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Mississippi Home Security

Mississippi skyline

Mississippi has always been a bit of a mystery for people — except, of course, those who live there. Mississippi is one state full of character and history, with everything from thick and gorgeous bayous to bustling cities full of character and southern charm. Sure, Mississippi often gets overshadowed by its wild neighbor Louisiana, but the Magnolia State is far from one that should be ignored. For residents, the state provides some of the lowest crime rates in the country, and especially among southern states. Still, certain areas of Mississippi are far safe, making an investment in a good home security provider a necessity.

Mississippi Crime

So what does crime look like in Mississippi? Believe it or not, mostly good. As a whole, the state is sitting pretty. The property crime rate in Mississippi is slightly above the national average, but only slightly. You have a 1 in 35 chance of becoming a victim of a property crime in the state, which is better than neighboring Louisiana and Alabama.

The real trouble spots in the state, as with most states, are in the larger and more densely populated cities. Mississippi as a whole is fairly rural, with the largest city in the state, posting a fairly high property crime rate that’s about double that of the state as a whole.

Should You Trust Mississippi Home Security Providers?

Given the general need for home security in Mississippi, can one trust that the providers in the state are on the up and up? Thankfully, yes! Mississippi distinctly regulates home security providers . Mississippi even has a department set up specifically for electronic protection systems.

Businesses that want to sell home security systems must apply for a license, which involves a rather regulated and stringent process. That process includes obtaining and submitting fingerprints, submitting to a background check, proving that the company has a real address, showing documentation that the company is certified to conduct business in Mississippi, the purchase of a surety bond of at least $300,000, verification of successful coursework through the National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association and many, many more requirements. The requirements are extensive enough where one might even begin to feel sorry for a home security provider in the state. Don’t worry, that feeling will pass.

Mississippi is one of a select few states that really take home security seriously. You can rest easy knowing that your provider is an honest business. If they’re not? Well, they’ll soon find themselves out of business.

Erecting Home Security Cameras

Thinking of enjoying some fried catfish while watching your security cameras? You might want to ensure that those cameras are perfectly legal in your state first! Mississippi provides few worries on this end, making home security cameras perfectly legal for you.

From a general perspective, Mississippi has rather open and free laws regarding home security cameras. The state operates using the “one-party consent” rule, meaning you cannot record someone (audio only) unless at least one person involved in that communication agrees to it.

According to Mississippi law, any business installing security cameras must be licensed. This creates a bit of a murky scenario, as it raises questions as to whether individuals can install their own cameras, or cameras for others, without a license. For the purpose of safety and staying on the right side of the law, it’s best to consider following a few steps on this end:

  • Only install your own home security cameras.
  • Avoid installing cameras that record in private locations, such as bathrooms.
  • Make sure any outdoor cameras point toward your own property
  • Inquire with your local municipality about specific rules and regulations

Safety During Natural Disasters

Given its location, Mississippi tends to avoid a good number of natural disasters. You certainly won’t find any blizzards or major snow storms here, even during the winter. Earthquakes are certainly rare, and even tornadoes rarely make a touchdown in many parts of the state.

However, there’s one thing that many Mississippians can and do fear: floods. The Mississippi River doesn’t share the state’s name without reason. The massive river runs right along the state’s western border.

Living in the Mississippi river delta can be a joy and a curse. The mighty Mississippi is a magnificent wonder to behold — but it can also create a problem for anyone living within the area when heavy rains hit. Across the state, many other rivers and streams flow right past homes and bridges, making the state a danger zone for a lot of people.

If you do decide to call Mississippi home, make sure you invest in flood protection and take precautions. This should include examining the roads in your area and finding a good escape route should flood waters start pouring in. Make sure you know where major rivers and streams are located and which direction those flood waters might start coming from. You will also need to invest in emergency supplies, including spare bottles of water, extra clothing, backup batteries, and perhaps even a small boat.

Remember: flood waters can move quickly and will show no mercy. Homes can quickly become deluged, and many people drown while trying to save possessions that they really should just leave behind. Always preserve your life first, moving to higher ground or the top parts of your house if you can should you get trapped indoors.

Home security in Mississippi is refreshingly solid. The state significantly regulates providers, while perhaps adding a few headaches for homeowners in the process. Still, you won’t find too many complaints from Mississippi residents. There’s nothing better than being able to sleep soundly at night, even with a few alligators roaming around outdoors.

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