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Nebraska Home Security

Nebraska skyline

It’s easy to confuse Nebraska with the very heart of America. After all, the state is not only well within what’s traditionally known as “America’s Heartland,” some might actually consider it the definitive heartland state. Nebraska has everything one might expect from the plains region: vibrant farmlands, excellent music, a food culture that’s to die for, and of course, an impassioned love of sports. It’s no wonder that Business Insider pointed out that, The Heartland Will Become The Best Place To Live In America.

Among Heartland states, Nebraska is indeed one of the most popular — although perhaps not the most populous. Nebraska has a relatively small population size, sitting under 2 million people, just above Idaho. As with most rural states, however, pockets of population density crisscross the state, which also means your average Nebraskan is neither alone in the wilderness, nor fully safe amongst their fellow humans.

While as a whole Nebraska has a lower rate of property crimes than the U.S. average, bigger cities, such as Omaha, Grand Island, and Lincoln, have property crime rates that are above the state and national averages. For those in the larger cities, in particular, finding a good home security provider is important.

Home Security Provider Requirements for Nebraska

If you really dig Nebraska, you might not dig this fact so much: Nebraska only marginally regulates home security providers in the state. That “marginal” regulation mostly exists as it pertains to performing electrical work. Currently, home security providers that perform the installation for security systems must have licensed electricians performing the work. Interestingly, there are actually some limitations on this end as well.

While the general electricians license will work for this purpose, it won’t hold for anyone who wants to install branch circuits conductors. This may or may not be a limitation to your home security provider, although chances are it won’t be a problem.

If you’re really hoping to find some good monitoring of your monitoring company, you’ll need to look at the city level. Different cities in the state have various requirements for both home security providers and those who put home security systems in their home. In Lincoln, for example, both providers and users must register the alarm with the city.

Yes, Lincoln, the state and other cities, in general, are concerned with proper business practices. However, you’ll be hard-pressed to find security company regulations on the books. This means you won’t be able to have any certainty that the company you’re looking at is on the up and up regarding its hiring practices or how it handles its business in general. For your best results, you’ll need to find reputable companies or even lean toward a wireless system that you install yourself.

Using Home Security Cameras in Nebraska

Considering Nebraska doesn’t protect home security users beyond the standard business practice laws, you may be wondering how they treat your average homeowner or renter. Thankfully, the state is more than reasonable on this end. Just as home security providers are only marginally restricted in their practices, citizens are also only slightly restricted. This holds true for home security cameras.

Can you put up security cameras in Nebraska? You bet. You’ll just need to stay on the right side of Nebraska’s Revised Statute 28-311.08. This statute deals with unlawful recording, and prohibits the recording of individuals in a state of undress, in situations where they have a reasonable expectation of privacy. This means that someone who decides to skinny dip in your pool won’t have that expectation of privacy, but your neighbor will certainly have that expectation in their own home.

To stay on the right side of Nebraska’s recording laws is a simple matter: Keep your security cameras pointed away from neighboring homes, and do not place security cameras in your house where someone might expect privacy. If you have security cameras in your bedrooms, you’ll also want to make sure that you turn those off if you have guests using and changing in those rooms. Beyond that, enjoy putting up all the security cameras your internet bandwidth can tolerate!

Safety During Natural Disasters

Unfortunately for Nebraska, it’s sitting not only in America’s Heartland but also the heart of tornado country. Dorothy may have thought there was no place like home (in Kansas), but the poor Wizard of Oz actually called Omaha, Nebraska his home town. To avoid getting sucked up into the land of Oz, you’ll want to take a few, key precautions while living and working in Nebraska.

Many people in Nebraska invest in tornado shelters or storm safe rooms. You’ll also want to invest in emergency supplies, such as food, water, and a generator. Tornados often result in power outages that can last for days, particularly given the strength of the storms.

If you do find a tornado warning has been issued for your area, get to a shelter, stay inside. Find a safe place in your home on a lower level or basement. Move to a room without windows or with few windows, and hide under and behind a heavy object that can protect you from flying debris.

Nebraska remains one of the safest states in the country. Home security providers may have few requirements on how they run their business, but that shouldn’t stop you from purchasing a home security system. With a bit of knowledge, you can easily keep your provider accountable — and still have time to enjoy a good Cornhuskers game or two.

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