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Best Raleigh, North Carolina Home Security & Alarm Companies 2023

Here's what we found when we analyzed home security providers and crime data in Raleigh

Recommended Home Security Providers in Raleigh

Best Integration Options
  • Pro. Install
  • Video Monitoring
  • Recommended to protect against fire incidents
  • Recommended for Regions with High Violent Crime
  • Plans with Video Cameras
Best Value
  • Video Monitoring
  • Video Monitoring
  • Known for quick response time
  • Known for responsive customer support
  • Great Home Automation Offerings
Best Wireless Install
  • No-Contract
  • Wireless Install
  • Includes top-tier integration options
  • Offers no contract plans
  • High-quality Professional Install

Our Analysis of Safety in Raleigh


The predominant part of criminality is unknown crime, including [breakdown for unknown]. In undefined, unknown are the most common offenses against people. unknown is the city’s most numerous property crime.

undefined's extremely below average person-related crime rates are reflective of those throughout the state of North Carolina and with estimates across the nation.

Beyond crime rates, crimes per hour is an additional consequential safety index. undefined has extremely low crime frequency, with NaN offenses taking place every hour. A crime occurs every NaN minutes in undefined. Specifically, a property offense happens every NaN minutes and crimes against people occur roughly once every NaN minutes.

Data sourced from FBI Uniform Crime Reporting, 2017 (last available dataset)

Best Provider for Integration Options

When it comes to integrations, we couldn't think of any alarm company that can match the how well ADT integrates with third-party smart home and home security brands. For this reason, we're giving our recommendation to ADT as the best alarm company with integrations in Raleigh, NC.

While it's true that integrations isn't one of the first things customers usually look for when choosing a security company, it is an important factor that can affect your overall user experience. Basically, a security system with integrations is more flexible and secure than systems without integrations because it lets you expand your security system without being limited by what your alarm company offers. As an example, with a well-integrated system, you'll most likely have the option to use better smart home products from a compatible brand instead of settling on what the alarm company offers. This is only one of the many benefits ADT customers enjoy from their integrated security systems.

To get started with ADT service, visit their website and get an online quote.

Best Provider for Overall Value

When comparing home security companies, most people will tell you that the customer service, pricing, and features are the most important things they look at. Although that is true, we believe that the key to choosing the best alarm company for you is looking at those factors collectively instead of individually. Doing so allows you to find a company that offers the best value.

We did such analysis on the companies offering services in Raleigh, NC, and after extensively comparing them, we've concluded that Brinks has the best value for their price. In our analysis, we factored in their pricing, the features they offer, how flexible they are when it comes to monitoring plans, and how well they treat their customers.

To get started with Brinks, we recommend getting in touch with a Brinks security expert by visiting their website.

Recommended for their Wireless Setup

For residents of Raleigh, NC, we recommend wireless security systems. The biggest advantage of wireless systems is their versatility. Because they're wireless, they are easy to install, move, and expand. They are also insusceptible to the vulnerabilities of wired systems. For example, there are no exposed wires to be cut that would render a wired system useless.

With the advent of wireless technology, more and more security companies now prefer wireless systems over hardwired ones. However, not all of them offer the same kind of protection. If you're deciding between companies that provide untethered security systems, there are other factors to give thought to. As an example, there are alarm systems that are hard to set up despite being wireless. There are also those that are wireless but don't provide the type of protection you need. Having said that, we give our recommendation to Simplisafe to Raleigh, NC residents.We based our recommendation on the quality of the hardware that Simplisafe offers, their features, and the quality of service they provide to their customers in Raleigh, NC. We also factored in the fact that they provide the best protection against the most common dangers in Raleigh, NC. Our overall data analysis shows that they are most solid solution that provides wireless security systems in Raleigh, NC.

For more information about Simplisafe's features and why we recommend them, we suggest giving our in-depth Simplisafe review a good read. If you wish to set up a system from them, the easiest way is to call them here: (844) 725-9572.

Raleigh Home Security Providers

Here is a complete list of providers available in Raleigh:
ProviderHAR ScoreWebsiteInstall TypePhoneMonitoring TypeBusiness Service
Frontpoint8.7www.frontpointsecurity.comDIY(833) 606-4477ProfessionalYes
ADT9.4www.adt.comProfessional(844) 741-8968ProfessionalYes
Alder7.2www.alder.comDIY(866) 717-8611ProfessionalNo
Link Interactive8.5www.linkinteractive.comDIY(877) 826-5443ProfessionalNo
Brinks7.5brinkshome.comProfessional or DIY(866) 305-6806ProfessionalYes
Ring9.5ring.comDIY(800) 656-1918Professional or Self-MonitoredNo
Protect America7.8www.protectamerica.comDIY(800) 951-5111ProfessionalYes
Simplisafe8.5simplisafe.comProfessional or DIY(800) 297-1605Professional or Self-MonitoredNo
Guardian Protection Services7.3www.guardianprotection.comProfessional(800) 857-5028ProfessionalYes
Vivint7.8www.vivint.comProfessional(801) 377-9111ProfessionalNo
abode7.5goabode.comProfessional or DIY(650) 443-7834Professional or Self-MonitoredNo
Lifeshield7.5www.lifeshield.comProfessional or DIY(877) 632-7657ProfessionalNo
Swann7www.swann.com/usDIY(562) 906-3983Self-MonitoredNo
Fortress Security7.5www.fortresssecuritystore.comDIY(206) 981-5371Professional or Self-MonitoredNo
iSmartAlarm7www.ismartalarm.comDIY(408) 245-2551Self-MonitoredNo
My Alarm Center7.5myalarmcenter.comProfessional(855) 334-6562ProfessionalYes
Ooma8www.ooma.comDIY(888) 711-6662Self-MonitoredNo
LivSecure7.8www.livsecure.comDIY(844) 349-7233ProfessionalNo
Alarm Grid8.5www.alarmgrid.comDIY(888) 818-7728Professional or Self-MonitoredYes
Cove8.3www.covesmart.comDIY(855) 268-3669Professional or Self-MonitoredYes
Protection One7.3www.protection1.comProfessional(877) 776-1911ProfessionalYes
American Defense Systems7.8www.americandefensesystems.comProfessional(800) 610-2134ProfessionalNo
Centurylink7.5www.centurylink.comProfessional(888) 723-8010ProfessionalYes
AT&T Digital Life7.8my-digitallife.att.comProfessional(855) 288-2727ProfessionalNo
Vector Security7.8www.vectorsecurity.comProfessional(888) 832-8671ProfessionalYes
Cox Homelife8.5www.cox.com/residential/homelife.htmlProfessional(855) 446-5970ProfessionalYes
Scout Alarm7.3www.scoutalarm.comDIY(844) 287-2688Professional or Self-MonitoredNo
Uxari7.8uxari.comDIY(877) 877-9788ProfessionalNo
GetSafe8getsafe.comDIY(888) 799-6255ProfessionalNo
Alarm Relay8www.alarmrelay.comDIY(800) 624-6866ProfessionalNo
CPI Security7cpisecurity.comProfessional(855) 274-0208ProfessionalYes