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About Us


Samuel Cook
Senior Associate Editor
Samuel Cook lives in Virginia with his wife and son. He writes about home security, security cameras, and smart homes. As he is a former English teacher, he also proofreads many of our articles.
Bethuel Cruz
Senior Associate Editor
Bethuel Cruz writes about smart homes, robotics, and crowdfunding campaigns. In his free time, he volunteers at a local animal shelter. He’s also a self-described “car geek” and an avid coffee drinker.

Rose Thibodeaux
Rose has worked in the technology and security industry since 2003. She has attended multiple CES shows, has her own security/smart home focused YouTube channel, and has hands-on experience with dozens of smart home and home security products.


We love tech!

We love tech, but we decided to focus our love on one specific area: smart homes and home security. In short, we review home security and smart home products, including home security cameras.

As a small site, we have the privilege of reviewing products without a deadline. Often we spend weeks or even months with a product before writing about it, which ensures that we can share our full experience. We also pride ourselves on our ethical standards. Recommendations are 100% up to the discretion of each editor who has complete autonomy over their articles and opinions.

Our commitment to you is that we will take the products we have and review them thoroughly and carefully. Our hope is that for the products we do test, we are able to understand the product at a deep level and then explain it to you in a manner that is both succinct and factual. Our goal, of course, is to do so better than anyone else. In the end, we’ll usually tell you if we think you should buy it or keep your money, and then we invite you to share your experiences. In fact, our comment section is often lively with chatter and opinions from actual users and fellow tech enthusiasts.


RESET Podcast
Listen to Rose discuss Arlo Pro and Blink XT with RESET Podcast’s very own David McCabe.
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Richard Gunther invites Rose to discuss everything from Nest to Ring to the new Echos and beyond.
Home: On

Greggles TV
Rose is invited to be a guest on GregglesTV where she answers Greg’s many challenging questions.

Chris invites Rose to demo the use of Echo’s new multi-room audio experience.

Rose is a guest on MDFM where she demos the use of the SmartThings Tracker with automated rules.
Greggles TV
Rose joins five other YouTubers in naming the best phones and gadgets of 2018.

Rose joins four Smart Home industry veterans to discuss smart home trends and predictions.


Are you paid to promote products?

We are not. We do not accept paid posts. You’ll also notice that our site is ad-free. This is to ensure that we can maintain independence and remain as objective as possible when reviewing and recommending products. Instead of ads, we use affiliate links.

What’s an affiliate link?

Affiliate links are URL’s placed on our site that contain a code that identifies our website. If you choose to click on the link, like the product, and purchase it, there is a chance that we might make a commission on the sale. If you don’t like the product and return it, we don’t make a commission. Of course, this never affects our recommendations. In fact, some of the top-ranked items on our site are items we don’t get paid on. Editors are not encouraged to provide favorable reviews just because an item is sold on Amazon or anywhere else. If we recommend something, it’s because we think it’s worth buying.

Speaking of Amazon, we are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. This allows us to provide the coverage you know and love.

How do you review home security companies?

The home security rankings are the opinion of HomeAlarmReport.com and could change at any time.

To rank them, we research and test. We have hands-on experience with a few companies including Frontpoint, Link, Armorax, LivSecure, SimpliSafe, Ring Alarm, abode, Nest Secure, GetSafe, and more, as well as experiences with Vivint, ADT, and XFINITY via CES. However, due to the typically contractual nature of home security providers, we can’t test them all. When we are unable to test a system in-home, we spend hours researching the company through secret shopping experiments, phone calls, user feedback, and more. Keep in mind that we update our home security reviews often. Most of them were originally written in 2014 and have been updated countless times over the years as companies change and as our understanding of the product changes. As an example, our Protect America review has been updated over thirty times.

If you want to learn more about our “Review and Rating System,” you can do so here.

How can I make a suggestion or request a review?

Feel free to reach out to the appropriate author via a comment, Twitter, or you can contact us here.


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