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What Is Cove?

Cove is a newly launched alarm company that offers contract-free professional monitoring paired with DIY installed security systems. They offers their products and services in flexible payment terms, but unfortunately, you might find Cove's product lineup somewhat limited.

Cove Service Area & Coverage Map

Who Is Cove?

Cove was only launched in 2018, so it's new to the home security scene. However, the team behind it claims to have decades of combined experience in the home security industry and that they're backed with strong financial resources. Based on the quality of the services and products it offers, that seems to be the case.

Cove is still evolving, but currently, it offers self-installed security systems that are affordable and can be paid in flexible terms. It also provides contract-free monitoring services with affordable monthly fees and smartphone, email, and text alerts.

Why They're Different

Cove's flexibility is what makes it unique. First, it gives customers the option to buy the equipment upfront and pay less for monitoring or make a lower upfront payment for the equipment and pay a higher monthly fee. Second, customers can choose whether to sign a 3-year contract or not. Finally, even if you sign a 3-year contract, you can easily cancel the service without paying a hefty penalty. All you need to do is to buy out your equipment.

The simplicity and straightforwardness of the sales process is another thing that sets Cove apart. You don't need to schedule a home visit just to get a quote. Simply answer a few questions on Cove's website and an automated program will generate an equipment recommendation for you. After that, just customize your system, choose how you want to pay for it, and then select a monitoring plan. In a couple of days, the system will arrive at your doorstep pre-configured and waiting to be installed.

Who's It For?

Thanks to its flexibility, Cove is an ideal alarm company for both homeowners and renters. It's also a great choice for those looking for an alarm company that won't tie them into long-term contracts. Cove's monitoring services are usually contract-free and those who sign a long-term contract with them can easily get out of the agreement without being required to pay a penalty. They can simply pay for their equipment and they're off the hook.

We would also recommend Cove to DIYers who already have or are planning to build their own smart home system. Cove doesn't offer any home automation feature or product, so you can use their system for security and build your own smart home that isn't tied to a monitoring service.

Key Feature & Tech

  • Cove LiveAssist
  • Smash & Grab Protection
  • Cove InstaText
  • Automated System Check
  • Smartphone Access

Cove LiveAssist

Cove LiveAssist is a feature made possible by the control panel's built-in two way audio. If your system detects an intrusion, it will send out an alarm signal to Cove's monitoring center. In turn, one of Cove's agents will contact you directly via the alarm panel to check on you. If you give them the all-clear and your verbal password, they'll cancel the alert. If something's wrong, they'll send help to your house.

Smash & Grab Protection

Smash & Grab is a tactic used by professional burglars to avoid detection. They take advantage of your alarm system's delay period by smashing and grabbing your control panel off the wall. However, this won't work Cove. The moment an intrusion is detected, the panel sends a soft alarm to the monitoring center. They won't act upon it, but if the correct PIN wasn't entered within a specific time period, the soft alarm will turn into an active alert.

Cove InstaText

InstaText is another useful feature in times of emergencies. It's basically just text alerts, but you can reply to the text alerts to call for help. For example, if you reply with "send help," the monitoring center will immediately send help even without speaking to you.

Automated System Checks

Cove also offers automated system checks. If something ever happens to your devices, like when they lose power or go offline, Cove will let you know so you can respond immediately.

Smartphone Access

Even if Cove comes with a touchscreen control keypad, it still offers a smartphone app. You can use the app to conveniently control your security system while you're away. For example, you can arm or disarm your system, make changes to account settings, and more.

Monitoring Options

It may seem like Cove offers a lot of monitoring options, but deep down, there are only two: Basic and Plus. However, the price of each monitoring plan depends on whether you paid your equipment upfront or had it financed and whether you sign a three-year contract or not.

Both monitoring plans offer professional monitoring, LiveAssist, Smash & Grab Protection, Cove InstaTexts, and automated system checks. The Basic plan, however, lacks smartphone access and only provides 1-year warranty on equipment, while Plus offers smartphone access, provides lifetime equipment warranty, and a $5/month equipment discount.

To learn more about Cove's monitoring options, check out our Cove in-depth review and Cove pricing plans comparison.

Hardware & Technology

Of all the products that Cove offers, the most notable is the Cove Touch Alarm Panel. The tablet-like control panel is responsible for connecting your security devices to the monitoring center. To do that, it has a built-in cellular chip that uses cellular signal to communicate alerts. Currently cellular signal is the most reliable communication method used by alarm companies.

The control panel is also built to withstand temporary power outages thanks to its built-in 12-hour battery backup.

Cove Touch is backed by a supporting cast of compatible sensors and equipment:

  • Door Sensor: $15.00
  • Motion Sensor: $30
  • Window Sensor: $15
  • Glass Break Detector: $35
  • Panic Button: $20
  • Security Key Fob: $25
  • Flood Sensor: 20
  • Smoke & Heat Sensor: $30
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector: $50

Customer Experience

As a young company, Cove understands the importance of making a good relationship with its customers in order to build a good reputation. Cove customers can reach customer support using the live chat feature or via phone. Details on how to use both features can be found on Cove's website. The company also does its best to keep its customers happy and it's showing on online customer reviews. Most customer reviews are positive.


  • What geographic locations does Cove serve?

    Cove offers its services nationwide in all 50 states.

  • How long are contracts?

    There are typically no contracts. However, if you choose to finance your equipment, you'll be required to sign a 3-year contract.

  • How are Cove security systems installed?

    Cove security systems are sent to customers pre-configured. Simply take the system out of the box, install it, and call Cove's customer support to activate it.

  • Can I try out Cove Security Systems before buying? What if I decide to return it?

    Yes. Cove offers an impressive 60-day trial period. Ship it back within 60 days of signing up and you will get a full refund.

  • How much does Cove Security Systems’ monitoring services cost?

    For a detailed review of security monitoring bundles, here’s our full assessment of Cove’s monitoring packages and pricing plans.

  • How much does the Cove Security Systems equipment cost?

    For more details on equipment bundles, check out our full review of Cove’s equipment packages and pricing plans.

  • Are Cove Security Systems protected by warranty?

    Yes. All Cove products come with a 1-year warranty.

  • Are there installation or activation fees?

    No. The system is self-installed, so there are no installation or activation fees.