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The FBI reports that a property crime occurs in the US every 4.1 seconds.

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We've spent years, analyzing the home security industry and nationwide crime & disaster data.

While crime statistics are shocking, they're often impersonal...until it happens to you.

Once you’re a victim, national crime statistics don’t help you. Instead, they leave you with a sense of “What could I have done to prevent this?”

That's why we break down national crime data and the home security industry before you're a victim. We give actionable insights to potential threats near you along with how to protect your family.

Our goal is to give you an all inclusive answer to the question: “What are the largest risks to my family and how can I protect them?”

Our Reports Have Been Used By:

In-Depth Research & Reviews

We do the research to create fair, in-depth reviews of the top security providers to help you make the right choice for you and your family.

Personalized, Smart Recommendations

Our smart home security provider tool uses local crime statistics and provider research to give you a tailor-made recommendation.

Raw Crime Data Analysis

We translate the FBI's raw crime data from local, state and federal agencies into actionable insights so you can protect your home from potential threats.

Home Security Analysis of the Top Providers

Navigating home security options can be complicated and confusing. Our team has invested hundreds of ours into examining all the options, so you don't have to.