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abode Plans, Deals, and Promotions

Ready to purchase an abode system? Here's everything you should know about their pricing plans, deals, and promotions, as well as tips on how to save.

Secure Plan

abode's Secure Plan is a professional monitoring plan with cellular backup. This package also includes smartphone access and home automation features.
Sign-up Bonus$200 if paid annually.
Plan TypeProfessional Monitoring
Primary Connection TypeBroadband
Redundant ConnectionCellular
Remote Monitoring App
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Connect Plan

Connect is abode's self-monitoring plan with cellular backup. This plan provides smartphone access as well as email and text alerts, but alerts will only be sent to you but not to their monitoring center.
Sign-up Bonus$80 if paid annually.
Plan TypeSelf-Monitoring
Primary Connection TypeBroadband
Redundant ConnectionCellular
Remote Monitoring App
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abode Pricing Plans Explained

abode's pricing is pretty straightforward. The equipment fee and subscription fee are separate, and you could choose to just buy the equipment and not avail a subscription service.

The equipment fee will depend on the type of system you choose and how many accessories you decide to get. The abode starter kit is priced around $200 and add-on sensors and accessories cost around $20 to $80 each depending on the type. We estimate that a system for an average-sized home without a security camera will cost you anywhere between $300 to $400.

The subscription plan pricing is a more standard. All customers get the same options: the Basic plan for free, Connect plan for $8 per month, and the Secure plan for $20 per month. You can also choose to pay annually to get discounts. Connect is $80 per year ($16 discount) and Secure is $200 per year ($40 discount).

Basic and Connect are both self-monitoring plans, which means it will be up to you to monitor your system, but abode will provide features that will help you watch over your home. For example, you'll get smartphone alerts and CUE home automations with both plans. The difference between Basic and Connect is cellular backup. Systems that use the Basic plan are internet-reliant. If your internet fails, your system won't be able to send you alerts and that's bad especially for a self-monitored security system. Connect's cellular backup allows the system to send alerts even during internet failures.

Secure is a professionally monitored plan. abode systems with the Secure plan are linked to abode's 24/7 monitoring facility, wherein trained operators are working around the clock monitoring homes. If your system detects an intrusion, it sends an alert to the monitoring center and an operator will check on you to verify the alert. If it turns out real, they will dispatch police to your address on record. The Secure plan also activates your system's cellular backup chip and gives you access to premium phone support

Are There Other Fees You Should Know About?

abode is pretty transparent when it comes to pricing, and there are other fees you should know about. However, all these fees are optional. For example, standard shipping is free, but 2-day expedited shipping is $25 within mainland U.S. Although the system is DIY installed, you may also request professional installation via HelloTech, abode's partner in-home installer. Installation of a starter kit will cost you $99, plus an additional $25 for every five add-on devices.

As for the usual concerns people have about buying a security system — early termination fee, moving fee, activation fee, installation fee — abode doesn't have them. The subscription service is pay-as-you-go, you can move the system with you without penalties, the system ships pre-activated, and the installation fee is optional.

Ways To Save

If you're planning on getting an abode system, there are many ways you can save a few bucks.


abode runs promotions often and they're usually easy to find. Simply head over to abode's website and whatever promotion they are currently running will clearly be visible on their homepage. abode's promotional offers vary, from free equipment to free monitoring for the first few months. Sometimes, they also offer huge equipment discounts.

Equipment + Service Bundle

If you plan on using abode with a subscription service, getting an equipment + service bundle will give you big savings. Basically, these bundles include a starter kit plus a 1-year subscription to Connect or Secure. For example, there's a starter kit bundle that includes a 1-year Secure subscription for only $289. The starter kit's retail price is $189, and the 1-year Secure plan paid at once is $200 — a total value of $389.

Pay Annually

If you're planning on using abode with Secure or Connect long-term anyway, paying annually will give you a substantial saving. Connect, if paid annually, is $80 and Secure is $200.

Shop On Holidays

If you think abode's promotional offers are cool, wait until you see what they offer on special holidays.They offer even bigger discounts, more free equipment, and better deals. If a holiday is coming up, we suggest holding off your purchase until you see what abode is offering this time around.