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Best Security Systems For Military Families 2023

Everyone at HomeAlarmReport have high respect and appreciation to those who are serving in the military and their families for their sacrifice and service to our nation. As such, we've put together an article that will help you find a security system to protect your home and your family while you're out these preserving peace for the rest of us.

What To Look For In A Security System

We can only imagine how hard it is to be deployed overseas for months, but we also know that overseas deployment isn't the only difficult transition you'll have to undertake when you're in the service. Even being assigned from one base to another can be tough, not only for you, but for your entire family. With that in mind, we selected alarm companies that will not only allow you but also support you in the event that you are reassigned. 

We also looked into alarm companies that offer special discounts and policies to military families. That way, you can circumvent inconveniences and problems faced by many security system owners, like the long-term contracts and hefty termination fees. 

Finally, we analyzed which features will be most helpful to you and your family, especially when you're on an assignment. We considered which companies offer features like video monitoring and remote access that can be very helpful in making sure your family is safe during your absence. 

To sum it all up, the top three companies we've listed below offer the following features:

  • A friendly moving policy
  • Special policies and discount for military families
  • Video monitoring
  • Remote access

Of course, the companies we selected also offer the highest level of protection so you can rest assured that your family is safe in your home 24/7.


Vivint has consistently been one of the best-performing alarm companies on our radar for several years, which is why we feel confident recommending them. They do a lot of things right, especially in offering services to their customers who are serving in the military. 

The company has an Official Vivint Military Policy clearly laid out. You can review the document here yourself. If you want a more concise version, here are the key features of the policy:

  • Cancellation — If you're being relocated to an on-base housing or being deployed, Vivint can cancel your contract and waive the early termination policy upon receipt of a copy of official relocation orders. Without this policy, cancelling service mid-contract could cost you $1000+ in fees due to Vivint's early termination penalties. 
  • Moving — If you're moving to an off-base housing from another off-base home without being deployed in the area, Vivint won't cancel your contract. However, you can take the system with you. What Vivint will do to help you is waive the standard $99 activation that is required to their relocating customers. They will also not extend your contract term, so you get to continue your contract in your new location. 
  • Deferment Policy — In case of a temporary assignment away from your permanent address, you can defer payments up to six months.
  • Dedicated Military Support — For additional help with regards to your contract, you can contact Vivint's Military Support line at 855-368-8568. This line is dedicated to providing assistance and support to military personnel and their families. 

There are a few things to note about Vivint's Military Policy. For one, they do not offer military discounts. Their pricing is the same for military personnel and regular customers. Also, the policies don't apply to veterans and their dependents. And finally, being discharged from the military is not grounds for terminating the contract. They will, however, allow you to cancel service without penalties if you're medically discharged from the military. 

As far as features, Vivint offers the whole nine yards. They have basic security features for intrusion and burglary monitoring, life safety monitoring to protect you and your family from fire, carbon monoxide, and other dangers, home automation to give you access to your lighting, temperature, and locks wherever you are, and video monitoring.

Vivint FAQ

  • What services does Vivint offer?

    Vivint offers professionally monitored, professionally installed security systems. They also provide home automation and video monitoring features at an added cost.

  • Is Vivint available nationwide?

    Yes, Vivint is available in all 50 states.

  • What makes Vivint unique?

    Vivint is highly innovative and they offer wireless equipment backed with a solid security and automation platform. They are also known to launch advanced products like their AI-powered outdoor security camera.

  • Can Vivint really protect my family?

    Absolutely. Vivint has consistently been one of the top alarm companies in the country and they use nothing but reliable equipment. Their monitoring service is also top of the line. In the event of an alarm, they will call the emergency contacts or speak directly with your household through the control panel. If they are able to verify that there is a real threat, they will send the police, fire department, or medical responders immediately. They will also send help if they can't reach anyone in the emergency contacts list.

  • Does Vivint offer discounts to military personnel?

    They have special policies for military personnel, but they are currently not offering any discounts. If a Vivint sales rep offers you military discounts, Vivint encourages you to call their dedicated Military Support line to report and clarify the discount.

  • How much will it cost me to set up a Vivint system?

    That will depend on the type of equipment and features you'll choose. For an overview of the cost, check out our article about Vivint's deals, pricing, and discounts.

  • Where can I look into Vivint's features?

    We've put together a comprehensive review that details everything offered by Vivint, including their features, equipment, reputation, and services. You can read our Vivint review here.

Guardian Protection Services

Guardian Protection Services

Guardian Protection Services is another popular option among military families because of their Family of Guarantees. The Family of Guarantees is a collection of promises made by Guardian to all their customers, but it has a special section for members of the uniformed services. 

With Guardian Protection Service's Family of Guarantee, military families are eligible to cancel or temporarily suspend their contract with Guardian if they receive orders to relocate in an area not covered by Guardian for more than 90 days. Guardian will not charge them penalties for cancelling service mid-contract. However, if you're relocating to an off-base house that is covered by Guardian, you can't terminate the contract. Instead, Guardian will help you move the security system with you so you can continue using their services in your new assignment. They will even offer you promotions such as free equipment or vouchers you can use towards new equipment purchases. 

In terms of features, Guardian Protection Services offers 24/7 professional monitoring inclusive of burglary, fire, and medical emergencies as well as home automation and video monitoring features. They also have a smartphone app that you can use to access, control, and monitor your security system remotely as long as your phone has access to the internet via Wi-Fi or cellular data.

Guardian Protection Services FAQ

  • What services does Guardian Protection Services offer?

    They market, set up, and professionally monitor home security systems. They also offer smart home and video monitoring features.

  • Is Guardian available nationwide?

    They are mostly focused on offering services in the Northeast U.S. region, but if you receive orders to relocate outside their service area, they will cancel your contract without penalties.

  • What makes Guardian unique?

    Despite being regionally focused, Guardian Protection Services is recognized nationwide as a reputable security company with solid security services.

  • Can Guardian really protect my family?

    Guardian's security systems are designed to provide protection 24/7 through professional monitoring and emergency dispatch. In case of an alert, Guardian's quick response time ensures speedy verification and dispatch.

  • Does Guardian offer discounts to military personnel?

    Unfortunately, no. However, they do have special promotions every now and then specially marketed towards military families.

  • How much will it cost me to set up a Guardian system?

    The cost will depend on the size and features of your system. You can head over here for a closer look at Guardian's pricing, plans, and deals.

  • Where can I look into Guardian's features?

    Our Guardian Protection Services in-depth review details their features, services, and everything you should know before setting up service.


Frontpoint has consistently been our top pick for several years and they are who we recommend to most of our readers, but in this case, they're only third on the list because they lack a written policy for military families. However, upon further research, we've found that Frontpoint does give consideration to military families moving outside the country. While they don't allow cancellation of service, they will let you temporarily suspend your contract for up to 2 years if you're reassigned abroad. Once you're back in the country, you will still need to finish the contract. The 2-year deferment also allows you to figure out what to do with the contract in case you're assignment is for more than 2 years. Frontpoint provides several options, like transferring the contract to family or friends or having the new residents takeover. 

What about for those domestically reassigned? Frontpoint recommends keeping the system and moving it with you in your new residence. There are no charges for moving and they will even send you new adhesive tapes for the reinstallation of the equipment. 

Another thing to note is that they offer flexible contracts. You can sign a 3-year contract to get larger equipment discounts and cut down your equipment expenses, but if that's too long for you or if you're anticipating a move within the next year, you can sign a 1-year contract. If you do, you won't receive as much discount as with a 3-year contract.

Another great thing about Frontpoint is that they recently started offering their products and services through retail kiosks in select military exchanges with plans to open up kiosks in additional locations. There, military families can purchase products and get help setting up service from Frontpoint security experts manning the kiosks.

Frontpoint FAQ

  • What services does Frontpoint offer?

    Frontpoint offers self-installed security systems as well as professional monitoring of burglary, fire, and medical emergencies.

  • Is Frontpoint available nationwide?

    Yes. Frontpoint is available in all 50 states and in Canada. They also have retail kiosks inside select military exchanges.

  • What makes Frontpoint unique?

    Frontpoint's primary selling point is their superb customer service quality.

  • Can Frontpoint really protect my family?

    Yes. Frontpoint has always been at the top of the curve when it comes to equipment. They offer 100% wireless equipment that is safer and more secure than wired security systems. They also use cellular signal for communication, which is a more expensive technology to maintain but far more reliable than both landline and broadband.

  • Does Frontpoint offer discounts to military personnel?

    Sadly, no. They give consideration to military families relocating abroad and they have a customer-friendly policy, but they don't offer military discounts nor do they have a military policy written in print.

  • How much will it cost me to set up a Frontpoint system?

    Frontpoint systems are affordable. They sell basic packages for as low as $99 with a 3-year contract. They also offer professional monitoring services for as low as $34.99. For more information on Frontpoint's pricing, deals, and packages, click here.

  • Where can I look into Frontpoint's features?

    Frontpoint has been our #1 pick for several years in a row and we also have first-hand tests of their products, so we've put together a highly detailed Frontpoint review here.

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