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Best Toledo, Ohio Home Security & Alarm Companies 2023

Here's what we found when we analyzed home security providers and crime data in Toledo

Recommended Home Security Providers in Toledo

Best Professional Install
  • Wireless Install
  • Ideal to protect against fire threats
  • Great Option for Renters
  • Options with Video Cameras
Best DIY Install
  • Wireless Install
  • Straightforward Professional Install
  • Known for reliable response time
  • Ideal in Regions with High Violent Crime
Best Value
  • Video Monitoring
  • Has several integration options
  • Has no contract options
  • Ideal in Regions with High Property Crime

Our Analysis of Safety in Toledo


The greater part of criminal activity is unknown crime, including [breakdown for unknown]. In undefined, unknown are the most recurrent incidents against persons. unknown is the city’s most commonly occurring property crime.

undefined's extremely below average person-related crime rates are reflective of those throughout the state of Ohio and with estimates across the nation.

Aside from crimes per capita, crime frequency is an additional barometer of safety. undefined has extremely below average crime frequency, with NaN offenses taking place every hour. A crime occurs every NaN minutes in undefined. Specifically, a property incident takes place every NaN minutes and offenses against people occur approximately once every NaN minutes.

Data sourced from FBI Uniform Crime Reporting, 2017 (last available dataset)

Great Professional Installation

For residents living in Toledo, OH, companies that offer professional installation are most ideal. Professional installation has many advantages, one of which is that it ensures your system is running smoothly. Usually, a team of professional installers visits the consumer's address, installs the entire security system, and even teaches the end-user how to operate the system..

Although there are more than a few companies that provide professional installation services, not all of them are recommended. The entire experience is reliant on the installers themselves. Some security companies hire third-party technicians, which often leads to subpar installation. The ideal security company employs and trains their own technician and holds themselves accountable for the entire setup experience.

Of course, installation is just the start of your overall home security experience, so it's a must that you look beyond just the quality of a company's professional installation service. You should consider the features, the cost of the system, and overall customer experience. It's also of utmost importance that you ensure that a company is committed to stopping the most common types of crime in your area. Based on the data we gathered about crimes in Toledo, OH, we determined that Vivint is the best option in Toledo, OH that offers professional installation.

For more information about Vivint, you may read our in-depth Vivint review here. You may also get in touch with them directly by calling (844) 746-2467.

Recommended Option for Self-Install Options

While there are many benefits to having your security system installed by a trained technician, most consumers today lean towards the flexibility and expandability of DIY installed security systems. For one, most DIY systems are wireless, giving the experience of a hassle-free and wire-free installation. Self-installed security systems are also easier to customize because you can buy new security products anytime and add it to your system without hiring a technician to do the installation. Finally, DIYers enjoy being able to control exactly where security devices should be set up.

In Toledo, OH, there's an increasing number of security companies that offer DIY installed security systems, making the process of choosing an alarm company even harder. But don't fret; if you're looking for a reputable alarm company that offers self-installed security systems, we recommend Simplisafe. Among the companies offering DIY security systems in Toledo, OH, the customer service of Simplisafe is one of the most responsive. This is important because when dealing with self-installed systems, it's easy to feel like you're on your own. With Simplisafe, a team of well-trained customer support agents are only one call away if you need them. Simplisafe also offers detailed online resources specifically made for DIYers trying to install their security systems on their own.

Our recommendation for Simplisafe is further strengthened by the fact that their security system is extremely easy to install, that they have top-notch equipment, and that they do well in offering monitoring services. Their pricing is also among the most competitive in the security industry. Overall, Simplisafe is the strongest option for consumers looking for a DIY installed security system, especially in Toledo, OH.

To find out more about Simplisafe, you can [!link!] or check out their deals and pricing here.

Recommended Option for Overall Value

There is a myriad of alarm companies, from big companies to local dealers, offering services in Toledo, OH, which makes choosing the best one for your home a tough call. The good news is, you don't have to do endless hours of research in order to make a good decision, because we've already done the research for you. After comparing alarm companies in Toledo, OH, we've selected Brinks as the best option for a couple of reasons.

Our first reason is that they are one of the few companies that offer features capable of protecting their Toledo, OH customers from the most common dangers occurring in the city. Our selection process involved gathering and studying Toledo, OH crime data and understanding what dangers to security are often faced by Toledo, OH residents. Using the data we gathered, we determined which security features are the most effective in mitigating such threats. We also looked into which alarm companies offer such features.

After doing this type of analysis, we further narrowed down the options by comparing the pricing and features of the selected companies and determining which one of them offers the highest value for their price. The company that came out on top was Brinks. This led us to the second reason that we recommend Brinks: Because Brinks has the best value among the alarm companies in Toledo, OH.

To set up service with Brinks, visit their website and answer a few standard questions.

Toledoans are sometimes described as the “salt of the earth” because of their simple and welcoming nature. Friendly neighbors, approachable strangers, and welcoming hosts are only some of what you’ll see in one of Ohio’s largest cities.

But no matter how welcoming you are, there are people you shouldn’t let in—burglars included. How will you keep them out?

Best National Home Alarm Companies in Toledo

There are plenty of national home alarm companies to choose from, but there are only a few we can recommend. Protect America and Frontpoint are examples.

Protect America is one of our favorites because they offer a flexible approach to home security. You may choose to use their equipment or to have them monitor your existing security system. Also, it’s up to you to decide whether you want them to monitor your system using a landline, the internet, or using a cellular signal.

Landline is the cheapest method for monitoring, but it is also the least secure, as wires can be cut to deactivate your system. That said, we recommend cellular monitoring. The problem is, adding a cellular chip to your system isn’t cheap. The monitoring cost jumps from $19.99/month (entry level; landline) to $41.99/month (entry level; cellular). But of course there are benefits: you won’t have to pay for a phone line, your system will transmit data faster, be less susceptible to brownouts, and cannot be disconnected using a pair of wire cutters.

Protect America also offers home automation. If you’re paying for cellular or broadband monitoring, you will gain access to home automation services. The bad news is you’ll have to pay an extra $10 per month to add video monitoring. Also, their home automation app SMART Connect isn’t rated highly by users.

One potential downside is that Protect America doesn’t include fire monitoring unless you are willing to pay an extra $9.99/month. You can learn more here.

With Frontpoint, all of their plans include cellular monitoring and fire protection. Frontpoint’s entry level monitoring plan costs $34.99/month. Upgrading your monitoring plan adds more features. For example, upgrading to the Interactive or Ultimate plan unlocks Crash & Smash Protection, a technology patented by Alarm.com. With it, the monitoring center will be notified when a burglar or fire destroys your control panel. Both plans will also give you access to automation features. The Interactive plan will allow you to control your system via your smartphone and add some smart home gadgets. The Ultimate plan will let you add and monitor security cameras.

Frontpoint gains the upper hand when it comes to customer service. They are men and women of their word. Unlike other security companies, the price they tell you will be the price you pay—no hidden charges. Also, they are friendly and usually helpful when it comes to troubleshooting or helping you out with your system.

Local Home Alarm Companies

Guardian Alarm has branches all over Michigan, Ohio, and some parts of Florida. They offer residential and commercial security systems, security guard services, and life safety solutions.

Their residential monitoring plans are a little pricier than Frontpoint, but the features are similar. Their basic plan ($42.95) includes monitoring with cellular backup. Their standard ($49.95) plan adds internet monitoring, smartphone control, and life safety monitoring. Their most expensive plan ($59.95) adds home automation and energy management.

If you sign up for any of these plans, you will be given free equipment: a touchscreen keypad, 3 contact sensors, a wireless remote, a pet sensitive motion sensor, a siren, a yard sign and decals. You can also add more equipment if needed.

Crime In Toledo

Toledo only submits burglary and vehicle theft data to the FBI, so there’s no way of knowing the city’s actual property crime rate. There was a reported total of 4,714 burglaries in the city last year. That’s 16.77 burglaries per 1,000 residents, which is alarmingly high. Even without the data on theft, there’s still a 1 in 49.54 chance a resident of Toledo will become a victim of either burglary or motor vehicle theft.

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods

  • Western Ave/Curtis St.
  • Monroe St. & N. Erie
  • N. Detroit Ave & Lagrange
  • Buckeye St. & Champlain St.
  • Lagrange & Water St.

Safest Neighborhoods

  • North Mccord Rd/West Central Avenue
  • Chettenham Rd/Kenwood Blvd
  • South Byrne Rd/Glendale Ave
  • South Detroit Ave/Copland Blvd
  • Flanders Rd/West Alexis Rd

So what do you think Toledo? How do you plan to stay safe?

Featured photo: Warehouse South Heron – 02 by Austin Beeman used under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

Toledo Home Security Providers

Here is a complete list of providers available in Toledo:
ProviderHAR ScoreWebsiteInstall TypePhoneMonitoring TypeBusiness Service
Frontpoint8.7www.frontpointsecurity.comDIY(833) 606-4477ProfessionalYes
ADT9.4www.adt.comProfessional(844) 741-8968ProfessionalYes
Alder7.2www.alder.comDIY(866) 717-8611ProfessionalNo
Link Interactive8.5www.linkinteractive.comDIY(877) 826-5443ProfessionalNo
Brinks7.5brinkshome.comProfessional or DIY(866) 305-6806ProfessionalYes
Ring9.5ring.comDIY(800) 656-1918Professional or Self-MonitoredNo
Protect America7.8www.protectamerica.comDIY(800) 951-5111ProfessionalYes
Simplisafe8.5simplisafe.comProfessional or DIY(800) 297-1605Professional or Self-MonitoredNo
Guardian Protection Services7.3www.guardianprotection.comProfessional(800) 857-5028ProfessionalYes
Vivint7.8www.vivint.comProfessional(801) 377-9111ProfessionalNo
abode7.5goabode.comProfessional or DIY(650) 443-7834Professional or Self-MonitoredNo
Xfinity Home Security8www.xfinity.comProfessional(877) 591-2503ProfessionalYes
Lifeshield7.5www.lifeshield.comProfessional or DIY(877) 632-7657ProfessionalNo
Swann7www.swann.com/usDIY(562) 906-3983Self-MonitoredNo
Fortress Security7.5www.fortresssecuritystore.comDIY(206) 981-5371Professional or Self-MonitoredNo
iSmartAlarm7www.ismartalarm.comDIY(408) 245-2551Self-MonitoredNo
My Alarm Center7.5myalarmcenter.comProfessional(855) 334-6562ProfessionalYes
Ooma8www.ooma.comDIY(888) 711-6662Self-MonitoredNo
LivSecure7.8www.livsecure.comDIY(844) 349-7233ProfessionalNo
Alarm Grid8.5www.alarmgrid.comDIY(888) 818-7728Professional or Self-MonitoredYes
Cove8.3www.covesmart.comDIY(855) 268-3669Professional or Self-MonitoredYes
Protection One7.3www.protection1.comProfessional(877) 776-1911ProfessionalYes
Centurylink7.5www.centurylink.comProfessional(888) 723-8010ProfessionalYes
AT&T Digital Life7.8my-digitallife.att.comProfessional(855) 288-2727ProfessionalNo
Vector Security7.8www.vectorsecurity.comProfessional(888) 832-8671ProfessionalYes
Cox Homelife8.5www.cox.com/residential/homelife.htmlProfessional(855) 446-5970ProfessionalYes
Scout Alarm7.3www.scoutalarm.comDIY(844) 287-2688Professional or Self-MonitoredNo
Uxari7.8uxari.comDIY(877) 877-9788ProfessionalNo
GetSafe8getsafe.comDIY(888) 799-6255ProfessionalNo
Alarm Relay8www.alarmrelay.comDIY(800) 624-6866ProfessionalNo