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Canary Plans, Deals, and Promotions

Canary offers security systems that consist mostly of cameras. In addition, they offer Premium Service subscriptions that expand their cameras' functionality and add useful security features. Subscriptions start at $9.99/month.

Free Access Plan

Canary's Free Access Plan provides cloud storage to up to 4 Canary cameras. It lets users watch live videos 24/7 and playback motion alerts from the past 24 hours.
Install Typeself
Plan TypeSelf-Monitoring
Primary Connection TypeBroadband
Remote Monitoring App
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Premium Service Plan

Canary Premium Service gives users extended cloud storage space as well as premium features like full-length alert videos, Incident Support, custom videos, two-way talk, and an in-app safety button. The plan covers up to 5 Canary cameras, but each additional camera will cost you $4.99/month.
Install Typeself
Plan TypeSelf-Monitoring
Primary Connection TypeBroadband
Remote Monitoring App
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Canary Subscription Plans

PlanPricePromo PriceContract Length
Free Access---
Premium Service$9.99/mo--

Canary Subscription Plans Explained

Canary's cameras don't need a subscription to work. They come with built-in features like on-demand live streaming through the Canary app, motion detection with advanced detection and activity zone masking, and one-touch access to 911 in case of an emergency. The downside is that their cloud storage space is limited. With the Free Access plan, your cameras can only store videos in the cloud for 24 hours. After 24 hours, the clips get deleted. Motion event clips recorded with the Free Access plan are only up to 30 seconds long. And lastly, you can use up to 4 Canary cameras with the free plan.

If you want more cloud storage space, longer event videos, and support for more cameras, a Premium Service subscription is required. The subscription will cost you $9.99/month or $99 if you pay annually. It's primary benefits are as follows:

  • Full-Length Event Clips
  • 30-Day Cloud Storage
  • Support For 5 Cameras
  • Two-Way Talk
  • Unlimited Video Downloads
  • Desktop Streaming
  • Custom Modes
  • Extended 2-Year Warranty
  • Incident Support

Some of these features stand out, like full-length event clips. Instead of recording only 30 seconds at a time, your cameras will record continuously for as long as it's seeing movement within its peripherals. Also, instead of videos staying in the cloud for only a day, your videos will stay in the cloud for a full 30 days. You also get Incident Support. In case the location being watched by your Canary cameras gets burglarized, an agent from Canary will assist you in finding video evidence and submitting those evidence to the police.

The other Premium Service features are app related. For example, you can download as many videos as you want from your cloud storage. You can also use two-way talk while live streaming or use your desktop computer to monitor your cameras. And lastly, you get access to Safety Button, an app feature that helps you call for help while you're out and about.

Other Fees You Should Know About

Canary's Premium Service pricing is pretty straightforward, but there's one other fee you should know about especially if you have more than five cameras. Canary Premium Service only supports up to 5 cameras. If you have more than five cameras and you want them all covered by Premium Service, there's an extra monthly fee. On top of the $9.99/month Premium Service subscription, you'll also need to pay $4.99/month for each additional cameras. Take note that this is optional. You can have five cameras subscribed to Premium Service and have up to four cameras in the same location subscribed to the Free Access plan.

You must also consider the equipment fee. Canary's subscription plans don't include free equipment. In fact, you must buy the equipment first upfront. Canary offers three cameras: Canary Pro (formerly Canary All-In-One), Canary View, and Canary Flex.

Canary Pro is an indoor camera with temperature and humidity sensor along with other smart features. It sells for $169. Canary View is also an indoor camera but it lacks the extra sensors. It costs $99. Finally, Canary Flex is a battery-powered indoor/outdoor camera that sells for $139.

Ways To Save

With the equipment cost and monthly fee that comes with Canary's Premium Service, Canary's usage cost can rack up quickly. Fortunately, there are a few ways to save some of your hard-earned cash when buying a Canary security camera system.

Bundle Up

Canary's cameras and service plans are typically sold separately, but you can actually bundle up to somehow lower the overall cost. For one, you can bundle cameras together. Canary offers Multipacks that include multiple cameras at a discounted price. If you're going for a full-blown Canary system, Multipacks are a great way to save on your equipment purchase.

Canary also bundles their subscription service with their cameras and even Multipacks. They offer cameras and Multipacks that include the free basic plan, Premium Service for one year, or Premium Service for two years. If you break the pricing down, you can save up to $2/month from the monthly subscription cost.

Buy During Sale

Another great way to save is to buy during sale season and around the holidays. Canary is known to offer big discounts and hard-to-turn-down promotions during special days, like Black Friday, Cyber Monday or around the year-end holidays.

Pay Annually

If you already have cameras but still want to save a few bucks on your monthly subscription to Canary's Premium Service, paying annually is the way to go. The annual rate is $99, which is like getting two free months of subscription every year or paying only $8.25/month.