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We Reviewed Six Wyze Accessories: You Should Buy Five of Them

Wyze Cam is a name that is now synonymous with inexpensive, quality security products. We have had the pleasure of testing Wyze Cam 2 and Wyze Cam Pan, and we don’t throw around the word “pleasure” without thought. As a large part of Wyze Cam’s appeal is its compelling price, adding accessories to the camera seems somewhat counterintuitive, but we did it. We purchased and tested several third-party Wyze Cam accessories. Some we found on our own, one we purchased in error, and some were suggested by you (the wonderful readers and viewers who are a part of our smart home journey).

1. Ryno Tuff Waterproof Solar Charger: $49.99

Overall Rating: Thumbs Down

Buy: Via Amazon

Ryno Tuff Waterproof Solar Charger

The Ryno Tuff Waterproof Solar Charger is the single device that falls under the “purchased in error” category. In searching for a solar battery pack on Amazon, we got lost in our research and ended up buying a solar charger minus the battery (a.k.a not what we wanted). However, as we had it in hand, we decided to give it a try.

First things first, this thing does what Ryno Tuff promises it will do. We, however, used it off-label so when we give this accessory an overall rating of thumbs down, it has nothing to do with the product itself and everything to do with how we used it. Also, as this was technically not what we wanted, we only tested it for a day before returning it.

In testing, we found that when the sun was up, Ryno Tuff effectively powered our Wyze Cam 2. The solar charger includes two USB ports. We measured both at a 5V output, which is exactly what Wyze Cam needs. However, we are giving Ryno Tuff an overall thumbs down for one reason: It only charges the camera when the sun is up. And when we say sun up, we mean “sun out.” Twice during testing, a few clouds rolled over and when that happened, the panel was no longer able to power Wyze Cam 2.

2. Soluser 13500mAh Solar Power Bank Dual USB Backup Battery: $22.99

Overall Rating: Thumbs Up

Buy: Via Amazon

Wyze Cam solar bank

When we bought the solar panel, what we meant to buy was a power bank, so we got back on Amazon and placed an order. We landed on a 13500mAh solar charger made by Soluser. It’s not weatherproof but it is rain splash and shockproof as well as dustproof.

If you choose to use a power bank with your Wyze Cam camera, your results will be affected by several factors including how much charge the battery can hold. According to Android Authority,1

If you have a battery and you don’t know what it’s capacity is, all you have to do is hook it up to supply a 1000mAh discharge and see how long it lasts. If it lasts an hour, hey, you’ve got a 1000mAh battery. If it lasts 7 and a half hours, well then you’re holding a 7500mAh battery. In real life, discharge rates vary not only from device to device but also user to user.

And Android Authority is right; battery life will depend on the settings we choose like motion sensitivity as well as how often the camera is triggered.

To begin testing, we fully charged the battery before attaching it to Wyze Cam 2. WyzeCam was set to full sensitivity, HD recording, sound detection off, sound recording on, night vision set to auto, and set to record to the cloud only. We also left Wyze Cam 2 outside but turned it slightly so that it would catch some traffic. Our expectations were high, especially after reading in the Wyze Cam forums that one user got 10 hours of life using a 6000mAh battery,2 but in the end, our results were the same and yet different.

We started our first test at 7:30 pm, about an hour before sunset. Once the sun set, the camera was triggered 11 times before sunrise. We also checked in by live streaming five times. Regardless, the battery kept the camera running all night.

The following day was bright and sunny, so we moved the panel and the camera to our backyard. In this new position, the camera was triggered approximately 11 times per hour, and we checked in by live streaming a couple of times. The solar panel kept the camera powered for a while, but not the whole day. In total, the battery lasted 21 hours and survived 75 motion triggers and five live streams.

In testing a second time, we again charged the battery. This time, we only used the battery, hiding the solar panel from the sun. We also created a motion zone to decrease the number of motion-triggered events. This time around, the camera lasted a full 23 hours on a single charge surviving 60 motion triggered events.

It’s important to note that it’s been sunny and it’s summer, both factors that work in our favor. While we don’t see how this solution would allow Wyze Cam to replace a true battery-powered camera, it can certainly allow for some creativity in placement and thinking. We are giving the whole idea and solution a thumbs up.

3. Wyze Camera Weatherproof Wall Mount Bracket: $11.99

Overall Rating: Thumbs Up

Buy: Via Amazon

Wyze Cam outdoor casing

Joshua Gross from the YouTube channel Gross Technology was kind enough to introduce us to this adorable, little guy. We have been using our Wyze Cam outside for over a month, and it’s still working, but it’s dirty and exposing it to humidity is a bit concerning. In theory, this house-shaped piece of plastic can protect if from all of that.

The case is made of hard plastic and includes a wall mount bracket and screws. It is not magnetic, but it’s so light in weight that you could probably use an exterior 3M strip if you prefer.

We tested the mount for a week, and it worked fine. Our biggest gripe is that the case covers the camera’s speaker which muffles its sound a bit. We will also say that we are not buying that it completely protects the camera. It does keep the dust away, and it protects and covers the electrical components on the back. But the front of the camera is still exposed and may get wet if you have a heavy rain.

To combat this, we keep our WyzeCam on a porch so that it’s protected from the elements including rain and direct sun. Josh, on the other hand, has his camera mounted under an eave using the Weatherproof Wall Mount Bracket. We don’t know if we are bold enough to suggest you use the wall mount in a more exposed environment. We think providing an extra layer of protection is best. Overall, we are giving the Wall Mount Bracket a thumbs up.

4. USB 3.0 A Male to A Male Cable: $4.89

Overall Rating: Thumbs Up

Buy: Via Amazon

You will find a USB port on the back of your Wyze Cam camera. This is not for local storage. Instead, the port allows you to ‘daisy chain’ your Wyze Cam cameras together. You can chain up to three cameras together, though we only tried two. The three cameras can be any combination of Wyze Cams including Wyze Cam Pan.

With one camera plugged into a power source, you simply connect it to a second camera using a USB to USB cable. When connected, the camera connected to power will provide power to the secondary camera.

Connecting the cameras provides a couple of benefits. First of all, if you want to place them in a spot where you don’t have access to multiple outlets, the cable will allow you to power and place a second camera. The cable we bought was only 3 feet in length, but if you want to get creative, you could certainly use a longer cable.

Second, many users use a USB cable to stack their Wyze Cams. When you stack the cameras with one camera facing one direction and a second camera facing the opposite direction, you get a wider field of view. Of course, you could buy WyzeCam Pan which robotically tracks motion.

Overall, adding a USB cable gets a thumbs up.

5. Smart Plug: Varies

Overall Rating: Thumbs Up

(UPDATE: The Wyze App now lets you turn on/off your camera remotely. However, some users report that the camera's IR LED remain active even while the camera is off. If you want to make sure your camera is off when you want to protect your privacy, we recommend the solution below.)

Arming and disarming Wyze Cam is a pain. You can create rules using IFTTT to turn on/off motion alerts, but if you want total privacy, you will need to turn the camera off. Unfortunately, you can’t turn the camera off, but you can cut power to the camera using a smart plug.

Instead of investing in new equipment, we used an old smart plug we have connected to our SmartThings system, but this is a rule you can recreate using any number of systems and plugs.

We plugged Wyze Cam into the smart plug (we used this one) and created a SmartApp that says, “When my mode changes to home, turn the plug off,” and another that says, “When my mode changes to Away, turn the plug on.” This rule essentially ties the camera’s on/off state to SmartThings’ state so instead of arming SmartThings and then arming our cameras, it all happens with one action. And if you have your security system set up to arm and disarm using geofencing, your WyzeCam camera can also be tied to the same.

6. Amazon Alexa: Varies

Overall Rating: Thumbs Up

Buy: Via Amazon

Wyze Cam finally works with Alexa. Well, to be specific, Wyze Cam 2 and Pan work with Alexa devices that have a screen such as Echo Show, Spot, and Fire TV.

Right now, the skills only ability is to view a live feed from your cameras. However, it works great, and it’s certainly easier than reaching for your phone.

Feel free to share your favorite Wyze Cam accessories below. We love your creativity!

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