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Cox Homelife Plans, Deals, and Promotions

Ready to make a purchase? We can help you gain a better understanding on how Cox Homelife's pricing plans work, find ways to save, and uncover other fees you should know about.

54.99 Plan

This monitoring plan is the only monitoring plan offered by Cox Homelife. It includes everything from home security to home automation.
Contract Length24 mo
Return Period30 days
Includes Home Automation
Install Typeprofessional
Plan TypeProfessional Monitoring + Kit
Primary Connection TypeBroadband
Redundant ConnectionCellular
Remote Monitoring App
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Cox Homelife Plan Pricing

PlanPricePromo PriceContract Length
54.99--24 mo

Cox Homelife Service Plans Explained

Cox Homelife offers two service plans: Smart Home and Monitored Security. Only Monitored Security offers professional monitoring. Smart Home is more of a self-managed home automation service and it's not even officially a self-monitored security system. That said, let's focus on Monitored Security.

Cox's monthly rate for Monitored Security is $54.99, and that includes professional monitoring, smart home control, smartphone access, and limited video surveillance features. It also includes free equipment. Upon signing a 2-year contract, Cox will send you a touchscreen control panel, a security camera, a motion sensor, and two door/motion sensors. Cox is only leasing the control panel to customers, but the rest of package is owned by the customer. The package is completely free; there will be no upfront equipment fees to pay. However, you can opt to swap the free package with a discounted package. The discounted package, called Digital Home, includes much more equipment, but it also requires a $200 upfront payment. The package contains a touchscreen control panel, two security cameras, two door/window sensors, a motion sensor, and three LED smart light bulbs. You're free to add any equipment you want to the package, but add-on products must be paid immediately after checking out.

The pricing for add-on equipment is as follows:

  • Door/Window Sensor — $60.00
  • Indoor Motion Sensor — $100.00
  • Glass Break Sensor — $150.00
  • Smoke/Heat Detector — $125.00
  • Carbon Monoxide Sensor — $125.00
  • Water/Flood Sensor — $85.00
  • Wireless Keypad — $100.00
  • Smart Thermostat — $200.00
  • Smart Plug — $60.00
  • Smart LED Light Bulb — $25.00
  • Smart Door Lock — $230.00
  • HD Camera — $180.00

Other Fees You Should Know About

Besides the monthly monitoring fee and equipment fee, there are other fees associated to use a Cox Homelife system that you should know about.

Installation Fee

Cox Homelife requires professional installation, and of course, there's an installation fee. The fixed rate for Monitored Security packages is $50 ($25 for Smart Home), but there are additional fees if you request one or more of your cameras to be installed outdoors.

Activation Fee

Aside from the installation fee, there's a one-time activation fee of $49. This covers for the wireless activation of the system, allowing it to transmit alert signals to the monitoring center.

Rental Fee

The equipment package may be free, but the touchscreen control panel is not. An additional $4.99/month will be added to your bill as rental fee for as long as you're using the service.

Alarm Permit

Some states and cities require an alarm permit from residents who plan on using a professionally monitored security system. Because Cox Homelife's Monitored Security falls under this category, getting an alarm permit before buying a system is recommended. Alarm permits cost around $20.

Las Vegas Residents: Verified Response Fee

There are also cities that require alarm verification before dispatching alarm responders. Because of this, alarm companies have to adjust how they monitor security systems in cities that require a verified response. Due to this adjustment, a verified response fee is collected from all Cox Homelife users in Las Vegas.

Ways To Save

If there are extra fees you should know about, there are also ways to get discounts and save some hard-earned cash that we'd like to share with you.

Bundle Up

Cox Communications is a triple-play company that offers internet, cable, and home security services. That said, if you're willing to make them your all-in-one provider, you'll be able to save a lot of cash per month for the first year of service. For example, you can get 100MBPS internet, cable TV with 75+ channels, and Cox Homelife Monitored Security for a little over $100 per month. The actual cost of all three packages if not bundled together is over $200 per month.

Take note that bundle offers are vary per area and that it's only the introductory price. After the first year of service, the monthly fee will go back to the regular price.

Request A Discount

If you're an existing customer who uses Cox's internet, phone, or cable services, you can't really bundle up anymore. However, you may ask the sales representative for discounts. They are more than willing to comply as long as you have a good customer standing.

Purchase During Sales Season

Cox is known for participating in sales during sales seasons, such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and End of Year sale. If you time your purchase, you might be able to get more free equipment or even a discounted introductory price.

Claim Your Insurance Discount

Insurance companies often offer discounts to homeowners who install a professionally monitored security system in their homes. Simply request a monitoring certificate from Cox and show it to your insurance company to get the discount.