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Wyoming Home Security

Devils Tower in Wyoming

When you combine a vast landscape with a small population, you get America’s largest playground for nature lovers: Wyoming.

Wyoming is known for its world-famous landmarks and outdoor activities. There’s the Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, Jackson Hole, and the Old Faithful Geyser. If you’re a little more adventurous, you can go skiing, fishing in the Green River, hunting, or simply enjoy a good hike up one of Wyoming’s many trails. Or if you’re (as Garth Brooks sang) a fan of the sport with bulls and blood, dust and mud, and a roaring Sunday crowd, you’re in for a treat! Wyoming hosts some of the largest rodeo events in the country, such as the annual Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo.

Though there are plenty of reasons to leave the house in Wyoming, you should do so without fear. Fortunately, property crime isn’t a problem in Wyoming. The average property crime rate in Wyoming is 19 crimes per 1,000 residents, lower than the national median of 26 crimes per 1,000 residents. Could it be because burglars are afraid to enter homes, knowing that the Cowboy State has the highest gun ownership per capita in the country? Perhaps or perhaps it’s the state’s low population density. But while you’re spending most of your days outdoors, it can’t hurt to secure your home with a security system.

Security System Provider Requirements in Wyoming

Choosing an alarm company can be overwhelming. You have to compare the features, pricing, and even the reputation of your prospective alarm companies. But while you’re doing so, don’t forget to check whether or not they meet the requirements set by your state.

Wyoming has rules in place to regulate the operation of alarm companies. Unlike other states, however, Wyoming’s regulations only cover the installation, maintenance, and service repairs of alarm systems. According to the Wyoming Electrical Board Rules and Regulations, installation, maintenance, and repairs must be done by someone who meets one of the below criteria:

  • Licensed Master Electrician
  • Licensed Journeyman
  • Licensed Low Voltage Technician
  • Apprentice Electrician supervised by a Master or Journeyman Electrician

This regulation means that installation of alarm systems must only be done by licensed technicians. It protects customers from possible damages or faulty installations caused by untrained technicians. It also ensures that your alarm system follows the electrical codes set by the government.

What if an alarm company sends an unlicensed technician to your home? How do you know if that tech is licensed or not? In Wyoming, an electrician license is statewide, and the easiest way to verify a license is by calling the licensing board (307)-777-7288. If a violation occurs, you can report it to the Wyoming Department of Fire Prevention and Electrical Safety.

Security Cameras in Wyoming

Another way to add protection to your home is by installing a security camera.

In Wyoming, cameras must not be used to invade someone else’s privacy. The Video Voyeurism Code prohibits the use of any recording device where and when a person reasonably expects privacy. For example, everyone expects privacy while in the bedroom, so placing a security camera there is a no-no.

What about installing cameras in places that don’t violate the Video Voyeurism Code? This is where the second regulation steps in. There’s a federal law called the “Wiretap Law”. According to this law, one must not record a conversation without the permission of at least one party involved, or in other states, both parties. Wyoming is a “one party consent” state. As most cameras today record video and AUDIO, you must be careful when placing security cameras. If unavoidable, use a sign that informs people that they are being recorded.

A good practice to determine where to place a security camera is to take a quick pulse check. Ask yourself, “Am I with comfortable being filmed in this room?”. If your answer is yes, then your camera placement is most likely fine. If your answer is no, play it safe and put it elsewhere.

Safety During Natural Disasters

Fortunately for Wyomingites, the Cowboy State is one of the few nature-rich states that isn’t prone to natural disasters. Yes, there are volcanoes near Wyoming. And yes, earthquakes occur around Yellowstone, but most of them are minor.

The disasters Wyomingites must prepare for, according to >a href=”http://www.usa.com/wyoming-state-natural-disasters-extremes.htm” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>USA.com‘s data, are hailstorms and winter storms.

Hailstorms can cause tremendous property damage and injury. When hail is forecasted, you should immediately close your windows, drapes, and lock your doors. During a hailstorm, do not go outside. Hail stones can crash through glass as well, so stay away from windows to avoid injury from broken glass. Once the storm has passed, do not go outside immediately. There may be bits of the storm trailing behind. When you’re sure it’s safe to go out, the first thing you should check is your roof and windows. If they are damaged, immediately seal them to avoid water intrusion.

Snowstorms may not cause pebble-sized lumps of ice to rain down, but they can be equally damaging. As it’s dangerous to drive during a winter storm, it’s best to stay home. However, storms can last for hours or even days, so it’s recommended that you keep a stock of food, water, batteries, and other emergency supplies. Also, Heating equipment is one of the top causes of home fires, so only use well-maintained heating devices. Severe snowfall can also cause roofs to collapse. If you think snow removal is necessary, it’s best to call a pro. But if you must clear your roof on your own, stay safe by using a snow rake with a long extension arm that will allow to remain on the ground.

There are a lot of things you should watch out for in order to live a safe and happy life in Wyoming. But with determination and the help of the right security equipment, it is possible.

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