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Alert 360 Review 2020

: What To Know Before Buying Services?

Alert 360 provides professionally monitored, professionally installed home security systems. They offer professional monitoring using cellular signal with long-term or month-to-month contracts, as well as wireless equipment with financing options.

Monitoring Type: Professional
Install Type: Professional

Pros and Cons


  • Wireless Security System With Cellular Monitoring
  • Insurance Deductible Reimbursement
  • Month-to-Month Contract option


  • Limited Area Availability
  • Customer Complaints Regarding Billing & Contracts
  • Separate App For Video Surveillance

The Good

Alert 360 is a large company with a lot to offer. Despite being one of the oldest licensed alarm companies in the U.S., they managed to keep up with technology and offer one of the latest and most advanced security systems in the market.

The Bad

Alert 360's area availability is limited, which could make moving with the system a hassle. They are also not transparent when it comes to pricing and they require customers to be in touch with their sales rep in order to receive a quote.

Bottom Line

Alert 360 is a good option for those living within its service area. They have a solid customer service, high-tech equipment, and high-quality monitoring service. However, no alarm company is perfect and Alert 360 has its share of flaws.

Who's It For?

Alert 360 only caters to homeowners living in one of the 26 states where they operate. Their security systems are wireless, so it's ideal for homeowners looking for some flexibility. They also use modern equipment with high-tech features, so it's an ideal option for tech savvy customers. Overall, Alert 360 is a great option for modern families looking to protect their homes with a security system long-term.

Alert 360 Sales Process

Alert 360 provides a lot of information on their website, but unfortunately, their pricing plans and equipment pricing are not included. If you wish to know how much it will cost you to purchase their products and services, you're required to request a quote and speak to a sales rep.

You can request a quote by leaving your contact information on Alert 360's website, or you may also call their sales hotline directly. Either way, a sales rep will talk you through their offers and pricing in your area.

Unfortunately, you can't buy Alert 360's products online. You can choose one of the three equipment packages offered by Alert 360, but ultimately, you're required to go through the sales process with one of their sales reps. After discussing your options, the sales rep will guide you through the rest of the process, which usually involves finalizing your system, signing a contract, and installing your brand new security system. The installation will be performed by a highly-trained technician provided by Alert 360 at your cost. The installation cost will be added to your upfront payment. Once the system is installed, the technician will activate and link it to Alert 360's monitoring center and then walk you through the system operation.

Alert 360 Equipment Review

Alert 360 offers three equipment packages, all of which are priced lower than their regular retail price if the components are purchased individually. According to them, buying packages instead of building a system from scratch could save you up to 25% in equipment costs.

The first package is called Smart Home Video. It includes a 2GIG Go!Control 2 touchscreen control panel, three door/window sensors, a motion sensor, and an indoor security camera. The second package, Door Command, includes the same number of sensors, but instead of an indoor camera, it comes with a video doorbell, smart lock, and a remote key fob. The third and largest package, called Complete Smart Home, is a combination of the first two packages. It includes a touchscreen control panel, three door/window sensors, a motion sensor, a key fob, a video doorbell, a smart lock, and security cameras.

2GIG Go!Control Panel

All three equipment packages start with a control panel, the 2GIG Go!Control. It's a touchscreen panel and is one of the most popular panels used in the alarm industry. It features a touchscreen interface that doubles as an information display when idle, two-way voice, one-touch arming, and an integrated panic button. It also has a built-in battery that works as a backup power supply during power outages and its speaker doubles as a siren.

In terms of connectivity, it supports up to four wireless keypads and up to eight remote key fobs. It also supports more than enough wireless sensors to cover an entire home as well as enough Z-Wave home automation products to power your smart home. It also has a built-in cellular radio, allowing it to transmit alerts to the monitoring center via cellular signal. Unlike landline and broadband monitoring, cellular monitoring doesn't need any external connection (i.e. landline wire or internet connection) to communicate alerts. As long as there's cellular coverage in your area, it will work.

Add-On Sensors & Devices

The control panel is supplemented by a supporting cast of wireless sensors and accessories that fall in the security, life safety, smart home, camera, and control categories.


Under the control category, Alert 360 offers wireless keypads, remote key fobs, and panic buttons. The wireless keypad is a device that allows control of your security system in additional places around your house. For example, you can place one near your bedroom so you can conveniently access your security system without going to the control panel. Remote keypads function similarly, but they're portable and can be carried around like a keychain. Panic buttons are single-purpose devices that let you trigger a panic alarm with the press of a button. It's recommended to keep one near your bed so you can easily trigger an alarm in case of an emergency at night.


The products that fall under the security category are motion sensors, door/window sensors, and glass break sensors. These products are designed to detect intrusion. The motion sensor detects movement, the door/window sensor detects when a door or window is opened, and the glass break sensor detects the sound of breaking glass.

Life Safety

Life safety accessories are sensors that detect possibly life-threatening emergencies, such as fire (smoke/heat alarms) and the excessive amounts of carbon monoxide (CO detectors). Alert 360 also offers water and leak sensors.


Alert 360 also offers cameras to give you more ways to monitor your home. They offer cameras from Alarm.com and Hikvision. Alarm.com cameras offered by Alert 360 include an indoor camera, a smart outdoor camera with Bluetooth speaker, an outdoor camera, a video doorbell, and a recording device. Alternatively, you can opt for a Hikvision camera system, which includes an outdoor bullet-type camera, a dome-shaped camera, and a video recorder. Both camera systems are monitored through the Alert 360 Video app, which is not the same app as the one used to control the security system.

Smart Home

Finally, Alert 360 offers smart home products aimed at making their customers' lives more comfortable and helping their customers save electricity. They offer smart thermostats, smart locks, smart light bulbs, garage door controllers, and more.

Alert 360 Monitoring Review

Professional monitoring is one of Alert 360's primary features. Their security systems only work with a monitoring plan and can not be self-monitored.

Alert 360's professional monitoring service is done by trained operators working in the company's in-house managed central station. The monitoring center is UL-listed, which means they went through a rigorous certification and training program to ensure that their facilities and operators are equipped to handle alarm monitoring.

Alert 360 has an average response time of less than 20 seconds, meaning it takes them less than 20 seconds to respond to an alert after it's received by their automated system. In that short amount of time, an operator will contact your phone number to check on you and verify the alert. After that, they will follow the protocol on how to respond, even calling the police or fire department on your behalf if needed.

As for Alert 360's monitoring facilities, they have contingency measures in place to ensure smooth operation even during power or communication failures. They have backup generators, uninterrupted power supplies, and redundant servers. Because of these, they were given a 5-Diamond Rating by The Monitoring Association.

Alert 360 Customer Service Review

No alarm company is perfect and Alert 360 has its share of flaws. These flaws show if you read through customer reviews and complaints, but on the bright side, Alert 360 is one of the few alarm companies that show resilience and willingness to improve their service or correct their mistakes. When customers leave complaints on consumer review websites, they are usually quick to respond. It's not uncommon to see customers update their reviews with a more positive feedback.

As far as customer support, Alert 360 is accessible. They have a customer support phone line available to all customers, a place where you can download product manuals, an extensive FAQ page, and a customer login where you can manage your account.


Alert 360 also has customer friendly policies. For instance, they offer up to $1,360 in insurance deductible reimbursement in the unfortunate event that you suffer a covered loss due to burglary. They also cover fire insurance deductibles if you own a professionally monitored smoke alarm from them.

They also have a customer-friendly moving policy, but only if you're moving within their service area. They provide several options, like installing a free security system in your new place or activating a pre-installed system for free. They also offer a $100 account credit if you transfer your service to your new place.

Unfortunately, not all policies are explained on their website. Instead, before asking you to sign a contract, they will provide you a No Secrets form, which is an outline of all their policies and the key terms of their contract. The form can help you decide whether to push through with the contract or not.

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