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What Is Protection 1?

Protection 1 is an alarm company that offers wireless security system packages and monitoring services nationwide. It also offers home automation access and video surveillance features to customers who subscribe to their higher-end plans.

Protection One Service Area & Coverage Map

Who Is Protection 1?

Protection 1 has been in the security industry since 1988, but in 2016, an acquisition led to the merger of Protection 1, ASG Security, and ADT. For now, Protection 1 is its own company with its own products and plans. Most of the changes are operational in nature. However, you should know that the plan was to make the three companies one. This means if you sign up now with Protection 1, you might end up being in contract with ADT in the future.

Currently, Protection 1 offers security systems that come standard with professional monitoring, smartphone access, text and email alerts, and free equipment. All monitoring plans come with a base equipment package that includes a touchscreen control panel, door/window sensors, a motion sensor, a keychain remote, a yard sign, and window decals.

Why They're Different

Protection 1 is a traditional alarm company. Much like ADT, it's offered through a network of local dealers and signing up requires you to interface with a representative. What makes it unique is its transparency. Protection 1's equipment and monitoring pricing structure is clearly laid out on its website. Before speaking to a sales rep, you can easily do your research and gain an overview of what they offer.

It's also worth noting that Protection 1 includes the same basic equipment package whether you go with the cheapest or most expensive monitoring plan. The package includes a touchscreen control panel, which is great, considering that most alarm companies only offer analog control panels in their basic monitoring plans.

Who's It For?

Protection 1 is geared towards homeowners and business owners. Take note that a 3-year contract is mandatory, so if you're considering Protection 1, you must be ready to commit for that long. Also, while most of devices offered are wireless, some still require in-wall installation, so it's not ideal for renters.

If you have plans to move out within the next three years, you might want to think twice about choosing Protection 1. Although it's a national alarm company, its moving policy is not customer friendly. You can move without penalties and they'll give you up to $150 credit that you can use towards activating a new or existing system, but your contract will refresh. Even if you're months away from finishing your initial contract, you'll need to sign a new 3-year contract if you move.

Key Features & Tech

Below we've outlined the key features and technology offered by Protection 1, but if you want a more detailed look at what they offer, check out our Protection 1 in-depth review.

  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  • Landline or Cellular Monitoring
  • 2-Way Voice
  • Web & Mobile App Control
  • Home Automation
  • Video Surveillance

24/7 Professional Monitoring

Professional monitoring is a standard feature offered by alarm companies. Protection 1 can monitor your home for any signs of intrusion, burglary, fire, and poisonous gas. If help is needed, the monitoring center can dispatch police, fire department, or paramedics to your home.

Landline & Cellular Monitoring

This refers to the communication method used by you alarm system to send alerts to the monitoring center. Landline monitoring uses your existing phone line. Unfortunately, this can be easily defeated by a pair of wire cutters. If the intruder cuts your landline wires, your system will deactivate. Cellular monitoring is a newer but more expensive technology. It's wireless, so there's no wires to cut. It's also more reliable and less prone to disruptions than landline. Protection 1 offers both monitoring methods.

2-Way Voice

During an emergency, communication is vital. Instead of calling your phone and waiting for you to pick up, the monitoring center can reach you directly through the control panel.

Web & Mobile App Control

This feature is not included in all Protection 1 monitoring plans, but we highly recommend getting this as an upgrade. The Protection1 web and mobile app allow you to control and access your home security system wherever you are as long as your phone, tablet, or PC is connected to the internet.

Home Automation

If you subscribe to a higher-tier monitoring plan, you'll get access to home automation features. It requires the purchase of smart locks, thermostats, garage door controllers, and other automation devices, but once they're set up, you can control your home from anywhere.

Video Surveillance

Adding security cameras is another option. Protection 1 offers an indoor camera, outdoor camera, and indoor pan/tilt camera, all of which can be monitored using the Protection 1 smartphone app. They are also capable of recording motion events.

Monitoring Options

Protection 1 offers four monitoring options: Secure, Secure +, Smart Control, and Video. All four plans include 24/7 professional monitoring for intrusion, environmental and life safety, and fire and carbon monoxide. Each also locks you into a 3-year monitoring agreement.

Protection 1's monitoring plans start at $34.99/month (Secure). The most expensive plan is Video, which starts at $54.99/month. Their best seller is Smart Control ($49.99). Click here for more details about Protection 1's monitoring plan pricing and deals.

Hardware & Technology

Protection 1 offers a comprehensive suite of security and automation devices. The core product is the 2GIG touchscreen control panel included in every monitoring package. It's an all-in-one device that can connect with and control both security and automation devices. It offers an embedded cellular chip, battery backup, and Z-Wave radio. It also offers access to two-way talk via its built-in speaker and microphone.

The other products are sold as add-ons.

  • 2GIG Touchscreen Remote Keypad
  • Additional Analog Keypad
  • Door/Window Sensor
  • Motion Detector
  • Glass Break Detector
  • Smoke & Fire Detector
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Fire Fighter Module
  • Freeze Sensor
  • Water & Flood Sensor
  • Emergency Button
  • Smart Thermostat
  • Remote Thermostat Control
  • Lighting & Appliance Module
  • Garage Door Controller
  • Remote Door Locks
  • Garage Door Controller
  • Indoor Pan/Tilt Camera
  • Indoor Camera
  • Outdoor Camera

Customer Experience

Protection 1 customers have access to premium customer support that is available 24/7. You can reach their customer support team by calling their hotline or using the live chat feature on Protection 1's website. Because Protection 1 offers a streamlined service that uses the same equipment and has similar features, it's easy to reach a knowledgeable support agent.

Although Protection 1 offers good-quality customer service, some customers reported to have had difficulty cancelling monitoring even after their contract ended. According to those customers, agents can be rude and pushy, insisting that they continue the service.

When it comes to policies, Protection 1 is a so-so. There are customer friendly policies, like the Safety Net Warranty that provides up to $1,000 reimbursement in case your home is burglarized while being monitored by Protection 1. There are also policies that are not so customer friendly. For example, the equipment included in the package remains a property of Protection 1. If you cancel the service, even after the contract period, you'll need to return the equipment in good condition.

Overall, Protection 1's customer experience is a hit-and-miss. As long as you're a paying customer, you'll get a fair treatment. Once you try to cancel the service, their treatment to you might change.


  • What geographic locations does Protection 1 Security Systems serve?

    Protection 1 services all 50 states.

  • How long are contracts?

    Protection 1 offers three-year contracts, except in California where contracts are only 2 years.

  • How are Protection 1 Security Systems installed?

    Installation is performed by a professional Protection 1 technician. Because devices are wireless, installation only requires minimal drilling and wiring.

  • Can I try out Protection 1 Security Systems before buying? What if I decide to return it?

    There's a 14-day trial period, during which you can return the system for a refund.

  • How much does Protection 1 Security Systems’ monitoring services cost?

    For a more detailed review of security monitoring bundles, here’s our full assessment of Protection 1’s monitoring packages and pricing plans.

  • Are Protection 1 Security Systems protected by warranty?

    Yes, but it's limited. Protection 1 will repair or replace any defective equipment for free within 90 days after the installation. After that, tech visits will cost you.

  • Are there installation or activation fees?

    Yes. The fee will vary depending on the package and equipment you choose.

  • Where can I find out more about Protection 1?

    To learn more about Protection 1, check out our full protection 1 review.