasBlink, Butterfleye,
iCamera KEEP Pro, Kuna
Arlo Wire-Free, Samsung SmartCam HD Pro, Skybell HDBelkin NetCam HD+, NetCam Wi-FiCanary, Ring Video Doorbell, Nest Cam
LocksDwelo, August HomeSchlage Century, Schlage Connected, Yale B1L, Yale Key Free, Yale Push Button, Yale T1L, Yale Touchscreen,VeriLock® Security Sensors, Kwikset 910, Schlage Connect, Schlage Keypad
Monitored SecurityVivint, Frontpoint,, Scout Alarm, ADT Pulse, ADT CanopyADT Connect Coming Soon, Scout Alarm Services
Other HubsInsteon, Iris, Myfox, abode, Control4Control4
Amazon AlexaGoogle HomeSmartThingsWeMoWink
Buy NowBuy NowBuy NowBuy NowBuy Now

*See below for more details on which Nest device works with which smart home devices.

Works with Nest

Saying something Works with Nest doesn’t necessarily mean it works with all Nest products. “Works with Nest” might mean that a product works with the camera, Nest Protect, Nest Thermostat, or the app.

Saying that it works with the app is also a little misleading. In some cases, this doesn’t mean that you can use the Nest app to control both products. Philips Hue is once again a good example. Though Hue “works with the Nest app”, you can’t control your lights from the Nest app. Instead, you can use the web portal to set some rules and Nest can tell Hue when your home is set to Away

Nest CamNest App*
Wemo Switch

LIFX Color 1000
Philips Hue
Yale Linus
August Doorbell
Nest CamNest App*
Amazon Alexa

MyQ Home Control
Logitech Harmony

AT&T Digital Life

ADT Pulse


Scout Alarm


Nest CamNest App*



GetSafe Home Security

Stack Lighting
Google Home

*Works with the app may mean different things. In most cases, it simply means that Nest can tell your device when you are home or away.

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Ultimate IFTTT Smart Home Guide

With IFTTT you can’t assume that the presence of a channel means you can do anything. I’ve learned this lesson the hard way many times. For example, I bought an OSRAM bulb assuming I could set it to turn a color based on Twitter activity. As IFTTT has both a Twitter and a SmartThings’ channel I assumed this was possible; I was wrong. I’ve also erroneously made the assumption that cameras with IFTTT channels should be able to record to Google Drive, also not always true. Beyond the presence of an IFTTT channel, you need to dig into the possible triggers and actions. And if you want greater flexibility beyond 1+1=2, you might want to ditch IFTTT in favor of Stringify, though the two now technically work together.

So what are triggers and actions? They are the ingredients in a two part recipe known as an applet. IFTTT glues things together in an If This Then That format. If (Action from Connected Channel) Then (Trigger from Connected Channel). In some cases, you might be asked to take it a step further. For example, with SmartThings’ Switched On trigger, you will need to specify the device you want to use.

ProductTriggers (Trigger Fields)Actions
iSmartAlarmContact Sensor (Open Only), Motion SensorArm iSmart, Disarm, Change Mode to Home, Sound Panic Siren
Amazon EchoSay a Specific Phrase (what phrase), Ask What’s On Your To Do List, Item Added To/Completed On/Edited On, Deleted From Your To Do List, Ask What’s On Your Shopping List, Item Added To/Completed On/Edited On/Deleted From Shopping List, Ask For Sports Team’s Score/Next Game, New Song Played, Alarm Goes Off, Timer Goes Off
Google Home (Google Assistant)Say a Simple Phrase, Say a Phrase With a Number, Phrase With Text Ingredient, Say a Phrase With Both a Number and Text Ingredient. (All triggers have the same trigger field options: what do you want to say, what’s another way to say it, and another way, how should Assistant respond?)
SmartThingsSwitched On/Off (device), Opened/Closed (device), Locked/Unlocked (device), Motion (device), Presence Detected/No Longer Detected (device), Temperature Rises Above/Drops Below (device, temp value, temp units), Humidity Rises Above/Drops Below (device, humidity value), Moisture Detected (device), Brightness Rises Above/Drops Below (device, brightness value)Switched On/Off (device), Locked/Unlocked (device), Activate Siren/Strobe (device, alert type), Deactivate Siren/Strobe (device)
Wink RelayButton Press (which button)
ScoutMode Armed/Disarmed (mode), Alarm Triggered/Dismissed (mode), Door Panel Opened/Closed (which door panel), Access Sensor Opened/Closed (which access sensor), Motion Detected (which motion sensor)Arm/Disarm a Mode (mode), Disarm All Modes (which location), Turn On/Off Siren, (which location), Chirp (which location), Enable/Disable Key Fob (which key fob)
abodeAlarm Activated, Mode Changed (select mode), Door Opened/Closed (select door), Door Unlocked/Locked (select lock)Change Mode (which mode), Turn On/Off Switch (which switch), Toggle Switch (which switch), Change Dimmer Level (which dimmer, dimmer level), Lock/Unlock Device (which lock)
MyfoxSystem is Armed/Disarmed (which system), System is Set to Night Mode (which system), Alarm Initiated (which system)Sound Siren (which system), Security Mode (security mode, which system), Control Camera Shutter (open/close shutter, which camera)
D-Link ConnectedMotion Detected (which camera), Sound Detected (which camera)Record Video (which camera), Take Snapshots (which camera)
OcoMotion Detected (which camera), Camera Offline (which camera)Start Recording (which camera, duration in seconds), Turn Camera On/Off (which camera), Turn Notifications On/Off (which camera)
ArloMotion Detected (which device), Low Battery Reported (which device), Audio Detected (which device)Arm/Disarm (which device), Start Recording (which device, how long)
CamioMotion Detected (which camera), Advanced Motion Detected (choose a camera, color, direction, object, zone), Power Disconnected (which camera)Start/Stop Recording (which camera), Turn On/Off Motion Notifications for All Cameras
HomeboyMotion Detected (which location), Video Ready (which location), Location Armed/Disarmed (which location), Camera Armed/Disarmed (which camera), Lost Connection (which location), Low Battery (which location)Arm/Disarm Location (which location), Arm/Disarm Camera (which camera), Record Video (which camera), Notify Crew (which location, message to send)
Nest CamNew Sound/Motion Events (which device)
Netatmo WelcomeSomeone Known/Unknown is Seen (which camera), A Specific Person is Seen (which person), Specific Person Arrives Home (which person), Someone Known Arrives Home (which home), Motion Detected (which camera), Welcome Has a Problem (which camera), Welcome Has Been Switched On/Off (which camera)
PiperActivity Detected in Security Mode (which security mode, which sensor detected activity), New Video Clip Recorded (which Piper), Piper Went Offline/Cam Back Online (which Piper), Piper is Running on Battery/No Longer Running on Battery (which Piper)Change Security Mode (which mode), Turn On/Off Wireless Accessory (which accessory), Set a Wireless Accessory Dimmer Level (which accessory, dimmer level %), Ask Me to Arm Piper (set message)
RingNew Ring Detected (which doorbell), New Motion Detected (which device)
Skybell HDButton Pressed (Skybell HD), Detected Motion (Skybell HD)Turn Indoor Chime On/Off (which device), Change LED Color (which device, which color), Record Video (which device)
ecobeeIndoor/Outdoor Temp Greater Than/Less Than (thermostat name, temp threshold), Indoor/Outdoor Humidity Greater Than/Less Than (thermostat name, humidity threshold), Smart Home/Away (thermostat name), Schedule Override (thermostat name)Set Indefinite Hold (thermostat name, desired temp), Set Hold Until Next Transition (thermostat name, desired temp), Set Hold for X Hours (thermostat name, desired temp, number of hours), Create Vacation (thermostat name, desired temp, number of days), Set Comfort Profile Until Next Transition (thermostat name, comfort profile), Set Comfort Profile For X Hours, (thermostat name, comfort profile, number of hours), Resume Program (thermostat name)
Nest ThermostatNest Set to Home/Away (which home), Temp Rises Above/Below (which device, temp threshold, degrees in)Set Temperature (which device, temp degrees in), Set Temp Range (which device, low/high temp, degrees in), Turn on Fan for 15 Mins (which device)
Philips HueTurn On/Off (which lights), Toggle On/Off (which lights), Blink Lights (which lights), Dim Lights (which lights, brightness), Change Color (which lights, color value or name), Change to Random Color (which lights), Change Color From Image (color mode, image URL), Turn On Color Loop (which lights)
LIFXTurn Lights On (which lights, fade in duration, color, brightness, advanced options), Turn Lights Off (which lights, fade out duration, advanced options), Toggle Lights On/Off (which lights, advanced options), Activate Scene (scene, transition duration, advanced options), Change Color of Lights (which lights, advanced options, color brightness, turn on first, transition duration), Blink Lights (which lights, advanced options, turn on first, number of blinks, color, brightness), Breathe Lights (which lights, advanced options, turn on first, number of breaths, color, brightness)
WeMo Light SwitchSwitched On/Off (which light), Long Press (which light)Turn On/Off (which light), Turn On Then Off or Off Then On (which light), Toggle On/Off (which light)
ProductTriggers (Trigger Fields)Actions
WeMo LightingLight Switched On/Off (which device), Dimmed to Specific Level (which device, dimmed level)Turn On/Off (which device), Dim (which device, dimmed level), Turn On/Off Group of Lights (which group), Dim Group of Lights (which group, dimmed level), Start Sleep Fader (which device, fader time in mins), Set Sleep Fader For Group (which group, fader time in mins)

AugustLock Unlocked/Locked (which lock), Lock Unlocked/Locked By Specific Person (which lock, which person)

This chart would be hella long if we included all channels. We limited it to the most popular security and smart home options. If we missed something you are looking for, you can search the channel directory at

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Works with Amazon Alexa

Vivint and Amazon Echo

With Amazon Alexa enabled devices (Amazon Echo, Dot, Tap, etc.), you can connect to other smart home devices either through a direct integration or by using a skill. Integrating is easy, remember what to say isn’t always that simple. Regardless, using your voice to control your home is pretty sweet.

Smart Lights / Switches:Smart Hubs & Thermostats:Home Security, Services, & Other:
WeMo Light Switch & Switch Controls, Lutron Caseta, WeMoNest, ecobee3, Honeywell LyricVivint,, Frontpoint, ADT Pulse (Coming Soon), ADT Canopy (Coming Soon)
Philips Hue Starter Kit, Switchmate Bright Smart SwitchCarrier Cor, Honeywell Total Connect, Venstar Colortouch Thermostat,Scout, Myfox, abode
Caseta Wireless Dimmer Kit, In-Wall Dimmer Kit, & Plug-in Lamp Dimmer KitSensi Programmable Thermostat, Sensibo (AC), First Alert OneLink, tadoNucleus, Control4, Ooma, Kuri Robot
LIFX Color and White Bulbs, D-LinkInsteon, Iris, Logitech HarmonyIFTTT, Stringify
TP-Link Smart Plugs, OSRAM LIGHTIFYSmartThings, SmartThinQAutomatic, Hyundai Genesis
Haiku Home Wi-Fi Ceiling FanWinkAugust Smart Locks, Dwelo, GE Appliances (via Geneva skill)
C by GE Lamp (coming soon)Blink Camera, Butterfleye, iCamera KEEP Pro, Kuna, Somfy One

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What Works With Homekit?

Homekit is a mess right now. For one, it has limited compatibility. Making a device Homekit-compatible isn’t as easy as integrating with IFTTT or Alexa. Homekit compatibility requires a hardware upgrade. Second, the app is still a bit of a mess, and Siri is unreliable. In testing both, the failure rate on voice commands is higher with Siri than it is with Alexa.

Smart Lights / Switches:Smart Hubs & Thermostats:Home Security, Services, & Other:Cameras
ConnectSense, Hunter, Lutron, Lifxecobee3, Haier, Carrier CorAugust Smart Lock, Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt, Kwikset Premis Smart Lock, Yale Real Living Assure Locks, Yale NexTouch Wireless LocksD-Link Omna, Withings Home Plus WiFi Cam
Incipio, Koogeek, Sylvania Multicolor Smart BulbHoneywell Lyric, Netatmo ThermostatElgato, Chamberlain Smart Garage Hub, Honeywell Lyric Home SecurityComing Soon: August Doorbell, Ring Video Doorbell Pro, Canary Plus, Kuna
Nanoleaf Smarter Hub, Philips HueInsteon Hub ProiDevices, iHome, Netatmo Smart Smoke Alarm, First Alert Onelink Environment Monitor

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