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What Is CenturyLink?

CenturyLink provides professionally monitored, self-installed home security systems to a narrow audience: current CenturyLink Internet and landline subscribers in Monroe County, Louisiana. They offer a wide variety of equipment, three year monitoring contracts at mid-range affordability, as well as home automation solutions.

Centurylink Service Area & Coverage Map

CenturyLink provides home security solutions via professional installation and monitoring services as well as automation tools. Founded in 1930, CenturyLink is the nation’s third largest telecommunications company. This all-in-one provider of internet, cable, landline, and automation recently ventured into home security.

CenturyLink now offers security systems, which come with standard 24/7 professional monitoring, smartphone and web access, text and email alerts, and free equipment. Their main product is an integrated home security and management system known as Smart Home, which offers home automation solutions including remote video surveillance, lighting and temperature control, smart locks and life safety technology.

Security services are available in Monroe County, Louisiana —home to CenturyLink’s national headquarters— as well as surrounding areas.

Why They’re Different

CenturyLink is an all-in-one provider, allowing for streamlined bundling of security, automation, internet, cable, and landline services—all in one simplified bill. They offer an exceptionally large selection of equipment compared with their competitors, including 21 distinct devices.

Moreover, CenturyLink is transparent in the pricing of the devices it offers, listing all prices clearly on its website. Unlike many leading home security providers, CenturyLink does not require potential customers to sign up for a quote or provide specific information in order to gain access to prices.

Moreover, certain plans provide excellent value. The Platinum plan, for example, provides customers with two cameras plus the choice of an electronic door lock or yet another camera (indoor or outdoor) for $54.99. This is an excellent deal, considering that most companies only offer one camera or no camera at all, and

Finally, CenturyLink provides customers with the experience and care of a local home security company with the quality and affordability of a large national provider.

Who’s It For?

CenturyLink security is geared toward its current internet and landline subscribers located in Monroe County, LA and surrounding areas. With a three year contract, It’s best for those with longer term security needs. While some devices are wireless, some also require installation—ideal for homeowners, not renters. A wide equipment offering offers customization to one’s home.

If you’re not a current CenturyLink subscriber located in Monroe County, LA or surrounding areas, this isn’t the service for you. It’s also not ideal for those on a tight budget—while monitoring prices are reasonable, they’re subject to change at any time and free equipment carries a short one-year warranty. Be sure of your selection before you buy, as there’s a pricy cancellation fee.

Key Features & Tech:

CenturyLink Home Automation

CenturyLink also offers home automation services. You can control some services through the touchscreen panel, through the web portal, or through the mobile app.

Mobile App

The CenturyLink Mobile app (available on Android and iOS devices) enables home automation devices even if you’re not home. With the mobile app, you can control temperature, lighting, smart locks, and more.

Smart Home Equipment

CenturyLink offers four types of smart home devices: thermostats, door locks, smart plugs, and garage door controllers. The thermostat lets you adjust your home’s cooling and heating, swap the Fan Mode, as well as set the mode to Home or Away. It also shows a history of your home’s temperature. Finally, it can follow a pre-programmed schedule. With the garage door controller and smart locks, you can lock and unlock your doors, give access to other people, and see the status of your locks. Smart plugs allow you to turn your appliances or lights on and off.


CenturyLink also offers indoor and outdoor home security cameras. You can monitor your cameras using the smartphone or web app. The app allows you to watch live feed coming from your cameras. You can use this to check on your house or to verify an alert. The cameras also record videos of events, although it’s unknown how much cloud storage you’ll have access to. There is also a Video Timeline feature that can help you look back on missed events.

Monitoring Options

Smart Home is offered in three subscription plans: Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Each plan comes with 24/7 professional monitoring, smartphone and web access, text and email alerts, and free equipment. Each also locks you into a 3-year monitoring agreement.

Each option varies in price based on the package you select.

For more information on monitoring bundles, check out our full recap of CenturyLink’s monitoring packages and deals.

Hardware & Technology

CenturyLink offers a comprehensive suite of security system hardware devices and technology. Notable products including touchscreen control panels, a variety of sensors and detectors, indoor and outdoor video security cameras as well as other security accessories. The company also home automation systems, which include appliance modules.

For more details on equipment bundles, check out our full review of CenturyLink’s equipment packages.

Here’s a full list of tech and device offerings:

  • Thin Wireless Door/Window Sensor ($55)
  • Recessed Door/Window Sensor ($55)
  • Pet-Immune Motion Sensor ($115)
  • Glass Break Sensor ($120)
  • Tilt Sensor ($45)
  • Flood Sensor ($60)
  • Smoke/Heat/Freeze Sensor ($120)
  • CO Detector ($100)
  • Wireless Keypad ($120)
  • Wireless Touchscreen Keypad ($200)
  • Panic Button ($55)
  • 4-Button Keypad ($50)
  • Appliance/Lamp Module ($95)
  • Outdoor Module ($95)
  • Remote Module ($95)
  • Smart Thermostat ($150)
  • Smart Lock ($250)
  • Garage Door Controller* ($160)
  • Indoor Camera ($160)
  • Outdoor Camera* ($200)

*Only available in select markets.

Customer Experience:

CenturyLink’s home security customers have access to customer support through the phone, email, or chat. Support is available by phone from Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. However, because home security is just one of the company’s many offerings, there isn’t a dedicated line for home security customers. Instead, you’ll have to call into a main phone like and wait to be referred to your specific department.

Customers have had less-than-positive experiences when it comes to customer support. Many reviews say CenturyLink representatives lack specific knowledge about home security services, and are trained primarily in assisting communication service customers. Other common complaints concern bill charges that are significantly higher than expected rate.

Monitoring Facilities

CenturyLink provides 24/7 local emergency response via a Central Monitoring Station. The company has two technicians on call providing emergency service whenever the need arises.  CenturyLink’s monitoring facility is an Underwriters Laboratories-approved monitoring Station that meets national standards. It is Five Diamond and all operators are certified.


  • What geographic locations does CenturyLink Security Systems serve?

    CenturyLink services Monroe County, Louisiana and surrounding areas.

  • How long are contracts?

    CenturyLink Security Systems offers three-year contracts.

  • How are CenturyLink Security Systems installed?

    Installation is completed by a professional CenturyLink technician. Because devices are wireless, installation only requires minimal drilling and wiring. Then, the technician will activate your system.

  • Can I try out CenturyLink Security Systems before buying? What if I decide to return it?

    While there’s no trial period, you are covered by a three day right of rescission during which you can return your products.

  • How much does CenturyLink Security Systems’ monitoring services cost?

    For a detailed review of security monitoring bundles, here’s our full assessment of CenturyLink’s monitoring packages and deals.

  • How much does the CenturyLink Security Systems equipment cost?

    For more details on equipment bundles, check out our full review of CenturyLink’s equipment packages and pricing plans.

  • Are CenturyLink Security Systems protected by warranty?

    Yes, there is a one-year warranty.

  • Are there installation or activation fees?

    Yes. The fee will vary depending on the package and equipment you choose.

  • What if I need extra help with installation and troubleshooting?

    For extra assistance, you can reference the Smart Home Complete User Guide.