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Home Security Reviews of the Top Systems

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The FBI reports that a property crime occurs in the US, every 4.1 seconds.

While this statistic is shocking, it is impersonal… Crime, on the other hand, is immensely personal.

When you’re a victim, national crime statistics don’t help you. Instead, they leave you with a sense of “What could I have done to prevent this?”

Our goal at HomeAlarmReport is to break down these national statistics to give actionable insights into potential threats in your neighborhood along with how to protect your family.

To do this, we’ve collected and organized data from federal and local governments to create one of the largest crime databases in the US.

This allows us to give you local, personal, statistics so you can make informed decisions.

We do the research to create fair, in-depth reviews of the top security providers. We offer a clear assessment of each company to help you make the right choice to protect you and your family.

In-Depth Reviews of Security Providers

Knowing the threats in your area is great, but it doesn’t help protect you.

To help close this gap, we’ve dug deep into both DIY and professionally installed security system to show you the Good, Bad, and Ugly of what each of system does—and doesn’t do—to protect you and your family.

In fact, you can also read consumer reviews of real customers just like you. Trade cherry-picked testimonials for unbiased opinions from verified customers.

Because many of the home security providers respect us, we’re able to get real answers to your questions—not just a canned line from a sales rep trying to make their sale.

Companies We’ve Reviewed

We review the top home security companies and dive deep into their security systems.

Here are some of the security companies we have reviewed:

Frontpoint Security

SimpliSafe Home Security


Brinks Home Security

LifeShield Home Security

And many more

Who’s Behind This?

We’re a team of home security experts, product testers, researchers, and writers.

Launched in 2015, HomeAlarmReport has been dedicated to creating authoritative reviews of both security systems and providers. Initially, we thought reviews were enough, but over time, we realized consumers needed and wanted more.

As technology expands, the home security has industry has exploded into a market of integrated home products, smart devices and services. We realized we needed to test out tech for ourselves to give you the clearest picture.

We expanded to Comparison Reviews, How-To Guides to give you insights into what it’s like to use these products.

We aim to give you the information to need to secure your home, protect your loved ones and achieve peace of mind. We all deserve to rest easy at night—let us help you.