Frontpoint Security Review

Frontpoint Security Review

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Top-Rated: 9.63 / 10
Frontpoint Security Reviews
Frontpoint Security

  • Easy DIY Installation
  • Industry Leading Customer Service
  • 100% Wireless and Cellular
  • Crash and Smash Protection
  • Home Automation
  • Packages as low as 34.99/mo
  • 30-Day Risk-Free Trial
  • Available Nationwide
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Those who follow this site or my YouTube channel know that I’ve tested a lot of home security systems. Some I like, some I don’t. Frontpoint is a system I use in my home, and it’s one I recommend. It’s a professionally monitored, self-installed security system and it’s the only security system in my house that I pay monthly for. Why? Because I sleep better at night knowing that if I need help, someone’s got my back.

Unlike other DIY systems, Frontpoint isn’t a startup, which is one of the things that sets the system apart from others like abode and Scout. The process from start to finish runs like a well-oiled machine and alerts are more reliable. And while Frontpoint doesn’t have an option for self-monitoring, that’s not why you would buy this system. This is a system for people who want police, fire, and medical dispatch if needed.

All that said, I’m not alone in my praise. Scour Frontpoint Security reviews on the internet and you’ll find that they are ranked highly. Even when they aren’t a top pick, they’re up there, and 96% of their customers say they would recommend Frontpoint to others. So let’s dig in.

Frontpoint Security Equipment & Protection

In regards to equipment, Frontpoint uses 100% wireless, cellular security equipment. No drilling. No wires. Cellular monitoring is considered the best choice for home security. Using a chip embedded into the included control panel, the system communicates back to Frontpoint’s monitoring centers. The signal is no different from a cell phone signal; however, sending a ping to a monitoring center doesn’t require a strong signal. In fact, even those who are incapable of making cellular calls from their home might be able to use a Frontpoint system.

So why is cellular monitoring “considered the best choice?” There are a few reasons:

  1. Legacy security systems rely on landlines. Landlines are prone to outages and can be cut using wire cutters.
  2. You don’t need high-speed internet in order for the system to work. In fact, you don’t need internet at all unless you want to add security cameras.
  3. The system will work even if your internet AND power are out thanks to built-in battery backup, battery-powered sensors, and a constant cellular signal.

In addition to battery backup and a cellular chip, the control panel includes a third secret ingredient:
Crash and Smash Protection.

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With the Interactive and Ultimate packages, your control panel can take advantage of’s patented Crash and Smash Protection. If an intruder decides to destroy your alarm system, he has really done himself a disservice. It all starts with a soft alert that is sent to Frontpoint’s monitoring center. The Rapid Response monitoring center, which is approved by the Department of Defense and Underwriters Laboratories Inc. tested, waits for the all-clear. However, if the panel is destroyed the soft alert is never cleared, the soft alert becomes an active alert, and the monitoring center will dispatch help.

Frontpoint Monitoring Packages

As for monitoring, there are three Frontpoint packages to choose from.

  • Protection: An entry-level package that provides 24/7 professional monitoring, but not much else. The plan is set up to monitor for burglaries, medical emergencies, and fires. Though most people think of home security systems as a way to connect to the police, knowing the system will call the fire department if needed is one of my favorite features and will provide serious peace of mind.
  • Interactive: This is their most popular option, and the one I recommend. This plan adds in cellular alerts and mobile app control.
  • Ultimate: This plan includes everything offered by the Protection and Interactive plans but adds home automation and video surveillance. There are no hidden fees or upcharges. Everything is included in this package, which is the most comprehensive of the three.

How Much Does Frontpoint Security Cost?

When shopping home security, there are four costs you should be aware of: installation, activation, monitoring, and equipment. Thankfully, Frontpoint is self-installed, eliminating the installation fee, and they don’t charge an activation fee. Also, with a new contract, you might be able to save on equipment as qualifying customers will receive up to a $300 package discount. This discount will reduce the cost of the equipment.

The chart below includes information on Frontpoint’s monitoring fees and services; we’ll get to equipment pricing in a minute.

  Frontpoint Protection Plan

Frontpoint Interactive Plan

Frontpoint Ultimate Plan

Monthly Cost $34.99 $44.99 $49.99
100% Wireless & Cellular
Intrusion Protection
Fire Protection
Environmental Protection
Life Safety
24/7 Professional Monitoring
Crash & Smash Protection
Email & Text Alerts
Mobile App Control
Geo Location Services
Live Video Streaming
Motion Activated Video Recording
HD & Night Vision Video
Light Automation
Door Lock Automation
Energy Management Control
30-Day Risk Free Trial
Possible Insurance Discount
Package Frontpoint Protection Plan Frontpoint Interactive Plan Frontpoint Ultimate Plan
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Extra and Compatible Equipment

Now, let’s talk equipment. Deals on equipment might change, but recently, equipment costs have held steady. With a three-year agreement, you can purchase what you want with a $300 discount. This discount requires that you are a homeowner with qualifying credit. So does that mean renters and people working on their credit are left out? It does not.

Frontpoint also offers a 1-year monitoring contract. This shorter term is a great option for renters or others who do not qualify for the larger equipment discount. The 1-year option will usually provide a $25 discount on packages. Of course, no matter which path you choose, you can always add equipment a la carte and the a la carte pricing is the same for all customers.

Let’s break down Frontpoint’s available equipment into categories including those that control, sense, and automate.

Equipment that Controls

Frontpoint Equipment

All Frontpoint systems come with a base controller. The brain behind their wireless home security system is the GE Simon XT Edition, a controller I’ve tested in the past but no longer use. The Simon XT has a built-in cellular link so that your system can communicate with the central monitoring agency. It also has a 120db alarm and built-in 24-hour battery backup.

The Interactive and Ultimate packages include the ability to control the system with a free mobile app powered by They provide app support for iPhones, Androids, iPads, Kindle Fire, Apple Watch, plus a special version for Apple TV.

However, you may not always want to carry your phone around the house, and sometimes it’s just not convenient to make it back to the base controller.

With that in mind, they do offer other options for controlling your Frontpoint system. For one, you can add a touchpad so that you can monitor the system in-home without your phone and without running back to the primary controller. They also offer a panic pendant and keychain remote. On the other hand, if you prefer a touchscreen controller over the GE Simon XT Edition, you can purchase that too.

Frontpoint Has A Touch Screen Panel

I use the Qolsys IQ Panel, which is a primary touchscreen panel. At point of sale, it’s sold as an upgrade (over the Simon XT) to those who want one, or you can upgrade to the touch screen at any point in time.

All current Frontpoint sensors (GE – 319.5 MHz) are compatible with the panel, except the two-way touchscreen and the Talking Remote Touchpad. On some websites you might read that companies like ADT and Vivint hold an advantage over Frontpoint as they offer touchscreens. This is obsolete information. Though Frontpoint hasn’t always offered a touchscreen, they do now.

What is the Qolsys IQ Panel?

Disarm Photo

If you’re comparing the Qolsys IQ Panel to the Simon XT, it has some advantages. The panel shares many of the same features as the XT, like battery backup and an internal siren, but it adds a 7″ LCD screen, and it takes pictures of people arming and disarming your system for added security.

The Qolsys is the brain of your system. It will call for help in an emergency, arm your system, disarm your system, lock and unlock your doors, tell you what the weather’s going to be like for the next few days, and more. It’s kind of like a personal assistant/security guard all wrapped up in one little piece of hardware.

You can also use the Qolsys panel to customize your system. You can name your sensors, set the panel’s brightness, control the volume, customize alerts, and even customize voice chimes ( i.e. “Front Door Open”).

Though all of this may sound rather complicated, the Qolsys IQ Panel is extremely user-friendly. I would liken it to using an iPhone, as it has giant app-like buttons that you can push to get the system to do what you want. The panel, however, is based on the Android operating system.

Here’s a rundown of some of the features packed into the IQ panel.

  • 24-Hour Lithium Ion Backup Battery
  • Integrated camera will take and store pictures when the system is disarmed or when an alarm event occurs.
  • 7″ LCD Face
  • Includes tabletop stand or wall mount options with a strain relief AC Adapter, preventing accidental removal of AC wires
  • 800×480 Screen Resolution
  • Internal Siren: 91 dB
  • Operating Temperature: 14° F to 122° F
  • It can control your smart home devices. (Z-Wave Compatible)
  • It talks.

Of course, the touchscreen option will be more expensive than the Simon XT, so for those who would rather keep cost low, stick with the Simon XT. In fact, the Simon XT will still be Frontpoint’s primary control panel included with their equipment packages. The touchscreen is simply there for people who need a little more technology in their lives and are willing to pay for it.

  • Qolsys IQ Panel (Verizon): $387.99
  • Simon XT Control Panel: $238.99
  • Panic Pendant:$39.99
  • Keychain Remote: $31.99
  • Remote Touchpad (XT Only): $79.99

Voice Control: Amazon Alexa and Google Home

Another way to control the system? Your voice. If you want next level technology, you can integrate your Frontpoint system with Google Home or Amazon Alexa including Echo and Echo Dot. And yes, I’ve tested Echo, and it works beautifully.

The Alexa Skill for Frontpoint is pretty advanced. You can lock/unlock your doors, open/close your garage, arm/disarm your system, and more. For example, you can say, “Alexa, tell Frontpoint to arm my system,” and your system will arm. Of course, using your voice to disarm your security system presents unique security challenges., the maker of Frontpoint’s Alexa Skill, is combatting this two ways. First, you are required to create a PIN. When you ask Alexa to perform tasks like “unlock your door” or “open your garage,” you will be asked to provide your PIN. Second, you can turn on two-factor authentication. According to,

For increased security, we’ve added two-factor authentication to our Alexa Skill, enabling you to authenticate your home’s Amazon Echo devices. If you have two-factor authentication turned on, you’ll be sent a six-digit code on your smartphone next time you talk to To authenticate your device, you’ll need to say: “Alexa, tell to authenticate with code (*say your code here*).”

Of course, you can also use your voice to control smart devices like lights, thermostats, and more. But what’s even more exciting is the ability to control multiple smart home devices with one command using scenes. For example, “Alexa, ask to run Movie Night” might lower the lights, the temperature, and lock the doors.

The Google Home skill is also provided via It works similarly but it’s not as built out as the Alexa Skill. Just like Alexa, you can use the Google Home skill to control your security system, lights, thermostat, locks, or even your garage door. Just say, “Okay Google, ask to close the garage.” Using this integration, you can even control groups of devices like lights. For example, you can combine all the lights in your living room under the group name “living room” and ask Google Home to turn off all living room lights.

Equipment that Senses

Frontpoint Contact Sensor

Frontpoint has a full range of wireless sensors. Their sensors are battery powered and can communicate back to the Simon XT (or touchscreen), your smartphone, the central monitoring center, or even other pieces of equipment. For example, let’s say that you want the heat to kick on every time the garage door is opened or perhaps you want your camera to record if motion is detected. It’s all possible, as the equipment was created to work together.

Here’s a list of their current sensor products and pricing:

  • Door Window Sensors: $32.99
  • Recessed Door Sensor: $42.99
  • Garage Door Sensor 2.0: $44.99
  • Garage Door Sensor (Resolution): $44.99
  • Motion Sensor: $64.99
  • Glass Break Sensor: $74.99
  • Smoke and Heat Sensor: $64.99
  • CO Sensor: $89.99
  • Water Flood Sensor: $44.99

Easy Do-It-Yourself Setup and Installation

Frontpoint Secruity system in box

Of course, you can’t talk about sensors without talking about setup. Frontpoint’s system comes neatly packaged in a special box that’s designed for their system. I’m a big fan of detail and believe that small things make the biggest difference. The fact that they place emphasis on the packaging of their equipment not only ensures the equipment arrives in one piece but also shows that they truly value a great customer experience.

Beyond well-designed packaging, the equipment is easy to setup and install. This is a true do-it-yourself job and very different than most companies that send a technician out to your home to do the install and to try and sell you more stuff. In fact, Frontpoint offers the industry’s first activation wizard that allows you to activate your system from your phone whenever and however you choose. Of course, if you prefer, you can still walk through the process with a representative on the phone.

Setting Up Door / Window, and Motion Sensors

The door and window sensors are great because of their size; they are the smallest sensors I’ve found with any system. All you have to do is peel off the protective strip that’s covering the super strong adhesive and stick them on your door or window.

Be sure to wipe off the area with a clean, dry cloth as dirt or grime in-between the adhesive will cause issues down the road. Their small size allows for discretion and helps to ensure that their weight doesn’t eventually overpower the adhesive.

The motion sensor is even easier to install. While you can mount it on a wall with the included screws, you can also find a place approximately 5-6 feet from the floor for it to sit. Just position the sensor in a spot that’s to your liking and your control panel will automatically connect to it once you boot it up.

Connect the Control Panel and Activate the System

When installing the control panel, you’ll first want to find a place to sit it, probably near the center of your home and away from doors and windows (where it could easily be spotted from outside).

Next, connect the battery wires in the rear of the control panel, and plug it into a wall outlet.

Third, call Frontpoint to activate your new system or use the Activation Wizard. If you call, the technician will bring the system online for you and walk you through all the functions. They’ll show you how to set the different modes (stay and away) and educate you on when to use each one.

Tip: Frontpoint gives you a two-day test window for you to learn the system before it goes live, so if you accidentally set off the alarm, the police will not be called. However, if you need more time to get acquainted with your new system, they are more than happy to give you a longer test period.

Highlights of Frontpoint’s Monitoring and Equipment:

  • 100% Cellular Monitoring with Wireless Security Equipment
  • 24/7 UL-Listed Monitoring – Burglaries, Fire, and Medical
  • Environmental Monitoring for Carbon Monoxide, Floods, and More
  • Patented Crash and Smash Technology
  • Control Panel with 24 Hour Battery Backup
  • No Drilling
  • Easy DIY Installation
  • Rapid Response monitoring center is Department of Defense approved and has Redundancy built-in for almost any situation.

Creating a Smart Home With Your Frontpoint System Smarter Thermostat

Frontpoint’s home security system offers full home automation with Ultimate Monitoring which provides light, lock, and temperature automation using a smart thermostat.

As a whole, the Frontpoint system is smart enough to help you set rules and to send reminders. The system even features geofencing technology that senses your presence. For example, it can sense if you’ve left the house without arming your system, and remind you. It can also sense if you are close to home and adjust the temperature before you arrive.

Mobile App Powered by

Frontpoint Security Mobile App

The mobile app offers remote control of Frontpoint’s security system. It’s nice being able to quickly arm and disarm the system from anywhere without having to key in a code.

The app is powered by, an industry leader in home automation, but it’s specially built for Frontpoint’s system. Want push notifications? Email alerts? Set up a geofence? It’s all possible with the mobile app. You can even view your security cameras remotely, more on that below. My only complaint about the app is that it can’t automatically arm or disarm based on your location, it can only send reminders to do so.

The app also provides access to shortcuts. Android users can use Android Shortcuts to access commands quickly. iOS users can quickly access the Frontpoint app using widgets. In fact, if you feel comfortable, you can access your widget from the iOS lock screen. I use the shortcut to quickly arm and disarm my system. Of course, this is a security risk as anyone holding my phone can do the same. In my situation, this isn’t an issue, but it’s something to be aware of, and shortcuts are certainly not for everyone.

Frontpoint Widget Feature

Equipment that Automates

Frontpoint uses Z-Wave technology for home automation. However, not all Z-Wave devices are compatible. If you’re confused, give Frontpoint a call, and they will suggest devices for you to use. Also, they sell devices that are guaranteed compatible. They sell cameras, a door lock, and a light automation module, as outlined below. But, they refer temperature controllers to other companies.

  • Light Control: $49.99
  • Light Bulb: $9.99
  • Door Lock: $159.99
  • Wireless Indoor Camera: $99.99
  • Outdoor Wireless Camera: $299.99
  • Doorbell Camera: $189.99

Frontpoint Automates Your Locks

Frontpoint Smart Lock

Lock automation is available through Frontpoint’s Ultimate Plan. What you can do with the lock will depend on the lock you choose. Though I prefer Frontpoint’s Interactive plan and have used Interactive for years, I did test Ultimate for two months alongside the August Smart Lock. You can read my review of using the August Smart Lock with Frontpoint here.

In short, the August Smart Lock Pro acts as a deadbolt replacement versus replacing your entire lock mechanism. As this is the case, its features are limited. When August is paired with Frontpoint, it can:

  • Timed Auto-Lock
  • Location-Based Locking Reminders
  • One-Touch Remote Locking
  • Unexpected Activity Notifications
  • Integration into’s Scenes Feature

Frontpoint also pairs with keypad/touchscreen style smart locks that add features like keypad entry. Where August allows you to use your smartphone to lock/unlock the door, a keypad smart lock will also let you use the keypad for times when you don’t have your phone with you.

Currently, Frontpoint sells and recommends the Schlage BE469 Deadbolt (not the one pictured). This deadbolt comes in a satin nickel, aged bronze, or bright brass finish and sells for $159.99. The lock is ANSI Grade 1 certified, includes a touchscreen keypad, and works in temperatures ranging from -25.6°F to 150.8°F.

In addition to the Schlage BE469, there are other smart locks supported by Frontpoint including the Yale Living Touchscreen and Keypad Deadbolt, Kwikset Lever #912, and Kwikset Deadbolt #910. Recently, the Danalock V3 was added to the list of compatible deadbolt locks alongside the August Smart Lock Pro. Both third-party integrations are made possible by Danalock V3, like August, is a thumb-turn deadbolt that doesn’t have a keypad or touchscreen.

How Smart Are Their Locks?

Using the mobile app, you can remotely lock or unlock your doors from anywhere (assuming your phone is connected to WiFi, 3G, or 4G, and the locks are supported by the app). It’s the software that makes the locks smart. Using the app, you can create user codes on the fly (keypad/touchscreen locks only). These codes act as temporary keys to your home and they also protect your real key. Most of the time, you’ll create a one-time code or perhaps you might create a code that expires in a week for use by extended house guests.

To help maintain control and security, the code leaves a digital fingerprint. The Frontpoint app supports up to nine codes that you can use, and you can customize each one and keep tabs on who is using each one. You can see who used the code, what time, and what they did. Did they leave your door unlocked? Did your child arrive home from school on time? Did the cleaning crew really stay the whole 4-hours? You’ll know.

Another smart feature is rule creation. Using other home automation devices, you can tie your lock to other events. For example, you might set your door to lock automatically when your system is armed or maybe you’ll choose to turn on a hall lamp when the door is unlocked so that you’ll never return to a dark home.

One of my favorite automation combinations is connecting a smart lock to a smart doorbell, which is also conveniently supported by the Ultimate Plan. If you’ve added the Skybell Smart Doorbell to your Frontpoint system, you can unlock your door from your doorbell screen if you choose to do so.

To view a comparison table of compatible locks please check out this article.

Frontpoint Automates Your Thermostat

Using your system, you can control your home’s temperature from anywhere. There are several compatible smart thermostats you can use to make this happen. Unfortunately, Frontpoint doesn’t sell smart thermostats, but one of the best is the Smarter Thermostat. As it’s an device, it integrates beautifully with the system and the app. It’s Z-Wave compatible, offers remote access and alerts, and will help you conserve energy. Frontpoint recommends the following thermostats:

  • Z-wave Thermostat (TBZ48D)
  • RCS Thermostat (TZ45)
  • 2gig Radio Thermostat (CT100)
  • Trane (TZEMT400AB32MAA)

Of these choices, I recommend the CT100, but the Smarter Thermostat is my top pick.

Video Surveillance

Frontpoint currently offers two home security camera options that work with their Ultimate monitoring package as well as a doorbell camera:

  • Wireless Indoor Camera: $99.99
  • Outdoor Wireless Camera: $299.99
  • Doorbell Camera: $189.99

During my Ultimate testing period, I was also able to test out their Indoor Camera. You can read my hands-on review of the camera here.

Cloud Storage and Basic Camera Features

Frontpoint Video Clips

The Ultimate package includes cloud storage for up to 1000 clips per month and mobile alerts. You can save clips to your laptop or PC hard drive. You can also share clips directly from the mobile app. The share button allows you to share clips via message, email, or even social media. So what’s a clip? A clip is a recording triggered by a system event. For example, if your system is armed, and someone opens the door, the alarm will sound, and the camera will start recording. The clips are usually 35-45 seconds in length but you can adjust clip length from the web app. That said, the cameras cannot record continuous footage.

In addition to checking out recorded events, you can view live footage at any time, and you can pinch to digitally zoom in or out of areas of interest. Mobile viewing is made available through Frontpoint’s mobile app, which allows up to ten users to simultaneously view live streaming video from anywhere, assuming they have an internet, 3G, or 4G connection. In addition to watching from the app, you can watch a live feed from your computer or your Apple TV. Setting the Apple TV app up is easy, you simply download the app from the tvOS App Store and log in with your credentials.

If you own multiple cameras, you can swipe between them. You can also view multiple camera feeds at once from the video feature screen.

Frontpoint Live View

Indoor Wireless Camera

Frontpoint Wirless Indoor Camera

I have tested both the old and new model of the Indoor Camera. The Indoor Camera (ADC-V522IR) is the same price as the original model but also offers two-way communication and audio.

The new indoor wireless camera includes night vision, two-way audio, and a 1080p resolution. The camera is also motion activated and can back up all motion recordings to the cloud.

Outdoor Wireless Camera

Frontpoint Outdoor Wireless Camera

The wireless outdoor camera, aka ODCAM, is similar feature-wise to its indoor sibling, the biggest difference is it’s designed to withstand the elements. The ODCAM is weatherproof and can take the heat up 122 degrees or handle below freezing temperatures. The outdoor camera also has up to a 40-foot viewing distance, even at night.

Indoor Wireless Camera

Discontinued as of 6/30/2017
Frontpoint Wirless Indoor Camera

Frontpoint’s indoor wireless camera, aka WCAM, includes night vision and has 1280x960p HD resolution. With approximately 20 feet of view distance, it is effective at monitoring single areas of your home such as the living room, kitchen, or garage. The camera is also motion activated and can back up all motion recordings to the cloud.

Wireless Pan and Tilt Camera

Discontinued as of 3/7/2016
Frontpoint Wirless Pan and Tilt Camera

The pan and tilt camera has all the standard features of the indoor wireless camera, but, as its name suggests, can pan and tilt giving it the ability to cover far more area. Using Frontpoint’s mobile app, you can pan 350°, tilt 90° towards the ceiling and 35° down, and also zoom. Using the app, you can also program this camera with preset positions for instant adjustments. If you want to have total control, this is the camera for you.

Keep in mind that all Frontpoint Security video cameras require an internet connection to work. The other components use cellular technology as mentioned earlier. If the internet goes down, your home will still be protected, but your cameras will not work.

Frontpoint Doorbell Camera

Frontpoint Skybell

The newest addition to Frontpoint’s lineup is the Doorbell Camera. And though I have a doorbell camera, this particular one is not one I’ve tried. Instead, at CES 2017, I was able to preview Frontpoint’s doorbell. If you’re familiar with the SkyBell Trim Plus, you’re familiar with this Doorbell Camera. Frontpoint calls it the Slimline.

The smart doorbell will replace your existing doorbell. It has a motion sensor, can live stream in 1080p FHD, and offers two-way audio. Like the other cameras, it requires Wi-Fi and the Ultimate Plan. With that, the doorbell will have access to cloud storage.

What makes a doorbell camera so great is that it can record using two triggers. It can record if motion is detected and it can record when someone rings your doorbell. While it is only capable of sending a push notification if an event occurs, it does have its own tone (doorbell chime) to help set the notifications apart from the countless other notifications you probably receive every day. Also, recorded footage is accessed through the app, but the clips are kept on the doorbell tab, which is separate from the video tab, making it easier to distinguish between event types.

Side note, if you also own a smart lock, you can unlock it from your doorbell screen. You can also disarm your security system even when you’re in the middle of a call. After the call, you’ll be given the option to re-lock your door.

  • Motion Sensor
  • Two-Way Talk
  • 1080p Camera with Night Vision
  • Live Streaming
  • Supports Activity Zones

Highlights of Frontpoint’s smart home automation:

  • Works with iOS, Android, Apple Watch, and the Apple TV
  • Interactive Mobile Monitoring
  • Fully Interactive System with Alerts
  • Light, Lock, and Temperature Automation | Smart Home
  • Interactive Video Monitoring
  • Control the System Remotely
  • Geofencing

Customer Service & Support

Frontpoint isn’t the only professionally monitored home security system out there. What sets them apart from others is their focus on the customer. Customer service is their brand, and they are willing to do what it takes to maintain that brand. They hold an A+ rating with the BBB, hundreds of positive online reviews, and multiple Angie’s List Super Service Awards – 5 years running. They offer a full array of online self-help documents and videos. They put it all out there. There are no surprises, hidden fees, or trick contracts.

Frontpoint Security Complaints

Of course, you may find some complaints here and there. It happens to every company no matter how great a job they do; some people are just impossible to please, and of course, sometimes a company drops the ball. You might get a sales rep who may already be on the way out the door; you might receive a bad piece of equipment, etc. But for the most part, they have far fewer complaints than you can dig up on their competitors. In fact, 96% of Frontpoint customers would recommend them to others.

Frontpoint Security Prices

Above is a payment for my Interactive monitoring plan in 2015, and below is a payment I made in 2017. The price is exactly as advertised and always the same. This is one of my favorite things about Frontpoint, no hidden fees or randomly fluctuating monthly statements.
Frontpoint Bill

What if I change my mind?

Frontpoint offers a 30 day risk-free trial. If you’re a little uncertain about committing, I suggest that you take advantage of the trial. You do have to pay upfront for monitoring services and any additional equipment you want to try, but if you find that the system isn’t for you, simply return it. It’s a true, 100% money back guarantee. No restocking. No hassle. Nada.

If you fail to return the system within 30 days, you will be on the hook to complete your contract. If you want to break the contract, you must buy-out the remaining contract value at 80%. For example, if you are subscribed to Interactive and have a year left on your contract, you’ll pay around $432. The only exception to this is moving outside of Frontpoint’s service area. And this seems like a good time to tell you that they cover the entire U.S. and parts of Canada.

What if I move?

Frontpoint has one of the friendliest moving policies we’ve seen.

Other alarm companies may require that you buy out your contract or pay a penalty for moving. That is not the case with Frontpoint.

In fact, they will support your moving efforts by providing a free mover’s kit. As the equipment is wireless, all you have to do is call and tell them it’s time to move. Next, you pull the tab on the back of your sensors to remove the adhesive, package up the equipment using the moving kit, and use the new adhesive (included in the mover’s kit) to re-install the system at your new home.

Overview of Frontpoint’s customer service features:

  • Fully Compliant in Every State in the United States
  • Free Standard Shipping and Returns
  • Good for Renters and for Homeowners
  • A+ BBB Reputation
  • Winner of Multiple Angie’s List Super Service Awards
  • Our 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 Gold Star Winner for Service and Security
  • 30 Day Return Policy

Coupons, Discounts and FAQs

4/18/2018 – Limited Time Offer: Free Smoke and Heat Sensor .

Call 855-951-7980 to learn more or visit

  • Free Smoke and Heat Sensor
  • Equipment for as little as $99.95*
  • FREE standard shipping
  • 30-day, no-risk guarantee. Love it, or get a complete refund.

*Pricing listed requires a 3-year monitoring agreement. Prices subject to change.

Q: Do they offer a 1-year or 3-year contract? I see both.
A: They offer 1 and 3-year contracts. A 3-year contract will yield a larger equipment discount than a 1-year contract.

Q: Does everyone get the equipment discount?
A: No. Not everyone. Discounts are available to those who sign a three-year contract, have qualifying credit, and own their home. If so, you can save up to $300 on equipment. There is nothing special you need to do to receive this discount. It should be offered to you when you call Frontpoint.

Q: Do you have any coupon codes?
A: Frontpoint is eager to please, and that extends to coupon codes. While they do offer legitimate coupon codes from time to time, you can often just ask for a discount or a free sensor. In this case, ask, and you might just receive.

Q: Will I own the equipment?
A: Unlike other companies, Frontpoints equipment pricing is separate from the monthly fee. You are not paying to rent equipment; you are paying to own equipment.

Q: What is the equipment warranty?
A: Their equipment comes with a 3-year warranty. If you are researching Front point security reviews on the internet, you might find other sites stating that they offer a 2-year warranty. Though this was true in the past, they now offer a 3-year equipment warranty to match the contract terms. This change is another example of how they listen and adjust policies based on customer feedback.

Q: I live in an area where a verified response is required before the police come, can I still have a security system?
A: When that is the case, Frontpoint utilizes Securitas to verify the emergency, and then they notify the authorities if needed. Frontpoint will research whether or not this service is required in your area and will notify you if it is required well within your risk-free trial. This check is done at the same time that they check to see if your system needs to be registered with the local authorities. I think this is something that not many companies do and it sets Frontpoint apart.

Q: What if I lose my phone?
A: Frontpoint will help. They can help you secure your system, and in the meantime, you can always use your control panel to control your security and smart home system.

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  • 09/22/2018
    Linda Gregory

    Hi Rose,

    Thank you for so much great information! I’ve used ADT since I purchased my home 21 years ago. I transferred the service from the rental I lived in before I bought my house; about 27 years total w/ ADT.

    When they installed the alarm service in this house, I was quoted a $99.00 installation price, which included 2 panels, 6 door sensors, an interior alarm, (I thought that was odd…aren’t most alarms on the outside of the house?) and a fire alarm. The installer tried to put in wired sensors and we insisted on RF sensors (that was a new thing in ’97), because that is what we had asked for when we got the quote.

    While I have been pleased w/ ADT, I have had to call them many times in the last 21 years, to contest my billing, which would occasionally be increased, w/o any notification beforehand.

    I told them ‘No’, “I did not authorize this increase”, “I was not notified of the increase before it was charged”, “I am a long standing customer”, and “ADT is still offering its’ service for ‘X’ amount per month, then I refuse to be charged more than it is advertised at’, or simply because “ADT thinks it can arbitrarily raise it’s billing and I won’t notice.” (My contract had expired and I was paying for monitoring only).

    Each time I called, ADT would remove the increase. But the fact that I had to go through this game every few months is very irritating.

    I had one upgrade about 5 or 6 years ago, where I upgraded the system with 2 new panels, Pulse, a camera, 1 glass break and 1 motion detector. I have since paid for/completed that contract, at about 50.00 per month, including monitoring.

    After that contract expired, I changed my service to ‘monitoring only’, cancelled Pulse, which I never used, and was offered (in lieu of my many years of loyalty with ADT), a fee of 26.00 per month, for monitoring only.

    I called to inquire about adding cameras, inside and out. After 30 minutes of picking the brain of a helpful ADT associate, I discovered that ADT’s cameras only record 30 seconds and then, (this is ridiculous!) take at least 4 minutes to reboot, do not record and use a ridiculous amount of bandwidth, PER camera! (I looked up reviews online as well). The ADT guy did not tell me this info…I had to ask.

    Needless to say, I am NOT going to get cameras from ADT and have been looking into Frontpoint Security. I had considered Xfinity, since my neighbor uses it for 2 cameras in her home, but after reading about the inconsistent billing, (been there, done that w/ ADT), I don’t want to mix my Comcast/Xfinity service with a security service…too may chances for them to overcharge arbitrarily.

    These are my questions:

    How long do the cameras for Frontpoint stay on, after they sense movement?
    How long before they ‘reboot’, or are they constantly ‘on’?
    How long do they record for?
    How long do they retain that recording?
    If my flood light goes out, do the cameras record in infrared?
    How much bandwidth does each camera use per day?
    If my power goes out, how long will the battery for Frontpoint security system last, excluding cameras, because they would not record w/o access to internet, correct? (I live in Miami, Land of Hurricanes, typically going for 1-3 weeks w/o power, internet, wi-fi…after Irma, and previous hurricanes, my concern for a system that can stay on is important, since we are forced to leave windows open for any air movement).
    Is there a security system that works when cable service and electricity go out simultaneously? (I don’t have a generator).

    Thank you!

    • 09/23/2018
      Rose Thibodeaux

      Hi Linda,

      First of all, while I love Frontpoint’s system, I’ve consistently given their cameras a thumbs down. What I find to be vastly superior is to get a security system and then manage your camera system separately. For example, you could buy a Nest Cam which records 24/7 when you pay $5 per month, which is what you will save by skipping on Frontpoint’s Ultimate plan (includes camera service) and going with their Ultimate plan.

      You can read my hands-on review of Frontpoint’s camera here.

      I’ve cut and pasted some of the answers below from that article.

      1. How long do the cameras for Frontpoint stay on, after they sense movement? I’m not sure I understand the difference between this question and question three. I think it ties in there.

      2. How long before they ‘reboot’, or are they constantly ‘on’? I’m assuming you mean retrigger time which is defined as the amount of time the cameras takes between motion events, meant to reduce too many notifications. If so, you can turn the retrigger time off so zero minutes or choose from 15 sec, 30 sec, 1 min, 2 min, 3 min, 4 min, 5 min, 10 min, and 15 mins.

      3. How long do they record for? Depends on if the event was triggered by the camera or your security system. If it’s a camera-triggered clip length then 5-15, 15-25, 25-35, or 35+ seconds. If it’s an alarm triggered clip, the recorded length is fixed at 5-60 seconds. This length is not adjustable. Finally, you can enable and disable pre-trigger recordings. When enabled, this will tell the camera to include a few seconds of footage preceding the triggered event, but keep in mind that this few seconds will count toward your total clip length.

      4. How long do they retain that recording? By default, 30 days with a monthly limit of 1,000 clips. You can adjust this to Unlimited which basically means when you reach 1,000 clips.

      5. If my flood light goes out, do the cameras record in infrared? Yes.

      6. How much bandwidth does each camera use per day? It depends on the setting use. If you choose highest, the requirement is 1.5 Mbps. Unfortunately, I did not think to grab daily usage from my router.

      7. If my power goes out, how long will the battery for Frontpoint security system last, excluding cameras, because they would not record w/o access to internet, correct? Correct, the cameras will not work without internet. The Frontpoint system has a 24 battery backup. When I first got the system, that’s what I got. Now that my system is over 3 years old, the battery life isn’t that strong. Regardless, you won’t get 3 weeks. I don’t know of any security system that offers a 3-week battery backup. There are some camera systems that can work that long on battery and will record locally if the internet is out, but they can’t send notifications without internet so that seems kind of pointless. You could also look into a 4G, battery-powered camera system like Arlo Go. If you still have cell service, it will work.

      8. Is there a security system that works when cable service and electricity go out simultaneously? I kind of answered that above. To add to that, Frontpoint will work when cable and electricity are both out, it’s just that it will only work for as long as the battery lasts.

  • 08/20/2018
    Chester Shannon

    Question… I’m thinking of leaving adt. Is there any service where I can use the same equipment that I’ve already purchased from them.

  • 10/18/2017

    Hi Rose,

    Thank you for this incredible information and your thoughtful responses.

    I have ADT but have frequent connection errors and am leaning toward switching to Frontpoint Interactive. Can you comment at all on cellular connectivity of Frontpoint versus ADT? Does it seem like connection issues are infrequent with Frontpoint? Neither is capable of using internet/WiFi as the primary monitoring connection, correct?

    We are out of contract with ADT and monthly costs are very similar so just trying to get a sense of which is going to perform best and offer the most features.


    • 10/18/2017
      Rose Thibodeaux

      Hey Matt, Frontpoint uses AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon for coverage, I don’t know which cellular carrier ADT uses. I would assume that the carrier and strength of the cellular connection would be the cause for connection errors. I’ve never had a connection error with my Frontpoint system. My only experience with ADT was at CES, so I can’t speak to the service first-hand, only the equipment. Frontpoint cannot use your internet, even as a backup. ADT does offer a broadband option. That said, you can test Frontpoint for 30 days. If the connection isn’t more stable in your home, send it back.

  • 10/17/2017

    I’ve been a loyal customer of Frontpoint for 2.5 years. I recently accepted a new position in another state. The apartment we will be renting already has a preinstalled system that’s included in rent. I call Frontpoint, spoke with Trevor and he told me they are going to charge me $280 to cancel. I told him my situation, how my wife and I are going down to a single income for a little while, and how she’s 7 months pregnant and that the last thing we need is another fee tacked on to our moving expenses. They wouldn’t budge at all. I have had zero complaints with them up until this point. Apparently they don’t really value loyal customers. Especially when sometimes they can’t help it but they want to make sure they gouge you one more time as you leave. Consider this my last encounter with Frontpoint.

    • 10/17/2017
      Rose Thibodeaux

      Thank you for sharing your experience, I understand your frustration, and you bring up an important point. Frontpoint has two options: a one-year and a three-year contract. Most people are probably signed under a three-year contract. Part of the beauty of a wireless system is that you can move it anymore, but as you’ve discovered, that means that you can’t use moving as a reason to breach the contract. If you moved to a place where Frontpoint doesn’t offer service, like Mexico, they would excuse you from the contract; otherwise, it’s not possible. This is the same for all contract-based security systems.

      That said, have you asked your landlord if he would be willing to reduce your rent if you used your Frontpoint system instead of the wired system? How old is the wired system? If not, maybe push back to see if you can get a reduced contract buyout. You’ve been a customer for 2.5 years so you should have 6 months left on your contract. If you are paying $49.99 for Ultimate at an 80% contract value buyout, that’s $240. If you are an Interactive user, the buyout should be $215. I would push back on Trevor’s number. Also, you could sell your Frontpoint equipment to cover the cost of the buyout. Regardless, I’m sure your story will help someone else. Thanks again for sharing and congratulations!

      • 02/08/2018
        George Taylor

        And don’t forget, moving expenses, if they are job related, are tax deductible. If your employer is reimbursing you for your moving expenses, be sure to include the cancellation fee in your submission.

        • 02/08/2018
          Rose Thibodeaux

          A very timely tip George. Thanks for sharing.

          • 02/10/2018

            Moving expense deduction was removed in the 2018 tax bill.

    • 02/14/2018

      I had a similar experience, Michael. I wish I had read your review before I singed up. They were discourteous and I will have to pay over $560 to end service. Besides the money, it just feels like they are taking advantage of a difficult situation which sucks. I feel these kinds of details demonstrate whether or not a company values its customers.

  • 10/06/2017

    Hi Rose!
    I’m a little confused. You said that you use the upgraded touchscreen but have the interactive plan. I was under the impression that this required the ultimate plan. Is this possible? Also, if you are done with the contract, I know you can go month to month. Is there a 3 or 8 day option like abode? Or can you do sporadic months on and off?

    • 10/07/2017
      Rose Thibodeaux

      Hey, Jon, I do have the touchscreen and the Interactive Plan. You don’t need Ultimate to use the touchscreen. And unfortunately, you cannot add service for just a few days like abode. Frontpoint renews by the month. And even after your initial contract expires, you can’t add and remove service at will.

  • 10/01/2017

    Hi Rose, Thanks for taking the time to post a great overview of their services.

    Can’t seem to find a simple answer though, to a simple question.

    Do you know what batteries are utilized in the door/window sensors and other equipment?

    Disposable or rechargeable and IF rechargeable, how often and do they supply you with the appropriate recharging related equip?


    • 10/01/2017
      Rose Thibodeaux

      Hey, Des, The control panel uses a rechargeable battery, and yes, it includes an adapter. The sensors do not use rechargeable batteries, though most have a quoted lifespan of 5-years. The door/window sensors use a CR2032 lithium battery. Also, if you need a new battery, you can call Frontpoint and they will send one to you.

  • 09/12/2017

    Great info! Thank you so much!
    I wanted to ask, do you think the window and for sensors is enough? The guy at front point is quoting me $44.99/month for just 8 window and door sensors… I feel like they should include a camera or a Simon XT panel or something? Thoughts? Advice?

    • 09/12/2017
      Rose Thibodeaux

      Typically the price per month is for service, and equipment is another fee. All equipment packages include the Simon XT. Is he saying he’s willing to give you 8 window and door sensors for free maybe?

  • 09/02/2017

    Does the weather come included in all packages or is it just certain packages?

    • 09/05/2017
      Rose Thibodeaux

      Hey Nicole, Sorry for the delay. Severe weather alerts are only available with Interactive and Ultimate.

  • 08/07/2017

    Rose! Found your blog via a couple of YouTube vids. Fantastic job on this blog post and others…super detailed. I am completely new to this stuff and had a few questions.

    I’m going with Frontpoint but am confused on the Echo integration. In this entry you ask Alexa to arm your Frontpoint system, but in a blog from a month before you ask to arm your system. ?

    Is the Frontpoint touch screen panel an actual Hub that can control other devices via z-wave, or do you use something else? My situation is this: I’d like Frontpoint, Amazon Echo, and lots of control over lights, ceiling fans, etc. It all gets a bit confusing as to the exact pathway to make this happen, lol.

    Anyway, awesome job.

    • 08/08/2017
      Rose Thibodeaux

      Hey Scott, That is confusing, my bad. Originally, Frontpoint didn’t have their own Alexa skill so I was using as a workaround. The two skills are the same. The Frontpoint skill is the skill with Frontpoint branding. Same functionality.

      The Frontpoint touch screen is a hub, but it only works with a small subset of Z-Wave devices. It’s really about home security with the benefit of basic home automation. If you want a system to control lots of third-party devices, something like SmartThings is still your best bet. I use SmartThings and HomeKit in addition to Frontpoint. I purchased a Wink hub but sent it back unopened because I want to see what happens post the acquisition by Will.I.Am. That said, Frontpoint will work with Echo and control your lights. It does not work with smart ceiling fans nor do I think they have a compatible fan switch.

      • 08/09/2017

        Rose, great info. Thanks for the clarification!

      • 06/21/2018

        Hi Rose,

        Do you still recommend SmartThings over Wink Hub 2? I am curious because the Wink Hub 2 is compatible with all of the devices I already use like Nest and Ring, and SmartThings is not so much.

        Just from looking at websites, it seems like the Wink Hub 2 would be a better fit, but I haven’t tried either in a home setting.

        Also, if I purchase a hub (either one), then is it better to stay with the interactive monitoring plan and not get the ultimate plan, since everything would be controlled with the hub (although not monitored through the security system for cameras).

        Thank you!


        • 06/21/2018
          Rose Thibodeaux

          At this time, I’m giving both SmartThings and Wink a thumbs up. SmartThings is best for those who like to tinker, Wink is more user-friendly. If Winks works with what you want, then get that! It’s a great automation system.

          And yes, stick with Interactive and control your smart home through the hub. That’s what I recommend.

  • 07/13/2017

    Frontpoint appears to be an alter ego of LiveWatch. They have basically the same service offerings, plans, etc. Even their websites look identical. Is there really a difference between the two companies, or did they just get a 2-for-1 website development deal?

    • 07/13/2017
      Rose Thibodeaux

      Ha! Maybe they got scammed by a web guy, but they are definitely two separate companies. LiveWatch used to be SafeMart, also associated with MONI who used to be Monitronics. Frontpoint has always been Frontpoint.

  • 04/12/2016

    Great review, very well done!

    If a person signs up for a 3yr interactive plan can they at anytime upgrade to the Ultimate plan? is there a fee other the the extra cost of the monthly fee??


    • 04/12/2016
      Carlos Benjamin

      Thanks Ron. You can upgrade to Ultimate from Interactive at any time. There is no cost to upgrade. However, I don’t think you can downgrade. So it is best to start small and work your way up.

      • 07/20/2017
        Ryan Carlson

        I have the Simon XT which came with my system. It shows the five day weather forecast, but does it provide weather alerts and warning (i.e. Tornado warning)

        Is that available on their interactive control panel?

        • 07/22/2017
          Rose Thibodeaux

          Both of Frontpoint’s panels can display weather forecasts. If there is a severe weather warning the panel will sound a notification similar to the beeps that it sounds when there is a technical issue with the system. It sounds frequently until there is no longer a severe weather warning or until you clear the system status.

          You can turn this feature off if you want. If you need help turning it on or off, give Frontpoint a call and they will hook you up.

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