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Ring Plans, Deals, and Promotions

Ring offers professional monitoring with cloud storage for $10/month or $100/year, the lowest-priced professional monitoring plan out there. To get started, read on below about their pricing and equipment offers.

Protect Plus Plan Plan

Ring's Protection Plus Plan is the only professional monitoring plan offered by Ring. It's an extremely affordable plan that also provides cloud storage for unlimited Ring security cameras installed in the same location as your Ring Alarm.
Sign-up Bonus$100 annually
Plan TypeProfessional Monitoring
Primary Connection TypeBroadband
Redundant ConnectionCellular
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Ring is a home security company that humbly began as a video doorbell brand before extending its reach into security cameras and smart home products. Now backed by the tech giant Amazon, Ring offers home security systems and monitoring plans.

As a hybrid alarm company, Ring offers the choice of professional monitoring or the option to self-monitor your home. While they have monitoring services, you don’t need to purchase a plan in order to use Ring equipment. You can always add monitoring at a later time.

Ring’s monitoring services are notably affordable. For just $10 per month, customers get 24/7 professional monitoring (with police dispatch), cellular backup, and 60-day cloud storage for multiple Ring cameras in a single location. But even without Ring cameras, the $10/month Ring Protect Plus plan is still an unbeatable offer. Traditional alarm companies usually charge $30+ per month for basic security monitoring.

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Free 30-Day Trial Period

Ring offers a full 30-day trial period in which you’re able to test out the equipment and service. If you’re not satisfied, you can simply return it. However, you will have to pay for the return shipping cost and return all equipment, accessories, and manuals back to Ring. Your 30-day free trial begins when you activate the system. Once it expires, you have the option to continue using the service for $10/month or stop the service and self-monitor Ring Alarm.

No Installation Costs

The Ring home security system is a do-it-yourself (DIY) system — you install and set up the equipment yourself. DIY saves a ton of money for customers as it eliminates the extra cost and time that comes with having a professional come to your home to install the security system. There are no activation fees, either.

No Moving Fees

With Ring Alarm, you're free to move anytime — with no extra moving fees or penalties. Simply box up the system and install it in your new place. If you're subscribed to Ring Protect Plus, just update your address so Ring knows where to send authorities in the event that they’re needed. However, you won’t be penalized.

No Cancellation Fees

Because they don’t require a contract, Ring doesn't charge any early cancellation fees. If you decide that professional monitoring is no longer for you, all you need to do is contact Ring and cancel your service. If you change your mind, simply re-activate your subscription.

Equipment & Monitoring Packages

When purchasing a home security system, there are typically two initial upfront costs: monitoring and equipment.

Because Ring is a hybrid alarm company, it does not follow the usual sales process used by most of its competitors. If you choose Ring for your home, you select your equipment. The monitoring service, however, is not required alongside this equipment. You may add it at a later time or choose not to use Ring’s professional monitoring service.

Ring offers several equipment packages. All packages include basic equipment, including the Base Station and the Control Keypad plus one motion sensor and one contact sensor.

These packages differ in price based on the amount of equipment you choose to purchase—the more equipment you purchase, the more you will pay but also the greater the per-piece discount you will receive. They range from the basic Ring Alarm 5-Piece Package to the comprehensive 15-piece package.

Ring Alarm 5-Piece PackageRing Alarm 8-Piece PackageRing Alarm 11-Piece PackageRing Alarm 14-Piece PackageRing Alarm 15-Piece Package
Base Station11111
Motion Sensor12222
Contact Sensor13587
Panic Button
Smoke & CO Listener
Flood & Freeze Sensor
Range Extender11111
Buy HereBuy HereBuy HereBuy HereBuy Here

You can also purchase additional, a la carte sensors as needed:

  • Keypad — $50.00
  • Contact Sensors — $20.00
  • Motion Sensor — $30.00
  • Panic Button — $35.00
  • Range Extender — $25.00
  • Flood & Freeze Sensor — $35.00
  • Smoke & CO Listener — $35.00

Monitoring Cost

Ring's professional monitoring service is not mandatory in order to use its devices. You can select to self-monitor your home using Ring devices. While this means no additional monitoring costs, features are somewhat limited. You’ll receive a push notification to your mobile phone if a possible break-in is detected, but should you fail to notice the alert, no monitoring service means no one will contact the authorities. Another disadvantage to self-monitoring is that it means it is dependent upon the internet — if your internet fails, so will your Ring Alarm alerts.

Because of these factors, we recommend adding Ring's professional monitoring service. For just $10 per month, you’ll get 24/7 professional monitoring with police dispatch, cellular backup, and 60-day cloud storage for multiple Ring cameras in a single location. It's a great deal for current Ring camera users looking to add professional home security system monitoring.

Even without Ring cameras, the $10/month Ring Protect Plus plan is still an unbeatable offer. Traditional alarm companies charge $30+ per month for basic security monitoring without mobile app access, security camera access, and home automation features. Ring Protect Plus includes all those features

Limited Deals & Promotions

Amazon is currently running a huge home security sale. For a limited time, Amazon is offering up to 40% off Ring Alarm security system packages.

We’ve rounded up some of the best deals on the Ring Alarm Kit:

  • 5-Piece Kit – $169 (normally $199)
  • 8-Piece Kit – $204 (normally $239)
  • 10-Piece Kit – $229 (normally $259)
  • 14-Piece Kit – $299 (normally $329)

This deal also extends huge savings to additional Ring devices. For instance, you can save big on Ring Doorbells.

  • Ring Video Doorbell 2 – $169 (normally $199)
  • Ring Video Doorbell Pro – $199 (normally $249)

It’s hard to say exactly how long Amazon will offer this promotion, but typically they last from one to two weeks.