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Xfinity Plans, Deals, and Promotions

Xfinity Home provides professionally installed, professionally monitored security systems. Although it's not the most affordable solution, bundling home security services with cable and internet services can save you big bucks.

Xfinity Home Secure Plan

Promo Price$30/mo
Promo Price Period12
Contract Length24 mo
Return Period30 days
Install Typeprofessional
Plan TypeProfessional Monitoring + Kit
Primary Connection TypeBroadband
Redundant ConnectionCellular
Remote Monitoring App
Battery Backup
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Xfinity Home Plan Pricing

PlanPricePromo PriceContract Length
Xfinity Home Secure$40/mo$30/mo24 mo

Xfinity Home Monitoring Plan Explained

Xfinity Home's monitoring plan is very different from the plans offered by most alarm companies. Instead of multi-tiered plans that let you choose the features you want, Xfinity offers a unified monitoring plan that offers everything from home security and automation to video monitoring.

Xfinity's pricing varier per region, but we found that on average, Xfinity offers Xfinity Home monitoring services for $40/month. Compared to similar plans offered by other companies, this is an affordable price.

Although there really isn't an option to choose a different plan, you have the option to add 24/7 video recording to your security cameras. Video monitoring features are included in the monitoring plan, but it only lets you watch live streams on your smartphone and playback short clips of motion events. If you add the 24/7 video recording feature, your camera will record continuously so that you can playback every minute of every day whether motion is detected or not. The 24/7 video recording feature adds $9.99 to your monthly fee for every camera covered. You can choose to add continuous recording to some of your cameras and let the others record only motion events.

Ways To Save

One thing we like about Xfinity is that it doesn't shy away from offering discounts. If you're looking for the best deals in your area, simply enter your address on Xfinity's website. If you're still looking for other ways to grab discounts, here are a few tips:

Bundle Up

Xfinity is a triple-play company that offers security, cable, and internet. If you bundle all three or any two of these services, Xfinity is willing to give you a discounted introductory price. The discount varies per region, but to give you an example, we were able to get a $70/month quote for Xfinity Home ($40/month), cable ($30/month), and internet ($50/month). That's $50 saved per month by just bundling up services.

Take note that the introductory price is only offered for the first year. After the initial year, your monthly fee will switch back to the regular price. Unfortunately, you can't cancel the service right away because Xfinity Home requires a 2-year contract. Cancelling it without finishing the contract will incur penalties.

Go Paperless

On top of the bundle discount, we were able to get an additional $10 discount on the monthly fee by agreeing to autopay and paperless billing. This applies whether you're bundling up services or getting Xfinity Home only. Unlike the bundle discount, going paperless will subsidize your monthly fee for the duration of your contract.

Military Discount

If you're a veteran or an actively serving military personnel, you're entitled to a $100 Visa Prepaid Card courtesy of Xfinity and a one-time $25 Xfinity coupon. Simply purchase any service with a contract agreement and go to Xfinity's website to claim your reward.

Check Back For Promotions

Xfinity is known for actively offering promotional discounts and offers. If you time your purchase correctly, you'll be able to save even more. That said, we're committed to helping you find the best deal there is. We'll regularly update this review, so check back to see the latest promotions from Xfinity Home.