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Xfinity Review 2023

: What To Know Before Buying Services

Xfinity offers professionally installed, professionally monitored home security systems. They offer broadband monitoring with cellular backup but also with a long-term contract. Monthly monitoring rates start at $40, but you can get up to $10 discount per month just by agreeing to auto-pay and paperless billing.

Monitoring Type: Professional
Install Type: Professional

Xfinity Home Pros & Cons


  • Cable, Internet & Home Security Bundles
  • Self-Branded Equipment
  • Smartphone Access For All Users


  • Limited Equipment
  • Regional Coverage
  • History Of Poor Customer Service

Xfinity Home Sales Process

Xfinity offers Xfinity Home the same way they offer their broadband and cable services. You can either call Xfinity to speak with a sales specialist right away, schedule a callback, visit an Xfinity Store near you, or shop for bundles online. No matter which way you go, the sales process remains the same.

First, build out your plan. You can choose from Xfinity Home's two monitoring plans or you can bundle home security with a new cable or internet plan. If you do the latter, you'll receive a low introductory monthly price. For example, in our area, Xfinity offers a cable, internet, and Xfinity Home bundle worth $120/month for only $60/month.

Next, pick your equipment. You're required to start with a basic bundle priced between $360 to $600. You can choose how you want to pay for the package. You can either pay a one-time fee or pay $15 to $25 per month depending on your package in 24 monthly installments

The third step is scheduling the installation. Xfinity charges a $99.99 (fixed-rate) for professional installation. You can pick the date and time from the availability calendar. As is normal with installation appointments, there's a time window. Xfinity guarantees that their technician will arrive within a two-hour window and if they're late, you'll automatically receive a $20 credit. On your end, at least one adult individual (18+) must be present during the installation. Also, take note that the two-hour window is only for the technician's arrival. The installation might take longer than two hours, so clear your schedule for the entire morning or afternoon.

The last step is finalizing your order. Before you sign the contract, Xfinity will run a credit check. If you have good credit, you'll proceed to the contract signing. If you have a low credit score, Xfinity has the right to refuse you or extend your contract.

Xfinity Home Equipment Review

When it comes to equipment, Xfinity Home is a bit lacking. In 2017, they launched a brand-new lineup of devices that are better-looking and more functional than the system they used to offer. Unfortunately, they didn't expand their lineup. There are only ten device types offered under Xfinity Home.

Touchscreen Panel

Xfinity Home's core component is the Touchscreen Panel. It's a bulky, tablet-like device with a touchscreen interface that you can use to view and control your security system. It connects to your sensors and devices wirelessly and links them to the monitoring center.

The Touchscreen Panel will use your existing Wi-Fi to send alarm signals to the central station. An internet connection from any ISP will work. If you don't have an internet connection yet, we recommend that you bundle Xfinity Home with Xfinity Internet to avail of a low introductory price.

Broadband monitoring isn't the most secure and reliable monitoring method. We all know how internet connections go down from time to time and without an internet connection, the Touchscreen Panel can't communicate with the monitoring center. Fortunately, it has cellular and battery backup. These two features enable the Touchscreen Panel to operate even when your internet is down or power is out.

Wireless Keypad & Keychain Remote

To help the Touchscreen Panel in controlling your security system, Xfinity offers a wireless keypad and keychain remote.

The wireless keypad is a screenless keypad that allows you to arm (home/away) and disarm your security system. It also lets you trigger a panic alarm with a push of a button. We recommend placing a keypad near your front door and other key places around your house and hiding your Touchscreen Panel in a central location. This is to prevent intruders from destroying your control panel in an attempt to disable it.

The keychain remote is a 4-button key fob that is about the size of a car remote. Its four buttons let you disarm your system, set it to arm home or arm away, and trigger a panic alarm.

Security Sensors

Xfinity Home only offers two types of security sensors: door/window sensors and motion sensors. Both are included in all equipment packages, but if you need more, you can always get additional sensors from Xfinity.

The door/window sensor is a two-part device that attaches to your door and doorframe or window and window sill. When your door or window opens, the two components lose contact and triggers an alarm. We recommend placing door/window sensors in every first-floor door and window as well as easily-accessible second-floor windows.

If a room has multiple windows, you should consider getting a motion sensor instead. Xfinity Home's motion sensor uses PIR technology to detect movement. It's pet-immune and can ignore pets up to 85 lbs.

Both sensors sell for $49.95 each.

Environment Sensors

Xfinity Home can also monitor for elements that might pose a hazard to your life or your house. More specifically, it offers smoke sensors for detecting house fires and water sensors for detecting leaks. The water sensor sells for $39.95 each while the smoke sensor will set you back $99.95 each.


Xfinity Security Camera

Xfinity Home doesn't miss out on video monitoring features. It offers a sleek-looking camera called xCam. xCam is a wide-angle (109-degrees) camera with an HD 720p resolution and records at 30fps. What's unique about xCam is that it can work both indoors and outdoors. You can even move it around and place it where you need it. For example, if you're home on the weekends, you can place it outdoors. During the weekdays, you can move it indoors.

Home Automation

August Smart Locks, KwikSet SmartCode Deadbolt Lock, Nest Thermostats and Xfinity Home Thermostat

Xfinity also offers a couple of home automation devices: the Zen smart thermostat and an outlet controller. Two home automation devices aren't enough to make your home smart, but that's not all that Xfinity offers. Although it lacks self-branded smart home products, Xfinity partnered with third-party smart home brands. The best part is if you buy compatible products From partner brands, you'll be able to control them using the same app you use to control Xfinity Home. The list of compatible products include:

  • ecobee3
  • ecobee3 Lite
  • ecobee4
  • Nest Learning Thermostat
  • All Philips Hue lights (Hue Bridge required)
  • GE In-Wall Smart Switch/Dimmer Switch
  • Kwikset (910, 912, 914 & 916)
  • Lutron Caseta Wireless
  • Cor Thermostat
  • Chamberlain MyQ Garage Door Controller
  • August Smart Lock (August Connect required)

Home Automation With X1

Xfinity has a new product called X1. X1 doesn't tie into Xfinity Home. Instead, it's a TV service powered by the X1 TV box. Using X1, you can stream from Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other streaming services as well as watch live TV. It's also a cloud DVR; shows recorded on the X1 box can be streamed using your phone wherever you are as long as you have internet access.

We included X1 here because if you have an Xfinity Home system, you can use your TV as home automation and home security controller. X1 has a voice remote, so if you link your security system to it, you'll be able to arm and disarm your system just by saying "Xfinity Home Arm/Disarm" to your remote. You can even view a live camera feed from your TV, arm your system, and control connected devices. If you speak the words, “XFINITY Home lights” into the XFINITY X1 voice remote, it will bring up a user interface that allows you control over your connected smart lights. You can also use your TV to receive notifications. For example, if you leave your garage door open, you can have it send a notice right to your TV screen.

Bring Your Own Equipment (B.Y.O.E.)

If you have an existing security system installed in your home, Xfinity Home offers monitoring takeover to certain alarm systems. Basically, Xfinity will implement Xfinity Home features to your existing system so you can use Xfinity's smartphone app, features, and monitoring service. If you still have a contract with your previous alarm company, Xfinity also offers system buyout wherein they will buy out your contract so you can switch to their monitoring service.

Xfinity Home Monitoring Review

Xfinity Home's primary product is actually monitoring. It offers a free basic equipment package so that it can retain customers using its monitoring service.

Xfinity Home Monitoring Price

Unlike most alarm companies that offer multiple monitoring plan options, Xfinity Home only offers one option that includes all the basic features you need in a home security system including home automation and security camera event recording. The only feature not included is 24/7 continuous recording. You can access this feature by paying an additional $9.95 per month for each camera you want to record continuously.

Monitoring Centers

One of the key features of Xfinity Home is professional monitoring. It delivers professional monitoring services through its six interconnected central stations. Yes, Xfinity has six monitoring centers in different locations. This is so they can offer redundancy. Even if one or two of those monitoring centers fail to operate due to natural calamities, the other monitoring centers can take over.

Broadband Monitoring With Cellular Backup

Xfinity Home uses broadband monitoring, which means it requires a high-speed internet connection in order to work. It uses your internet connection to stay connected with the monitoring center and with you via the Xfinity Home app.

As we all know, internet connections aren't always reliable. In case your internet cuts out, the Xfinity Home system is designed to switch to cellular monitoring. Cellular monitoring will keep your security system connected to you and the monitoring center using cellular signals.

Xfinity Home Customer Service Overview

Xfinity is still Comcast and Comcast has a relatively bad reputation when it comes to customer service. However, that doesn't mean that Xfinity offers poor customer service. In fact, it has several customer-friendly policies.

30-Day Trial

If you purchase an Xfinity Home security system, you have 30 days to test it out. If you don't like it, you can return it and get a refund for your upfront payments up to $500.

Moving Policy

As long as you're moving to a service area covered by Xfinity, you should be fine. There will be no moving penalties and you can take the system with you. However, professional installation is required, so you will have to pay again for installation.

Unfortunately, if you're moving to a service area not covered by Xfinity while you're still under contract, there will be penalties for early cancellation. The penalty will be computed based on your monthly monitoring fee and the number of months remaining in your contract.

Accessible Customer Support

One thing really commendable about Xfinity is how accessible its customer support team is. You can reach them online via Xfinity's live chat feature, call them, or email them and expect an immediate response. However, not all of them are based in the U.S. On several occasions, especially after office hours,  we were directed to an offshore call center based internationally. The good thing is that Xfinity is transparent about outsourcing its customer support. When we asked one of the agents if he's in the U.S., he honestly told us that he's in New Delhi.

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Customer Xfinity Home Security Reviews

Cost of Doing Business With Comcast
Reviewed by Ben on Oct. 5, 2018

I added Xfinity Security on to by overall Comcast package which I originally thought was a great add on and feature for my family. Since the original installation, the system has been nothing but trouble for me. The batteries in the devices last about 6 months, the system home base is bulky and outdated, and customer service is not helpful. I had a motion sensor go start faulting regularly which triggered the alarm 4/5 nights within a week. I called customer service who ran a diagnostics test and assured me everything was running correctly. The next night the alarm was triggered again without motion. I went to a Xfinity store to talk about possible solutions and my options were:

  1. Deactivate that motion sensor with the command center. Didn't work.
  2. Pay a $199 service charge for a technician to come to my house to look at the system and likely have additional charges for the work they would have.
  3. Purchase new equipment to install

I was not pleased with any option so I left the store without a resolution. The next weekend I was out of town and my the alarm went off. I was out of cell service so the police were dispatched to my house. Due to the nature of a "false alarm" I was charged a fee from Xfinity.

The only solution I had remaining was to drop the security program. I went to an Xfinity store with my equipment to return and encountered the rudest and most unprofessional customer service person I have ever experienced. They informed me that I had signed a 3 year deal for the security system and if I were to leave the contract I would have to buy out the remainder. They were unable to provide any paperwork or documentation in regards to this contract but would not budge on the contract buyout.

I now pay for a security system that doesn't work due to a contract that I didn't sign. The only part I know that works properly is the professional monitoring, unfortunately I found that out too frequently. I would not recommend this system to anyone.

Incompetent Installation and No Customer Service
Reviewed by Michelle L. on Jul. 26, 2018

Because of my occupation in the legal profession, home security is very important to me. I often receive threats, and a woman was once arrested for making plans to kidnap my child in retaliation for a decision I made in her case. We selected Xfinity as our home security system for our new home in February. This week I noticed that all of the sensors on our basement windows were installed incorrectly: one side of the sensor is on the window frame and the other side of the sensor is on the screen frame. In sum, the sensors are attached to stationary parts of the window. As a result, the only way the sensor will be triggered is if the screen frame is removed, which is unlikely to happen because it is on the inside of the house. Because of how the sensors were installed, the system reads that a window is closed, even though it is wide open. If an intruder were to pry the window open and cut the screen, he could enter without detection. This is inconceivable. To make matters worse, Comcast/Xfinity's home security department is only open during business hours. Apparently, in Comcast's view, security issues do not arise outside of business hours. I note that we have always had a home security system, dating back to 1992. The other two providers we have used (Brinks/ADT) could be reached 24 hours a day for technical issues and to schedule service appointments; same for the local home-security provider that we use at our cabin. I highly encourage people to consider other providers before selecting Comcast/Xfinity for home security. The low bundled cost is not worth incompetent installation and unacceptable customer service.

Not Worth the Money
Reviewed by Alexis Carroll on Jan. 29, 2019

We have had 3 false alarms to our home because our system keeps going off. Not only did the police have to come out to yet another false alarm I had to leave work. They're sending a tech to yet again reboot and "fix" the system. Because I am locked into a contract ( and I respect that) I asked that they possibly include a camera so that rather than have the police come yet again and have to leave work yet again. They acted as though I hadn't spoken. At this point, I'm paying for the anxiety of alarms going off and police visits rather than safety. Absolutely absurd!

Nothing but trouble
Reviewed by Rob on Jan. 21, 2019

I got a bundle package from xfinity a few months ago and I am happy with the internet and tv package but the home security has been nothing but trouble. I previously had Guardian Security and other than the slightly higher price, Guardian was perfect as far as equipment and customer service. Within the first 3 weeks of xfinity installation, I had a technician out 4 or 5 times due to security system issues. First off, their sales people that I talked to when I first inquired about their service, either doesn't know what their capabilities are, or flat out lied about what xfinity could do as far as taking over my existing security system. Second, a few weeks after installation, I lost all power to the system and a tech came out and told me that my hard wired smoke detectors shorted out somewhere and xfinity would have to send out a different tech to install their wireless smoke detectors. But, they tried to charge me $100 per/ detector x 3. After calling, they did credit me for those units. Also, when they originally came out to install the system, they made me purchase their door/window sensors but then they took all my existing ones from guardian. I called to find out what happened to my existing ones just in case I would go back to guardian after my contract is up, and they had no idea what happened to them. after a few months, they did finally credit my account for the missing sensors. I definitely would not recommend xfinity home security.

xfinity home security is a scam
Reviewed by tom on Sep. 24, 2018

I am a disabled combat veteran, and I thought I could trust Xfinity home security, but now that there are problems, I am seeing how I was never protected in the first place, my home security system was never installed professionally, sensors were mixed up for their locations and no threat deterrence signs installed, the technician also did not input the correct home phone number, so when the equipment would send false alarms, they would call the wrong number then call the police, the police do nothing to help you, all they do is a quick drive-by of your house and do not investigate alarms with Comcast in my area, the equipment malfunctions regularly sending these false alarms which result in my getting fines from the police department for cry wolf violations in my city, customer service is nothing short of exhausting to deal with, they refused to send somebody to repair the system and blamed me for the problems with the device, I've had to contact the FCC and the BBB to try to get resolution on my home security system

Bait and Switch
Reviewed by Tony D on Jan. 27, 2019

I was an existing Xfinity customer, internet and TV. I was planning to drop Xfinity and either cut the cord or switch to U-Verse. Xfinity had a package, security, tv and internet, that was tough to turn down. I told the rep that I had a number of devices. She said that I would be fine. I anticipated that my cameras and doorbells wouldn't integrate. The tech showed up and it went downhill from there. The only thing that was compatible was my 6 hardwired devices. Wireless glass breaks, wireless water sensor, 2 wireless smokes, wireless carbon, door lock were not compatible.

Xfinity's only answer was we can't connect to any of my wireless devices and we can offer you smoke detectors and water detector for $240. Please remember that the rep said that it would be a problem.

The last straw was when I asked the tech to install the new cable boxes and not to do the security and new cable modem. I said that I was likely going to U-Verse. The tech immediately said, "you will be back with us in less than 30 days". That may be the case, but keep the comment to yourself. At that point I told the tech we were done and for him to leave.

There are no free lunches
Reviewed by Connie on May. 14, 2018

I've just signed up for a 24-month bundle that forced me to include Home Security to get the deal. I got a total bill reduction of $40. Plus, my speed increased from 250Mbps to 400Mbps. I don't care about Secure home and hate the idea of putting more equipment around. But, for a $40 per month savings, I'll let them install it, I just won't use it. I hope at the end of the 24 months I can graciously get out of it and not have my monthly bill skyrocket. I guess I can only pray for Google fiber or Ting or some other option to appear out of the ether before then, too. So tired of no other options for high-speed internet.

Poorest customer service ever
Reviewed by Mary M. on Mar. 2, 2017

First the person I first spoke with scheduled my appointment for the time I specifically said I could not be at home. When I called Comcast and stated that the representative said "don't you have someone who can be there at that time?" after I had again said I could not. The appointment was rescheduled 10 days later. When the representative got here at 9:30 - the appointment was to be between 8:00 and 10:00 he was an installer. I was expecting someone to discuss what I needed and give me a price since no one had done that. Maybe it's just me but I typically like to know what I'm getting and the price before it is installed. The installer said this had already happened 3 times in the past month