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What Is GetSafe?

GetSafe provides home security systems and monitoring services, and it offers something that most alarm companies don't— flexibility. GetSafe is one of the very few alarm companies that lets its customers choose whether to sign a 1-year contract, 3-year contract, or no contract at all.

GetSafe Service Area & Coverage Map

A Brief History Of GetSafe

Unlike ADT, GetSafe doesn't have a long history. It was only founded in recent years. However, it has the backing of Bay Alarm, a California-based alarm company with over 50 years of experience.

When GetSafe was founded, it was a hybrid security company. It offers DIY self-installed security systems that you can sign up for professional monitoring, self-monitor, or use as a local alarm. After a few years of operation, it switched to a professional monitoring approach.

Although GetSafe is now very much like traditional alarm companies, it managed to keep its appeal to DIYers. It's still only available for purchase online and installation is still DIY. It also thrives on providing high-quality customer support.

GetSafe Services Overview

  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring: GetSafe offers 24/7 professional monitoring through its monitoring centers located in Utah and Idaho. These stations  monitor for break-ins, fire, and medical emergencies.
  • Self-Installed Security System: GetSafe's security system, which you can purchase online, is only available for self-installation. The system will be delivered to your doorstep, but it's up to you to install, activate, and maintain it.
  • Home Automation Solutions: GetSafe offers home automation devices, including thermostats, garage door controllers, and light automation via Z-Wave. However, adding home automation to your GetSafe system requires the purchase of a Z-Wave adapter.
  • Video Surveillance: GetSafe offers self-monitored security cameras manufactured by a third-party camera company. The cameras all support local recording using microSD cards, but GetSafe also offers cloud recording starting at $5.99/month per camera.
  • Medical Monitoring: If you want, you can also avail medical emergency monitoring by buying a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS). Medical monitoring requires a separate monthly fee that will set you back $25/month.
  • Contract Length Options: GetSafe offers its customers the option to sign a 1-year contract, 3-year contract, or no contract at all. Signing a longer contract term gives you free equipment and store credits, while not signing a contract requires you to purchase your equipment upfront.

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GetSafe Security System Features

GetSafe Smart Hub

GetSafe's primary product is the GetSafe security system built around the Smart Hub. Unlike other security systems, GetSafe doesn't offer an alarm panel. Instead, you need to use the GetSafe smartphone app to control the system.

Broadband Monitoring

The Smart Hub communicates with the monitoring center using your internet connection. This is called broadband monitoring. Although it's not the most reliable communication method, the Smart Hub comes with a cellular chip that it uses for backup communication.

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Wireless Equipment

The entire GetSafe equipment is wireless, except for the hub (requires power and internet), cameras (requires power), and smart home devices that need to be hardwired (e.g. thermostat and smart switches). Being wireless means you can easily install the system and take it down should you need to relocate it. It also means there's no drilling required, so you can use the system even if you're a renter.

Smartphone Access

GetSafe offers smartphone access to all professionally monitored customers. In fact, the smartphone app is the only way to fully access the GetSafe system.

GetSafe offers two apps. The GetSafe Home Security app is used to control your security system and smart home devices. The GetSafe Video app lets you access your security cameras.

Download GetSafe Home Security App: iOS / Android

Download GetSafe Video App: iOS / Android

GetSafe Awards & Recognitions

  • C+ BBB Rating
  • UL Listed Monitoring Centers
  • CSAA Five Diamond Certified Monitoring Centers