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ADT Coverage, Customer Service, and FAQ

ADT is the oldest and arguably most popular alarm company in the country. Primarily, they offer professionally installed home security systems and professional monitoring services. They also offer home automation devices, security cameras, and a safety tracking app.

ADT Service Area & Coverage Map

ADT at a Glance

ADT has the longest history of any alarm company; almost 150 years. Its services are currently offered nationwide and they also have local service areas in Canada and Puerto Rico as well as 35 other countries. In the U.S. alone, they have over 8 million customers through 200 local service areas that employ over 18,000 security professionals.

ADT developed the home security business, introducing the first proactive security measure, in an aim to prevent crime before it happened. Edward Callahan, ADT founder, was the first to integrate telegraphs with sensor technology to create the burglar alarm telegraph and with the invention of telephone lines, ADT began to use dedicated lines to use for emergency purposes.

WWII brought about a dramatic advancement of security measures, including fire detection and intrusion detection, respectfully. Over the years, ownership passed from Western Union to AT&T to Tyco to the current owners as of 2016, Apollo Global Management

Today, it has grown into one of the largest and most popular home security companies.


Get the best known brand in home security. Monthly monitoring costs start at $27.99/mo.

ADT Go app

ADT Home Security Packages

ADT has three packages available: Essentials, Total Protection, and Premium Protection. They all require a $99 installation fee and a 36-month contract. Each comes with standard equipment package, discussed below.

The Essentials Plan includes a professional monitoring system via a selection cellular connection, starting at $36.99 per month. It has most of the basic security features, except smartphone access and home automation.

Like the Traditional Basic Wireless package, the Total Protection Plan ($42.99/month) provides professional monitoring as well as access to the ADT Control Mobile App which enables remote control of your system.

The Premium Protection Plan ($58.99/mo) comes with the same standard equipment and the same features as Total Protection, but also features remote viewing via security cameras as well as access to ADT Control Mobile App.

For more details on ADT’s service plans and packages, check out our full ADT monitoring plans and pricing review.

ADT Home Security System Devices


  • Indoor Security Cameras
  • Outdoor Security Cameras
  • ADT Video Doorbell Camera


  • Smoke Detectors
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Flood Sensors
  • Panic Buttons

Smart Home

  • Automated Door Locks
  • Automated Home Lighting
  • Automated Thermostats
  • Garage Doors
  • Video Doorbell Camera
  • Home Automation Switches and Plugs
  • CellGuard Technology – app that connects your smartphone to ADT
  • ADT Control Mobile App – app that connects your smartphone with your system
  • Z-wave technology – the technology behind the ADT Control App

Health and Senior Packages

  • On the Go – Mobile; No landline required; Fall Detection; Location Capabilities
  • MediAlert Basic – In home operation; Landline required; Home Temp Monitoring
  • MediAlert Plus – In home operation; No landline required; Fall Detection; Home Temp Monitoring


  • Help Button – Button can be a worn as pendant or wristwatch
  • Fall Detection Pendant
  • Wall Mounted Pendant
  • ADT Lock Box – House key lock box with a code; Those with code can access key in emergency situation

ADT Features & Tech

  • Professional System Installation – Assess needs and install to ensure coverage
  • Same/Next Day Service – No additional charge for this service
  • 24/7 Monitoring – Fast response monitoring agents
  • High decibel alarm – Alert family and neighbors of trouble
  • Back up Battery – 12 hrs. of emergency power during outage
  • Digital Panel – Arm/disarm your system; connection with ADT dispatchers
  • Entryway contacts – Window and door sensors that sound alarm when triggered
  • Wireless keychain remote – Control your keypad from a remote within 50ft of panel
  • Motion detectors – Scans room for movement and can trigger lights to activate

Additional ADT Home Services

  • ADT Go – SOS Emergency Response; Crash Detection/Drive Report; Location Sharing
  • Identity Theft Protection
  • 6-month Money Back Guarantee – Refund if you are not completely happy
  • Theft Protection Guarantee – Up to $500 of your deductible met if theft while armed
  • Mover’s Package – After 6 months you can have discounts on relocation of services.
  • Homeowner’s Insurance Certificate – A certificate to save on your policy premium.

Success is not Without Controversy

In 1909, when ADT was a subsidiary of Western Union, AT&T purchased the company. The federal government saw that the conglomerate was becoming a monopoly and in 1914 forced AT&T to change some things around. It ended up selling most of its Western Union holdings, which included ADT.

In the 1960s ADT grew large, but it had no structure. This brought on the attention of the Federal government again, which launched Monopoly proceedings. Part of the 1964 resolution was for ADT to develop a National Price list.

ADT Awards and Rankings

  • 2018 Installer of the Year Award – Sammy Award
  • 2018 Integrated Installation of the Year (Multi Site Commercial) -Sammy Award
  • 2018 #1 security company in America to help protect your home and family. – SDM100

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BBB Rating – A+ (according to ADT website) Rating for ADT on BBB site is being updated according to the BBB page and is not currently available.1


  • Does ADT Offer Financing Options?

    ADT does offer financing options. You do not have to pay for your equipment or contract in advance. You pay monthly installments for your equipment and services selected through an automatic payment system called EasyPay.

  • What happens if I decide to cancel my contract?

    Should you want to exit your contract early, there is an early termination fee. It is a 75% payoff of remaining contract balance. This is better than some, which require a 100% payoff.