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What Is American Defense Systems?

American Defense Systems is a veteran-owned security system and monitoring service provider. Centrally located in Texas, ADS has installed security systems all over the U.S. It is an authorized dealer of Brinks Home Security and has the backing of alarm manufacturers such as Qolsys and Alarm.com.

American Defense Systems Service Area & Coverage Map

American Defense Systems' Brief History

American Defense Systems is a young company with only 10 years of experience. Still, it has managed to grow quickly over the years under the direction of Curtis Kindred, a veteran who served two tours of combat after being indoctrinated in 2002. After retiring from the service, Kindred joined the security industry in 2008 and went on to found American Defense Systems in 2009.

American Defense System has long been an authorized dealer of Brinks Home Security. In fact, it was already an authorized dealer of Monitronics before it rebranded to MONI and merged with LiveWatch to form Brinks Home Security. In 2016, Brinks Home Security hailed American Defense Systems as one of its top authorized dealers and commended Kindred's unique approach in choosing members for his sales team. Instead of hiring contractors, Kindred started hiring and training career-oriented individuals who are in for the long-term benefits.

Currently, American Defense Systems is based in the Dallas/Fort Worth are in Texas. What started as a regional alarm company is now slowly becoming a national alarm company. It is now licensed to sell and install security systems in around 30 states.

Features Offered By American Defense Systems

Because America Defense Systems is a Brinks Home Security dealer, it's able to offer high-end features despite being a smaller and younger company.

Professional Monitoring By Brinks Home Security

The primary feature offered by American Defense Systems is professional monitoring courtesy of Brinks Home Security. All systems installed by American Defense Systems are connected to and monitored around the clock by Brinks Home Security's UL-Listed monitoring centers. Brinks Home Security monitors for burglary, intrusion, fire, and medical emergencies. American Defense Systems offers several monitoring plan packages to choose from.

Cellular Backup

Systems are monitored via landline monitoring, which takes advantage of your phone line in order to send signals to the monitoring center. However, American Defense Systems include cellular backup in every system they install. Should your alarm panel fail to transmit alarm signals to the monitoring center, it will use its built-in cellular chip to re-establish communication.

Smartphone Access

Certain monitoring plans also include smartphone access, which enabled you to control, access, and monitor your security system via your smartphone. If you're on the plan that also offers security camera features, you can also use the app to stream live videos from your cameras. The app is powered by Alarm.com.

Security & Home Automation

Providing home security equipment and services is American Defense Systems' primary business, but it also offers home automation products. With American Defense System, you can automate your lights, appliances, locks, thermostats, and garage doors. Everything is controlled by the touchscreen alarm panel or the smartphone app. You can also create automated scenes for added security. For example, you can program your lights to turn on if motion is detected within your house.


One thing you should know about American Defense Systems is that it requires upfront payment of equipment. However, it also offers financing via GreenSky. This financing option, which is subject for approval, has a 0% interest and can be paid over the course of up to 3 years. The financed equipment cost is added on top of your monthly monitoring bill.

Devices Offered By American Defense Systems

If you worry that American Defense Systems might not be able to sell you all the security and automation equipment you need, here's a list of all the devices it offers.

  • IQ Mini Door/Window Sensor
  • IQ Recessed Door Sensor
  • IQ Motion Sensor
  • IQ Image Sensor
  • IQ Glass Break Sensor
  • IQ Smoke Sensor
  • IQ Carbon Monoxide Sensor
  • IQ Flood Sensor
  • IQ Temperature Sensor
  • IQ Remote Panel
  • IQ Keyfob
  • IQ Siren
  • IQ Light Bulbs
  • IQ Socket
  • IQ Outlet
  • Alarm.com Thermostat
  • Yale Remote Lock
  • IQ Pendant
  • IQ Fall Pendant
  • SkyBell HD
  • SkyBell Slimline
  • Alarm.Com Outdoor Camera
  • Alarm.com Indoor Camera
  • IQ Panel 2

Although these are the only devices listed on American Defense Systems' website, the IQ Panel 2 control panel is actually compatible with a lot more security and automation products. If you're looking to add devices that are not on the list, ask American Defense Systems if it can be added to your system.

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