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Best Louisville, Kentucky Home Security & Alarm Companies 2023

Here's what we found when we analyzed home security providers and crime data in Louisville

Recommended Home Security Providers in Louisville

Best Value
  • No-Contract
  • Plans with Video Cameras
  • Effective to protect against fire incidents
  • Effective for Locations with High Property Crime
Best DIY Install
  • Pro. Install
  • Overall best value
  • Known for rapid response time
  • Effective for Locations with High Violent Crime
Best Wireless Install
  • Video Monitoring
  • Pro. Install
  • Offers high-quality integration options
  • Easy Wireless Install
  • Great Home Automation Offerings

Our Analysis of Safety in Louisville

The level of criminal offenses in Louisville Metro is fairlyabove average, with 47.7 crimes for every one thousand residents. In comparison to other cities across the U.S., the city ranks in the 73rd percentile for highest crime rates, placing it in the second-highest tier.

Louisville Metro experiences significantly high person crime — the city ranks in the 93rd percentile for offenses against people. For every one thousand people, there are approximately 4.53 crimes against people. Particularly, Louisville Metro's rates are exceedingly disproportionate to crime levels in the state of Kentucky; they do, however, not diverge significantly from national crime rates. Louisville Metro's significantly high person-related crime rates are reflective of those throughout the state of Kentucky and with estimates across the nation.

Criminal infractions against property are significantly high in Louisville Metro. 43.17 property crimes transpire for every one thousand citizens every year, placing the city of Louisville Metro in the 95th percentile. The city’s significantly above average property crime is acutely out of proportion to Kentucky — and the U.S. across the nation. Louisville Metro is more under threat from property-related offenses than 102% of Kentucky counties and 143% of counties in the nation.

The bulk of crime is property crime, including burglary, larceny-theft, motor vehicle theft, and arson. In Louisville Metro, homicide offenses are the most persistent incidents against persons. arson is the city’s most rampant property crime.

Notwithstanding it's moderatelyhigh crime levels, Louisville Metro upholds a comparatively usual law enforcement count. Louisville Metro has a moderate officer-to-civilian ratio, with 2.21 officers per 1,000 inhabitants. That's one officer to guard 453 inhabitants.

In addition to crimes per capita, crimes per hour is an additional indicator of safety. Louisville Metro has significantly above average crime frequency, with 3.73 offenses taking place every hour. A crime occurs every 16 minutes in Louisville Metro. Specifically, a property-related incident happens every 18 minutes and crimes against individuals occur approximately once every 3 hours.

Data sourced from FBI Uniform Crime Reporting, 2017 (last available dataset)
Bottom 40% Percentile
Top 20% Percentile
Top 20% Percentile
Top 20% Percentile

Best Option for Overall Value

The first things people compare when choosing an alarm company are the equipment and monitoring pricing. However, it's imperative that the companies with the lowest pricing aren't always the ones that has the best value and that those with the highest pricing don't always offer the best features. When picking an alarm company, it's always best to choose the one that offers the highest value for their price.

Of course, there are a few other things you should consider aside from the overall value an alarm company. You should also ensure that they can cater to your security needs. After all, what good is getting a good value if your security system can't protect you from the dangers that you need protection from?

Picking a security system is a truly tedious task, so we decided to offer help. Our researchers here at Home Alarm Report analyzed the Louisville, KY crime data to understand the biggest and most common security threats to Louisville, KY residents and also to find the alarm companies that offer features designed for preventing those dangers. After narrowing down the options to several alarm companies, they proceeded to measure the price and security value each company offers by comparing their key features and technology, equipment and plan pricing, and customer service quality. The results show that Simplisafe offers the best value, not only in terms of pricing but also in terms of offering the features most important to Louisville, KY residents. Overall, we've found that Simplisafe is the best alarm company for Louisville, KY residents.

You can read more about Simplisafe in our Simplisafe in-depth review or read about their pricing and deals here.

Best Option for Self-Installation Options

In speaking with Louisville, KY residents, we've found that consumers gravitate towards DIY installed security systems over systems that require professional installation. This isn't surprising because consumers nowadays want flexible and easy to expand security systems, which are exactly what self-installed systems offer. But with all the companies offering DIY installed security systems, how do you choose the best one for you?

One of the problems with self-installed systems is that you're mostly on your own in troubleshooting any problems with the installation you might encounter. However, a good company backs their products with high-quality customer support. With that being said, our recommendation goes to ADT as the best self-installed security systems provider in Louisville, KY. Not only does ADT have an accessible customer support, they also provide instruction videos, extremely helpful articles, and other online resources to help their customers set up their security systems.

The quickest way to get started with ADT is to visittheir website.

Best Option With Wireless Installation

For Louisville, KY residents, we recommend wireless security systems. The biggest advantage of wireless systems is their versatility. Because they're wireless, they are you can install them yourself and easily relocate them when the time comes for you to transfer to a new residence. They are also insusceptible to the vulnerabilities of wired systems. For example, there are no exposed wires to be cut that would disable a traditional system.

With the rise of wireless technology, more and more security companies are now switching to wireless systems. However, not all wireless systems are created equal. If you're deciding between companies that offer untethered security systems, there are other factors to give thought to. For example, some security systems are still difficult to install despite being wireless. There are also those that are wireless but don't have the right features. Having said that, we give our recommendation to Vivint to Louisville, KY residents.We recommend Vivint because of their excellent equipment quality, technology, and customer service. We also factored in the fact that they provide the best protection against the most common dangers in Louisville, KY. Our overall data analysis shows that they are most solid solution that provides wireless security systems in Louisville, KY.

If you want to learn more about Vivint, you may check out our full Vivint review or read about Vivint's pricing here.

Louisville is one of the manliest cities in the world. Muhammad Ali, one of the best boxers in the world was raised in the city. It is also home to the Kentucky Derby and 95% of the worlds bourbon comes from the Louisville area. I’m sure you’re already smelling tobacco and leather…but there’s more… the Louisville Slugger is from Louisville.

But Louisville is not all manly. It also hosts culture-rich events. The city is filled with art museums, theaters, a ballet center, and opera theaters. If you are planning to transplant to or within Louisville, we hope to help a little by providing crime stats, neighborhood safety information, and by recommending 4 top alarm companies that service the Louisville area.

Best Home Security System in Louisville

When picking a home security system in Louisville you have the option of selecting a national company or a local company. We’ll start with our national picks. Our top home alarm companies that cover the US are Frontpoint and Link. Bet you thought I would say ADT didn’t you? ADT is a good company but the overall service experience is historically and currently better with Frontpoint and Link. The difference is that Frontpoint and Link are wireless alarm companies. As they are wireless there is no drilling, no in-home sales call, and also no in-home installation. You can ask for a professional install from both companies, but more than likely you won’t need it. Frontpoint is very easy to install and Link is a little more difficult though still easy.

Since 2014, Frontpoint has been our top recommended home alarm company. You can view our stack rankings here.

Frontpoint Home Security
(844) 328-2882
Read Review

  • A+ BBB Rating
  • Angie’s List Super Service Award Winner
  • Home Automation

Link Interactive is also a solid nationwide option.
Read Review

  • A+ BBB Rating
  • Angie’s List Super Service Award Winner
  • Home Automation

Local Home Security System Providers

If you want to go local we recommend either Derby City or Care Security. Derby City Security Service focuses on value security. Their prices start at $29.95 which is most comparable to Link Interactive which starts at $30.99 per month.

Care Security and Monitoring does an in-home evaluation. While some prefer to shop on the internet, I know that some prefer an in-home visit when shopping home security. If that’s you, pick Care. Care offers 24/7 monitoring, remote tech support, email reports, and video monitoring.

Derby City Security Service
502- 364- 8879
Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau

Care Security and Monitoring
Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau

An Alarm Permit is required in Louisville. If you an add an alarm, please add a permit.

Police Crime Statistics

Louisville has one of the highest crime rates in Kentucky. Not surprising due to the size of the city.

  • Violent Crime in 2013: 1,753
  • Murder: 20
  • Aggravated Assault: 981
  • Rape: 74
  • Robbery: 678
  • Property Crime in 2013: 13,442
  • Burglary: 3,261
  • Theft: 9,275
  • Motor Vehicle Theft: 906
  • Arson: 105

Will I Be a Victim in Louisville?

Louisville is not a dangerous place but there is reason to be cautious. Compared to cities with similar populations, Louisville is close to average. The city is safer than 8% percent of all US cities.

  • Kentucky’s violent crime rate is 2.10 per 1,000 residents and the national median is 3.8. Louisville’s violent crime rate is higher at 5.93 violent crimes.
  • Property crimes are also high in Louisville. Per 1,000 residents, there are 44.87 property crimes. The national median is 27.3 while Kentucky as a whole has 23.63.
  • Louisville is a large city in land area. It also has a high crime rate per square mile. The national median is 37.9. Kentucky’s is lower than the median having only 31 crimes per square mile. But Louisville has a really high crime rate per square mile which reached 91 crimes in average.
  • There’s a 1 in 22 chance that you will be a victim of property crimes in Louisville. Way higher than Kentucky’s which is 1 in 42. Louisville is one of the most dangerous cities in Kentucky but Kentucky is a fairly safe state.

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Louisville

A well-known website listed the US’ most dangerous neighborhood, and on that list was E Breckinridge St., found in Louisville. The data was based on the Uniform Crime Report submitted by the city police to the FBI.

The local metro police state that the worst neighborhoods in Louisville are found in the fourth district, that is, from Smoketown to Old Louisville, through Churchill Downs, and down to the Beechmont area. The district also includes the Park Duvall neighborhoods.

Safest Neighborhoods in Louisville

  • Factory Lane / Old Henry Road
  • Distillery Cmns / Payne St.
  • Bardstown Road / Speed Ave
  • Wolf Pen Branch Road / Cherry Valley Road
  • Fisherville / Hopewell




Featured photo “Louisville, KY” by George Williams. Licensed under a CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 license.

Louisville Home Security Providers

Here is a complete list of providers available in Louisville:
ProviderHAR ScoreWebsiteInstall TypePhoneMonitoring TypeBusiness Service
Frontpoint8.7www.frontpointsecurity.comDIY(833) 606-4477ProfessionalYes
ADT9.4www.adt.comProfessional(844) 741-8968ProfessionalYes
Alder7.2www.alder.comDIY(866) 717-8611ProfessionalNo
Link Interactive8.5www.linkinteractive.comDIY(877) 826-5443ProfessionalNo
Brinks7.5brinkshome.comProfessional or DIY(866) 305-6806ProfessionalYes
Ring9.5ring.comDIY(800) 656-1918Professional or Self-MonitoredNo
Protect America7.8www.protectamerica.comDIY(800) 951-5111ProfessionalYes
Simplisafe8.5simplisafe.comProfessional or DIY(800) 297-1605Professional or Self-MonitoredNo
Vivint7.8www.vivint.comProfessional(801) 377-9111ProfessionalNo
abode7.5goabode.comProfessional or DIY(650) 443-7834Professional or Self-MonitoredNo
Xfinity Home Security8www.xfinity.comProfessional(877) 591-2503ProfessionalYes
Lifeshield7.5www.lifeshield.comProfessional or DIY(877) 632-7657ProfessionalNo
Swann7www.swann.com/usDIY(562) 906-3983Self-MonitoredNo
Fortress Security7.5www.fortresssecuritystore.comDIY(206) 981-5371Professional or Self-MonitoredNo
iSmartAlarm7www.ismartalarm.comDIY(408) 245-2551Self-MonitoredNo
My Alarm Center7.5myalarmcenter.comProfessional(855) 334-6562ProfessionalYes
Ooma8www.ooma.comDIY(888) 711-6662Self-MonitoredNo
LivSecure7.8www.livsecure.comDIY(844) 349-7233ProfessionalNo
Alarm Grid8.5www.alarmgrid.comDIY(888) 818-7728Professional or Self-MonitoredYes
Cove8.3www.covesmart.comDIY(855) 268-3669Professional or Self-MonitoredYes
Protection One7.3www.protection1.comProfessional(877) 776-1911ProfessionalYes
Centurylink7.5www.centurylink.comProfessional(888) 723-8010ProfessionalYes
AT&T Digital Life7.8my-digitallife.att.comProfessional(855) 288-2727ProfessionalNo
Vector Security7.8www.vectorsecurity.comProfessional(888) 832-8671ProfessionalYes
Scout Alarm7.3www.scoutalarm.comDIY(844) 287-2688Professional or Self-MonitoredNo
Uxari7.8uxari.comDIY(877) 877-9788ProfessionalNo
GetSafe8getsafe.comDIY(888) 799-6255ProfessionalNo
Alarm Relay8www.alarmrelay.comDIY(800) 624-6866ProfessionalNo