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Best Home Security System In Canada

Frontpoint Control Panel, iSmartAlarm CubeOne and Link Interactive Go!Control Alarm Panel.

If you’re shopping for a home security system to protect your Canadian maîson, we’ve got you covered as several home security companies provide service in Canada. We’ve narrowed the list down to two monitored and two self-monitored security systems.

What Makes a Great Security Company?

First and foremost, a good home security system should be wireless. There are multiple reasons for this, but namely, wireless communication is more reliable than wired. Though it seems counterintuitive, wireless communication is less likely to be disrupted. Wired alarm systems typically rely on a landline. Not only does adding a landline to your monthly utility bills increase your overall cost, but a landline is not overly reliable and is easily defeatable.

In regards to wireless home security systems, there are two options: broadband and cellular. Cellular is regarded as the best option for home alarms. It uses the same type of signal as your cell phone, but an alarm system will work in areas where your cell phone does not. This is possible for two reasons. First of all, an alarm system doesn’t require a strong signal. Second, most alarm companies use multiple carriers. They will select the most reliable signal in your area. On the other hand, Broadband is faster than cellular but relies on your internet. If your internet goes down, so does your security system.

Second, a good security company should offer the option for home automation and video surveillance using home security cameras. This doesn’t mean you should be forced into adding these optional services, but you should have the option to expand your system at will without penalty. Home automation should include technology such as smart locks, light automation, smart thermostats, and connected security cameras that tie back into your security system.

Thirdly, a good company should offer great service. This should be reflected in their BBB reputation, online reviews, but more importantly, it should reflect in their policies that outline how they treat customers. Will they let you move for free? Will they let you return the system if you don’t like it? What happens if you move to an area that they don’t service? Will they make you pay an exorbitant cancellation fee? Will they automatically renew your contract so that you are stuck with years of service without being consulted?

Finally, there are lots of little things that often get overlooked that are essential when shopping security providers. For example, the inclusion of battery backup to protect you from power outages, service throughout Canada beyond major metro areas, the ability to control your system using a mobile app, updated technology, and all the right technology needed to protect your home.

With that said, three of the companies below meet these standards and more, earning the title of best home security options in Canada. The fourth option, iSmart, may lack some of our recommended features, but it is a low-cost, self-monitored alternative.

Best Security Systems in Canada

Frontpoint and Brinks are two of the best monitored security companies that offer services in Canada. To help you choose between the two, let’s see how they fare in our standards test.

OPTION 1: Frontpoint

  • Do they offer service throughout Canada?

    No. Frontpoint is licensed to operate in most parts of Canada except in the province of Quebec.

  • Do they use wireless technology in Canada?

    Yes, Frontpoint uses cellular technology to monitor their alarm systems. In fact, their security systems are almost entirely wireless.

  • Do they offer home automation and video surveillance features?

    Certainly. If you’re willing to invest, you can get smart locks, lights, thermostats, and more. Their home automation offer is backed by a reliable smartphone app powered by Alarm.com. The app lets you control your system remotely from anywhere in the world. Frontpoint also offers wireless indoor cameras and video doorbells for video surveillance. If paired with the right security plan, you’ll even get cloud storage space where you can save videos recorded by your security cameras.

  • Do they have a good reputation?

    Frontpoint holds an A+ rating from BBB, multiple Angie’s List Super Service Awards, and excellent reviews both from security experts and customers.

  • Are their policies customer-friendly?

    Definitely. Frontpoint’s policies are some of the most customer-friendly policies we’ve seen. For example, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. They will even cover the return shipping if you’re not satisfied. If you move, you can take the system with you. Frontpoint will even send you a free mover’s kit that contains everything you need to re-install your security system at your new home. Finally, Frontpoint offers exceptional customer service. They’re not your stereotypical alarm company that sends the bill on time but disappears when you need help. To learn more about Frontpoint's policies, check out our Frontpoint in-depth review.

  • What other features do they offer?

    Frontpoint includes intrusion, fire, and medical emergency monitoring in all their monitoring plans. Their top tiered monitoring plans also include a feature called Smash-Proof Protection. Smash-Proof Protection is a technology that allows Frontpoint to know if your control panel has been smashed or destroyed by an intruder. If the control panel fails to cancel an alarm after your “grace period,” the central station will be notified and they will send help. Third, they have a smartphone app that you can use to monitor your system remotely and control it from anywhere. If, for example, you forget to arm your system after leaving, you can use the app to arm it. In fact, through the use of geofencing, they can even remind you to arm your system if you drive away without doing so. Finally, their system performs automated checks. Every 60 minutes, the control panel and the sensors test themselves to ensure that they are all online and active. To learn more about what Frontpoint offers, check out our review of their monitoring plan pricing.

Brinks is One of our Top Picks for 2023

Available Nationwide · 2-Year Equipment Warranty · ASAPer

OPTION 2: Brinks Home Security

  • Do they offer service throughout Canada?

    Yes. Brinks offers professional monitoring for all provinces.

  • Do they use wireless technology in Canada?

    Yes. Brinks offers cellular-based security systems.

  • Do they offer home automation and video surveillance features?

    Yes. Just like Frontpoint, they offer smart lights, locks, thermostats, and more. They also offer a smartphone app that you can use to control, automate, and monitor your devices. As for video surveillance, Brinks offers security cameras that can stream videos to the included smartphone app. Their cameras also feature Smart Video Capture where they start recording automatically if one of your sensors is tripped.

  • Do they have a good reputation?

    Brinks is technically a new brand (MONI and LiveWatch merged and rebranded to Brinks) and as such doesn’t hold a BBB rating. However, LiveWatch (before the merger) held an A+ rating from the BBB as well as an Angie’s List Super Service Award. To learn more about Brinks, check out our Brinks in-depth review.

  • Are their policies customer-friendly?

    Absolutely, even beating Frontpoint in some areas. For instance, where Frontpoint offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, Brinks offers a 90-day return period. However, the initial contract length is 3 years. Finally, like with Frontpoint, you can take your alarm system with you when you move. No charge, no problem. What makes Brinks a top pick and not the top pick is their inconsistency. Before rebranding as Brinks, both MONI and LiveWatch underwent major changes in their pricing structure, equipment, and policies more than once. Their customer service is also hit-or-miss. Sometimes they’re there; sometimes they’re not.

  • What other features do they offer?

    Brinks is powered by Alarm.com, so most of Frontpoint’s features are also available to Brinks customers. For starters, Brinks also offers Crash & Smash Protection which is like Smash-Proof Protection, and an Alarm.com powered smartphone app. Also, Brinks offers ASAPer, a system that will alert you and your emergency contacts if an alarm occurs. You’ll receive the alert via text, email, or push notification. Via ASAPer, you can resolve the alarm yourself. You can either report it as a false alarm or call for help. You can also chat with your emergency contacts to further investigate. If you or your emergency contacts fail to respond, Brinks will dispatch emergency responders. Finally, Brinks’ control panel includes LiveVoice Assist. Instead of using your phone to communicate with the central station, you can talk to the central station through your control panel.

Best Self-Monitored Alarm Companies in Canada

If you’re looking for a security system that doesn’t require professional monitoring, we recommend either abode or iSmartAlarm.

OPTION 1: abode

abode is a system built around the Gateway, a CPU-like device that connects and controls sensors and compatible home automation devices. Everything you need to get started is included in the base package: the Gateway, a mini door contact sensor, a motion sensor and a key fob. The base package is priced at $199.00.

Abode’s system is backed by a smartphone app, which you can use to monitor and control your system.

Out of the box, the system is capable of sending alerts to your smartphone, but you can add additional services. For example, cellular backup for $8/month.

Unfortunately, though abode offers professional monitoring to US customers, the service is not available in Canada.

OPTION 2: iSmartAlarm

iSmartAlarm is best-known for their innovative security cameras, but they also offer security sensors to help further secure your home.

Their security system starts with the CubeOne, which is included in all of their security packages. The least expensive package is called the Plus Package ($199). The kit includes one CubeOne, three contact sensors, one motion sensor, one remote tag, and window decals.

iSmartAlarm is an inexpensive option, but it has limitations. It’s not as expandable as other options, lacks battery backup, cellular backup, and the system is limited to one smart home device: a smart plug.

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