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Alarm Relay Plans, Deals, and Promotions

Alarm Relay is one of the most inexpensive monitoring companies out there, with their monitoring plan only costing $8.95 per month. This package, doesn't include the equipment. Alarm Relay monitors security systems from third-party alarm manufacturers.

Basic Plan

Alarm Relay Basic is a monitoring plan that provides professional monitoring among other features to third-party security systems with a low starting rate. Alarm Relay offers this plan for only $8.95 per month or $107.40 per year.
Plan TypeProfessional Monitoring
Primary Connection TypeLandline
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Alarm Relay Monitoring Plan

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Alarm Relay Monitoring Plan Explained

Alarm Relay is a one-trick pony. They only offer one monitoring plan but it includes professional monitoring of break-ins, fire, and medical emergencies, remote system control via a smartphone app, home automation, and video monitoring. However, you'll only be able to enjoy these features if your system supports them and technically, Alarm Relay doesn't offer security systems. What they do is they recommend Helix systems from Resolution Products if you don't already have a security system set up.

So how does Alarm Relay work? First, you set up a non-monitored security system and then hire Alarm Relay to monitor it. They support security systems from various brands like Alarm.com, Ademco, DSC, Honeywell, Insteon, Interlogix, and more. Alarm Relay also caters to customers who have finished their monitoring contract from other companies but still have the security system in their possessions.

Alarm Relay's monitoring rate is $8.95 per month. This is a very affordable rate compared to other alarm companies, especially considering that this plan supports home automation and camera access. Other companies typically charge $40 or more per month for those features.

Alarm Relay is contract-free, which means you can cancel service anytime without penalties. However, their monthly rate is paid one year at a time and they don't offer refunds, so technically, you have to use their service for an entire year. If you cancel in the middle of the year, you'll lose the payment you've made for the remaining months. At $8.95/month, an entire year of service totals to $107.40.

Hidden Fees You Should Know About

Alarm Relay's monitoring pricing is just about the lowest you can get out there, which could make one wonder if there are other hidden fees. There is one: a one-time, $35 activation fee charged to you before they link your security system to their monitoring center. Alarm Relay offers remote programming. Instead of sending over a technician to program your system, they will schedule a phone appointment where a technician in one of their offices will walk you through the programming process. The activation fee covers this process.

It's also important to take note that Alarm Relay is only a monitoring company. Although you won't need to pay them an equipment fee, you'll still need to purchase a security system from a third-party provider or from Alarm Relay's recommended partner. A security system will still cost you hundreds of dollars, especially without any financing options.

Ways To Save

With a rate as low as $8.95 a month, it's pretty hard to make the cost of using Alarm Relay's services even lower, but we have one tip to further increase your savings: claim your insurance discount.

Insurance companies give up to 20% discount on homeowners insurance premiums if the homeowner has a monitored security system in place. Since Alarm Relay is a monitoring company, they are able to provide a monitoring certificate, which you can show to your insurance company to claim the discount. If you're lucky, the discount alone could be enough to cover your monitoring fees.