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What Is Ooma?

Ooma is a telecommunications company and internet phone service provider whose primary service is internet-enabled voice-over-IP (VOIP) calling. Ooma’s main product is Ooma Telo, a base that connects devices and enables functionality as a self-monitored security system and smart home hub.

Ooma Service Area & Coverage Map

What is Ooma?

Ooma was founded in 2004 by some of the brains behind Cisco Systems. Their original idea was to create a “VoIP in a box” device which connected a landline-connected “hub” to “scouts” additional phone lines. They later transitioned from peer-to-peer VoIP and in 2009, released the Ooma Telo system, which consisted of a base system to access unlimited calling and caller ID. This earned the company a slew of prestigious awards and investments. Ooma acquired security camera startup Butterfleye in December 2017.

Why They’re Different

Why stick with one niche when you can do it all? That’s how we understand the driving philosophy behind Ooma. And that’s what sets it apart from competitors.

Ooma is, first and foremost, a provider of VoIP calling services or calling that utilizes an Internet connection. In sum, Ooma’s a phone, security system, protector of connected devices, and a smart home player.

They’re also cheaper than competitors. Companies like AT&T charge around $34/month for basic phone service. By comparison, Ooma charges $99.99 for their Ooma Telo hardware and phone service is free, though you must pay taxes and fees. This adds up to just around $5.00 per month for Basic Service. That’s a huge savings.

Who Ooma Is For

Ooma is for those looking for light self-monitoring capabilities on a budget. Ooma is best for those who use VoIP services—and even better for those already using Ooma as a provider of these services—and are looking to expand their systems with smart home integrations that enhance the experience. Homeowners and renters alike can use Ooma as it offers a wireless option.

Key Features & Tech

  • VoIP (Voice over IP) system
  • Call Forwarding
  • Smart Home Monitoring
  • Remote 911
  • Mobile App & Alerts

Monitoring Options

Ooma offers two main service plans: Their free Basic Service and Ooma Premier.

Both plans include features like U.S. calling, Mobile App outgoing calls, Remote 911 calling services, including text and email alerts, as well as standard voicemail and Ooma Phone Care Support. Both also include Amazon Echo and Butterfleye integrations.

Ooma Telo hardware comes with Basic Service included, plus local taxes and fees.

For additional features, you can also purchase Ooma Premier. The difference between the two services are on the primary features and those that impact the services. Keep in mind that your purchase of the Ooma Telo will include a trial subscription to Premier.

For a detailed explanation of Ooma’s equipment packages and standalone products, check out our Ooma equipment pricing overview.

Equipment & Hardware

Ooma door/window sensor installed on the wall.

Ooma is, before all else, a VoIP (voice over IP) system. Their hardware is built with the primary purpose of providing calling services.

The base of the system and Ooma’s main offering is a device called Ooma Telo. No matter how you want to configure your system, you’ll need to purchase one. Telo functions as the nerve center that connects your devices to one another.

You can select between the original Ooma Telo or the newer, wireless, Wifi-enabled Ooma Telo Air. The Ooma Telo 4G, coming soon, is a third option that uses a high-speed 4G LTE connection.

Ooma also offers a range of additional equipment, which customers can select to integrate into the system. Ooma can be customized with cameras, sensors, and more to provide a variety of services.

Here’s the full variety of hardware and equipment offerings:


  • Ooma Telo – $99.99
  • Ooma Telo Air — $129.99
  • Ooma Telo 4G — $149.99 (coming soon)

Surveillance Cameras

  • Butterfleye
  • Nero 1
  • Ooma Smart Cam
  • Doorbell Cameras


  • Window/Door sensor ($24.99)
  • Water Sensor ($29.99)
  • Motion Sensor ($34.99)
  • Garage door sensor ($29.99)
  • Siren ($39.99)

Environmental Protection

  • Smart smoke detector

For more information about Ooma's equipment and features, check out our Ooma review.

Awards & Rankings

  • 2009 Internet Telephony Product of the Year Award, Ooma Telo and Ooma Telo handset
  • 2011 Best in Biz Awards, gold consumer Product of the Year award
  • 2012, Internet Telephony Product of the Year award for iTelo, HD2 handset and Linx
  • 2015 Best of Biz Awards, Gold

Customer Support Experience

All Ooma products include access to Ooma Phone Care Support. For Ooma residential services support, phone lines are open on 5am-5pm PST on weekdays and 8am-5pm PST on weekends at 1-888-711-OOMA(6662).

Ooma also offers chat support 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

For installation help, they offer a number of in-depth video tutorials. They have also established user forums for peer-to-peer support and common questions as well as a variety of topic-specific FAQ pages.


  • What does one need for the Ooma system to work?

    You need a high-speed Internet connection (cable, DSL or fiber-optic) and a regular home phone. Then, you must purchase the hardware base, called Ooma Telo.

  • How is the Ooma system installed?

    Ooma uses auto-configuration technology to make the DIY set-up as painless as possible. Most customers are up and dialing in 15 minutes.

  • Can I keep my current phone number?

    In most cases, yes. Ooma can transfer (port) your existing phone number to Ooma. Note that there is a processing fee of $39.99, but this fee is waived with an annual subscription to Ooma Premier ($119.99/yr).

  • How much will it cost me to set up and use Ooma?

    Ooma sells Ooma Telo, the nerve center of the system for $99. It comes with a free basic subscription, but you'll need to pay a minimal fee for the local taxes in order to enjoy the service. You can also upgrade to Premium for $9.99/month. For a more detailed explanation, check out Ooma's subscription plans and deals here.

  • Where can I read more about Ooma?

    We've put together a more detailed review of Ooma's features and equipment here.