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Security One Review 2023

: What To Know Before Buying Services

Security One provides professionally installed, professionally monitored home security systems. They use cellular signal for monitoring and they offer free equipment if you sign a long-term contract. They also take over monitoring of existing security systems.

Monitoring Type: Professional
Install Type: Professional

Pros and Cons


  • Cellular Monitoring
  • Rate Lock-In
  • Lifetime Equipment Warranty


  • Slightly Dated Equipment
  • Limited Equipment Offer
  • Requires Interaction With Sales Rep to Get Pricing Details

The Good

Security One offers customer-friendly policies, such as their rate lock-in and lifetime equipment warranty. They also offer equipment with modern features like smartphone access, wireless monitoring via cellular signal, and more.

The Bad

Security One requires a long-term contract. Their equipment lineup is limited, and some of their products are dated and obsolete.

Bottom Line

Security One makes a lot of claims and promises on their website, but not all of them are true. They make it seem like they offer the latest in technology, but in truth, some of their products are years behind.

Who's It For

Security One is offered to homeowners living in the mainland United States. Residents of Hawaii and Alaska don't have access to their products and services.

Security One requires a long-term contract, so it's for those looking for a long-term security solution. Also, because their products are wireless and available almost nationwide, relocating their system to a new house without penalties is possible.

Security One Sales Process

Security One's website provides a lot of information about their monitoring plans, but unfortunately, the pricing is not included. To find out the cost and to purchase products and services, you must get a quote from a Security One sales rep. You can get in touch with a sales rep by filling up [!link!/]

If you decide to go through the sales process after receiving a quote, everything will be handled by the sales rep. You can customize your system, choose what features you want to include, and discuss other details such as the contract length, monthly rate, and more. Finally, a technician will install the system for you and activate it.

Security One Equipment Review

Security One's security systems require a wireless control panel as a central device. The control panel connects to and controls the rest of the system,while also linking the system to Security One's central station for alarm monitoring.

Security One offers the GE Simon XTi control panel, a tablet like console with a 3.5-inch LCD touchscreen. The touchscreen interface provides an intuitive menu that allows for easy controls. The screen also doubles as an information center where alerts and other system information are displayed.

The control panel is supplemented by remote touchscreen keypads. These secondary keypads, which also have a touchscreen interface, has the same functions as the control panel. They are designed to be placed in other locations within the house, such as in the bedroom or kitchen for added accessibility.

Aside from the control panel and keypads, Security One offers:

  • Secondary Touchscreen Keypads
  • Micro Door/Window Sensors
  • Motion Sensors
  • Image Sensors
  • Smoke & Heat Sensors
  • Glass Break Sensors
  • Carbon Monoxide Sensors
  • Wireless Indoor Cameras
  • Light & Appliance Module
  • Panic Pendant
  • Wireless Door Locks
  • Keychain Remotes

All of Security One's equipment are wireless. They don't need to be hardwired to a control box in the basement and they certainly don't require that you have a pre-wired layout installed. Most of the sensors are battery-powered (with years of battery life) and they all connect to the control panel wirelessly using radio signals. However, Security One still requires professional installation. It may be easy to install the system on your own, but Security One favors professional installation to prevent false alarms caused by improper placement. With a technician handling the installation, you can rest assured that your system is fully functional and optimally installed.

Security One Monitoring Review

With Security One, hardware is only a secondary product. Their main product is professional monitoring.

Professional monitoring means having a team of trained operators respond to system alerts. For example, if your system detects motion in your living room when there shouldn't be any, the control panel will send the alert to the central station. The central station will then respond by checking on you via a phone call. If you confirm that it's a possible intrusion, or if you fail to respond to their calls, they will dispatch the police to your house.

Professional Monitoring Features

Security One's monitoring pricing plan is three-tiered: Simply Security, Energy Plus, and Ultimate Home. All three packages include free equipment as well as features that are helpful in keeping your home safe.

Simply Security includes a touchscreen panel, keypad, door/window sensors, motion sensors, remote key fob, siren, and yard signs. This monitoring package focuses mainly on providing security monitoring, but it doesn't include any of the bells and whistles like home automation and security camera access. However, it does include smartphone access.

Energy Plus takes things up a notch by offering energy management features with the help of smart home products like smart thermostats and lighting control. In addition to what Simply Security offers, Energy Plus includes a smart thermostat and light/appliance modules. You can use the Security One smartphone app to automate your system and optimize energy savings. For example, you can set your thermostat to automatically switch to a more economical setting when your security system goes into Away mode.

Ultimate Home is the complete package. It includes everything, from basic home security features, home automation features, and security camera access. With security camera access, you can check on your home anywhere you are and anytime as long as your smartphone has internet access. Aside from the added peace of mind, security camera access allows you to check your home before asking for police or fire assistance during an alarm event, allowing you to save yourself from false alarm penalties.

Security One Customer Service Review

When it comes to customer service, Security One is neither good nor bad. On the bright side, they have a couple of customer-friendly policies, like the rate lock-in that provides assurance that your monthly rate will never increase for the duration of your contract. They also offer lifetime limited warranty on all their equipment that covers parts and labor. On top of that, they hold an A+ BBB rating and they are an Angie's List Super Service Award holder.

On the opposite end, Security One's customer service and support leaves a lot to be desired. For example, they lack a knowledge base where product and service information are supposed to be found. Instead, they have a FAQ page that answers a limited scope of questions. Of course, you can could call their phone line to get support, but the problem is that their customer support phone number is the same as their sales hotline.

Another problem is that even though they have customer friendly policies, they also have policies that are not customer-friendly. For example, if you relocate within the first year of your contract, Security One will charge you a $99 move fee, even if you take the system with your and resume your contract. Our only advice is to read the contract thoroughly and make sure you agree with its content before signing the dotted line.

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