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Best Syracuse, New York Home Security & Alarm Companies 2023

Here's what we found when we analyzed home security providers and crime data in Syracuse

Recommended Home Security Providers in Syracuse

Best Value
  • Fire Protection
  • Options with Video Cameras
  • Known for reliable response time
  • Ideal to protect against fire incidents
Best Wireless Install
  • Pro. Install
  • Fire Protection
  • Ideal for Regions with High Property Crime
  • Simple Professional Install
  • Great overall value for your money
Best DIY Install
  • Wireless Install
  • Several Home Automation Offerings
  • Has no contract plans
  • Ideal for Regions with High Violent Crime

Our Analysis of Safety in Syracuse

The rate of crime in Syracuse is fairlyabove average, with 41.11 incidents for every one thousand residents. When measured against other U.S. cities, the city ranks in the 61st percentile for highest crime rates, placing it in the second-highest tier.

The better part of criminality is property crime, including burglary, larceny-theft, motor vehicle theft, and arson. In Syracuse, homicide offenses are the most common incidents against individuals. arson is the city’s most frequently occurring property crime.

Property-related offenses are quiteabove average in Syracuse. 36.05 property incidents occur for every one thousand citizens each year, placing the city in the 67th percentile. The city’s fairlyabove average property crime is strikingly lopsided when measured against New York — and the U.S. across the nation. Syracuse is more suceptible to property-related crimes than 102% of New York counties and 143% of counties in the nation.

Syracuse experiences quitehigh person crime — the city places in the 72nd percentile for incidents against individuals. For every one thousand residents, there are about 5.07 crimes against people. In particular, Syracuse's rates are remarkably disproportionate to crime levels in the state of New York; they do, however, not diverge significantly from national crime rates. Syracuse's quitehigh person-related crime rates are reflective of those throughout the state of New York and with estimates across the nation.

Besides crime rates, the rate of criminality is an additional barometer of safety. Syracuse has fairlyhigh crime frequency, with 0.67 offenses occurring every hour. A crime occurs every 89 minutes in Syracuse. Specifically, a property incident occurs every 102 minutes and offenses against people occur about once every 12 hours.

In spite of quitehigh crime levels, Syracuse provides a relatively standard law enforcement presence. Syracuse has a typical officer-to-civilian ratio, with 3.46 law enforcement officers per 1,000 residents. That's one officer to guard 289 residents.

Data sourced from FBI Uniform Crime Reporting, 2017 (last available dataset)
Top 40% Percentile
Top 20% Percentile
Top 20% Percentile
Top 20% Percentile

Recommended Option for Overall Value

When deciding between home security companies, most people will tell you that the customer service, pricing, and features are the most important things they base their decisions on. Although we agree with them, we believe that the key to choosing which is the best alarm company for you is analyzing and comparing those factors collectively instead of individually. Doing so enables you to find a company that offers the highest value.

We did such analysis on the companies that offer services in Syracuse, NY, and after long hours of comparing them, we've come to the conclusion that Link Interactive offers the best security value to their customers for their price. In our analysis, we factored in their pricing, the features they offer, their flexibility when it comes to monitoring plans, and how well they treat their customers.

To get a quote from Link Interactive, we recommend getting in touch with a Link Interactive security expert by visiting their website.

Great Wireless Installation

Choosing a security system is is a daunting task. There's a lot of options to choose from even in Syracuse, NY alone. Most consumers decide which alarm company is for them by comparing pricing and features. However, with all the options available, it could take you days to make a decision. With that in mind, we at Home Alarm Report did our own extensive research on the companies that offer their services in Syracuse, NY and found that wireless security systems are the best for Syracuse, NY residents.

To help you further narrow down the list, we looked at the features of the top companies offering wireless systems and studied how well they can protect you from the commonly committed crimes in Syracuse, NY. After doing this type of analysis, our results show that Vivint gives the highest-level of protection to their customers in Syracuse, NY. Our findings were further confirmed by user reviews from Vivint customers in Syracuse, NY. Overall, customers are happy about the services provided by Vivint.

If you wish to read more about Vivint, you can check out our in-depth Vivint review. If planning on setting up service with them, we've found that the fastest way is to speak directly with a sales expert by calling (844) 746-2467 or you can head over to the Vivint website.

Recommended Option for Self-Install Options

While there are many benefits to having your security system installed by a trained technician, most customers today lean towards the flexibility and expandability of DIY installed security systems. For one, most DIY systems are wireless, giving the experience of a hassle-free and wire-free installation. DIY systems are also easier to expand because you can buy new security products anytime and add it to your system without paying your alarm company to do the installation. Finally, DIYers enjoy being able to control exactly where to set up their sensors.

In Syracuse, NY, there's an endless selection of security companies that offer DIY installed security systems, which makes the process of choosing an alarm company all the more daunting. But don't fret; if you're looking for a trusted security company with self-installed security systems, we recommend Simplisafe. Among the companies offering DIY security systems in Syracuse, NY, Simplisafe has one of the most accessible customer service. This is paramount because when dealing with self-installed systems, it's easy to feel like you're on your own. With Simplisafe, a team of well-trained customer support agents are only one call away if you need them. Simplisafe also has rich online resources specifically made for DIYers trying to install their security systems on their own.

Our recommendation for Simplisafe is further backed up by the fact that their security system is extremely easy to install, that they have top-notch equipment, and that they offer an industry-best monitoring service. They also have a competitive pricing structure and they often run promotions and offer high-value deals. Overall, Simplisafe is the strongest option for consumers looking for a DIY installed security system, especially in Syracuse, NY.

If you're ready to set up your security system with Simplisafe, you may speak to one of their security experts by calling (844) 725-9572 or you can visit their website.

Syracuse Home Security Providers

Here is a complete list of providers available in Syracuse:
ProviderHAR ScoreWebsiteInstall TypePhoneMonitoring TypeBusiness Service
Frontpoint8.7www.frontpointsecurity.comDIY(833) 606-4477ProfessionalYes
ADT9.4www.adt.comProfessional(844) 741-8968ProfessionalYes
Alder7.2www.alder.comDIY(866) 717-8611ProfessionalNo
Link Interactive8.5www.linkinteractive.comDIY(877) 826-5443ProfessionalNo
Brinks7.5brinkshome.comProfessional or DIY(866) 305-6806ProfessionalYes
Ring9.5ring.comDIY(800) 656-1918Professional or Self-MonitoredNo
Protect America7.8www.protectamerica.comDIY(800) 951-5111ProfessionalYes
Simplisafe8.5simplisafe.comProfessional or DIY(800) 297-1605Professional or Self-MonitoredNo
Vivint7.8www.vivint.comProfessional(801) 377-9111ProfessionalNo
abode7.5goabode.comProfessional or DIY(650) 443-7834Professional or Self-MonitoredNo
Lifeshield7.5www.lifeshield.comProfessional or DIY(877) 632-7657ProfessionalNo
Swann7www.swann.com/usDIY(562) 906-3983Self-MonitoredNo
Fortress Security7.5www.fortresssecuritystore.comDIY(206) 981-5371Professional or Self-MonitoredNo
iSmartAlarm7www.ismartalarm.comDIY(408) 245-2551Self-MonitoredNo
My Alarm Center7.5myalarmcenter.comProfessional(855) 334-6562ProfessionalYes
Ooma8www.ooma.comDIY(888) 711-6662Self-MonitoredNo
LivSecure7.8www.livsecure.comDIY(844) 349-7233ProfessionalNo
Alarm Grid8.5www.alarmgrid.comDIY(888) 818-7728Professional or Self-MonitoredYes
Cove8.3www.covesmart.comDIY(855) 268-3669Professional or Self-MonitoredYes
Protection One7.3www.protection1.comProfessional(877) 776-1911ProfessionalYes
American Defense Systems7.8www.americandefensesystems.comProfessional(800) 610-2134ProfessionalNo
Centurylink7.5www.centurylink.comProfessional(888) 723-8010ProfessionalYes
Vector Security7.8www.vectorsecurity.comProfessional(888) 832-8671ProfessionalYes
Scout Alarm7.3www.scoutalarm.comDIY(844) 287-2688Professional or Self-MonitoredNo
Uxari7.8uxari.comDIY(877) 877-9788ProfessionalNo
GetSafe8getsafe.comDIY(888) 799-6255ProfessionalNo
Alarm Relay8www.alarmrelay.comDIY(800) 624-6866ProfessionalNo
Slomin's7.4www.slomins.comProfessional(800) 252-7663ProfessionalYes