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Guardian Protection Services Review 2020

: What To Know Before Buying Services

Guardian Protection Services provides professionally installed, professionally installed home security systems to customers in the Northeast U.S. region. They offer cellular monitoring with long-term contract requirements and wireless equipment with low upfront fees.

Monitoring Type: Professional
Install Type: Professional

Guardian Protection Services Pros & Cons


  • Free Basic Equipment
  • Mobile App Access For All Customers
  • Touchscreen Control Panel
  • Family of Guarantees


  • Limited Service Area
  • No Trial Period
  • Strict Cancellation Policy

Guardian Protection Services Sales Process

To get started, you must either call Guardian's sales department or request a call from them. Once you're in touch with them, a sales rep will guide you through the sales process that might include a house visit.

Basically, you'll start by choosing a monitoring plan that suits you. If you want your monitoring plan to be plain and simple, you can go with the Standard plan. If you want more features, you can choose Essential or Premium.

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Free Basic Equipment · Family of Guarantees · Accessible Customer Service

A base equipment package, which includes a basic touchscreen control panel, three door/window sensors, a motion sensor, and yard sign and decals, is included whatever monitoring plan you choose. However, you have the option to upgrade the basic touchscreen keypad to a Qolsys IQ Panel 2 control panel (for a fee) or add more sensors and devices. Any upgrade or add-on equipment must be paid upfront. Also, because you'll be dealing directly with a sales rep, you might be able to negotiate the base equipment's device inclusion. For example, instead of three door/window sensors and one motion sensor, you can get two motion sensors.

Once your system is finalized, you'll sign a contract and schedule the installation. Guardian requires professional installation, which isn't free. The installation fee will be added to your upfront payment. The good news is Guardian offers a Quality Home Installation guarantee. If you find any operational fault in your system, simply report it to Guardian and they will fix it. If it's not fixed after six months, they will give you back the full installation fee plus the monthly monitoring fee you paid in the last six months.

Guardian Protection Services Equipment Review

As mentioned earlier, Guardian includes a base equipment package in every monitoring plan. The core component of the package is the control panel.

Wireless Touchscreen Control Panel

The base package includes a wireless touchscreen control panel. It connects to your devices wirelessly and then links your security system to the monitoring center. It also functions as a controller. Using its full-color touchscreen display, you can arm or disarm your security system, see the status of your sensors, get a daily weather report, and more. It can also directly connect you to the monitoring center using two-way voice.

Qolsys IQ Panel 2

Guardian also offers a more advanced touchscreen control panel than the one included in the base package. The Qolsys IQ Panel 2 will cost you around $200, but it offers more features including a built-in glass break sensor, siren, and camera. It also has a battery backup that can keep your security system running up to 24 hours during blackouts.

One of IQ Panel 2's key features is Disarm Photos. Using its built-in camera, it snaps a photo every time it's disarmed. It sends the photo to your Guardian smartphone so you can monitor who disarms your security system.

Additional Control Equipment

Guardian also offers devices that you can use to control your security system instead of the control panel. First, you can outlay your home with several remote keypads so you can access your security system wherever you are in the house. For example, you can place one in the master's bedroom, kitchen, and basement. Second, Guardian sells a control key fob. It's a small device, about the size of a car remote, that you can use to arm and disarm your security system as well as trigger a panic alarm.


Sensors are the backbone of every Guardian security system. They tell the control panel when something's wrong so the control panel can notify you and the monitoring center.

Guardians offer typical security sensors you see from other alarm companies: door/window sensors, glass break sensors, motion sensors. However, there are two notable additions.

First is the image sensor. The image sensor is a PIR motion sensor with a built-in low resolution camera. Like the motion sensor, it notifies the monitoring center if movement is seen within its field of vision. However, instead of just an alert, it sends a still photo of what it saw. This way, the monitoring center will know if it’s an intruder or something like a pet.

Second, Guardian offers a smart sensor. The smart sensor is a door/window sensor spinoff. It's designed to monitor places that opens and closes, such as cabinets, closets, or drawers. Instead of sending an alert to the monitoring center, the smart sensor only sends a notification to you. It's best used for monitoring liquor cabinets, gun drawers, file vaults, or other places you might want to keep off-limits from your kids.

Life Safety Sensors

Aside from sensors that detect possible intrusions, Guardian offers sensors that detect hazards such as fire, natural gas, or abnormal temperature changes.

  • Smoke Alarm- Detects smoke and notifies the monitoring center.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector- Detects carbon monoxide and alerts the monitoring center.
  • Heat Detector- Detects abnormal temperature increase that might indicate a problem with your HVAC. It sends a notification to your smartphone.
  • Low Temperature Sensor- Detects extremely low temperatures that can cause your pipes to freeze. It sends a notification to your smartphone.


Alarm.com Indoor 1080p Wi-Fi Camera.

If you want to be able to visually monitor your home wherever you are, you can also add cameras to your security system. Guardian offers an indoor camera, outdoor camera, doorbell camera, and a 1TB local recording device.

The indoor camera and outdoor camera are both from Alarm.com. Both don't offer any special feature, but they do pretty well in getting the job done. They offer a 1080p resolution, provide decent night vision, and have wide field of views. Both can also record in the cloud, although cloud storage is only available if you choose the highest monitoring plan.

The doorbell camera is from SkyBell. When someone rings your doorbell, the camera will notify you via the Guardian app so you can speak to your guests using two-way voice. You can also see them through the camera.

Home Automation Products

Guardian offers full home automation, and it is all controlled through your control panel or mobile app.

Using the Light Modules, you can use your mobile app to turn your lights on or off remotely. You can also create schedules or rules. For example, you can have your lights turn on every day at 8 PM and off at midnight. Using the Smart Thermostat, you can remotely control your home’s temperature. You can have your home set to reach the perfect temperature before you arrive home from work or set up text alerts to let you know if your home’s temperature spikes high or low. The lights and smart thermostat can also tie into Guardian’s energy management solution. The solution can be used to help you save energy by using preset templates designed to reduce energy waste and lower your energy bill.

Finally, Guardian Home Security includes weather alerts and geo-services. With geo-services you can set up events based on your location, assuming that you have your smartphone in hand. For example, you can set up a reminder to prompt you to arm your security system if you drive away from home without doing so.

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Free Basic Equipment · Family of Guarantees · Accessible Customer Service

Guardian Protection Services Monitoring Review

Guardian Protection Services offers three monitoring plans: Standard, Essential, and Premium. All three plans include professional monitoring, smartphone access, and free equipment.

24/7 Professional Monitoring

Professional monitoring is one of Guardian's strongest suits. It has multiple monitoring centers, all are UL certified and CSAA Five Diamond accredited. They are also equipped with backup power in case of blackouts.

Guardian monitors for multiple types of threats. First and foremost, they monitor for burglary. If someone tries to break into your home, your security system will send an alert to the monitoring center. In turn, the monitoring center will check on you. If help is needed, they will send the authorities to your address. The same process applies to smoke and carbon monoxide-related emergencies. If either of the two are detected by your system, the monitoring center will send help.

Protip: If you live in Guardian's service area the quickest way to setup service is to call their direct setup line at (855) 294-8224 instead of waiting through the often long hold times on their main contact number. Another convenient way is to submit your information on their contact form and wait for them to call you back within about 10 minutes.

Mobile App Access

One of the best things about Guardian is that it includes mobile app access whether you're on the cheapest or the most expensive monitoring plan. The app is designed to control your security system and automation devices. The app also functions as a notification hub. Whenever your system detects something, it will ping your phone so you know what's going on.

Family Of Guarantees

What sets apart Guardian from most of its competition is its Family of Guarantees. On Guardian's website, you'll find a list of three promises Guardian gives to its customers: Best Price Guarantee, Home Theft Guarantee, and Home Quality Installation Guarantee.

Guardian's Best Price Guarantee promises that Guardian will match any offer from other alarm companies. All you have to do is show them the original copy of the quote or a printed hard copy of an internet offer.

The Home Theft Protection Guarantee is Guardian's promise to do their best in preventing any break-in. If your house is broken into while being monitored by Guardian, Guardian will refund up to $500 toward your insurance deductible.

Customer Service Overview

How a company treats its customers is important, especially so for a security company. The good news is that Guardian's customer support team is accessible. You can quickly reach Guardian through its customer care hotline that is available from 6AM to 12AM from Mondays to Fridays and 7AM to 12AM on the weekends.

On the other side of the coin, Guardian's policies aren't always customer friendly. For example, if you're moving to a new place outside Guardian's service area while still under contract, you have no other choice but to pay the early termination penalty. The penalty will be computed based on your monthly fee and the number of months remaining on your contract.

Guardian also lacks a free trial period. Once you sign the contract, you're on the hook. You can't return the system for a refund. Other alarm companies offer a 30 to 60-day return period.

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