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GetSafe Review 2023

: What To Know Before Buying Services

GetSafe provides professionally monitored, self-installed home security systems. They combine broadband monitoring with cellular backup and offer a choice of 1-year, 3-year or month-to-month contracts. Wireless, DIY-installed equipment is customizable. Upfront costs include your first month’s monitoring rate plus equipment fees, which vary based on contract: 1- and 3-year contracts include free equipment but month-to-month does not. Monitoring rates begin at $24.95.

Monitoring Type: Professional
Install Type: DIY

GetSafe Pros & Cons


  • Flexible Contract Terms
  • Unique Hub Design With Cellular & Battery Backup
  • Intuitive Smartphone App
  • Basic Home Automation


  • Limited Equipment Lineup
  • GetSafe Camera Requires Use Of A Separate App
  • Lacks Control Panel

Who Is Get Safe Most Ideal For?

Flexibility is GetSafe's top game, so it's ideal for almost anybody, whether you're a homeowner, frequent mover, or long-term renter. This is because GetSafe offers flexible monitoring terms. You can choose to sign a 1-year contract, 3-year contract, or month-to-month contract.

However, GetSafe might not be ideal for seniors living independently, especially if they are technology-challenged. Although GetSafe offers medical monitoring services and equipment, its security system lacks the traditional control panel. The only real way to fully access the security system is via the GetSafe smartphone app.

Getting Started With GetSafe

Unlike traditional alarm companies, GetSafe doesn't do house visits and door-to-door knocking. Everything you need to get started is on the company's website. To make the sales process even simpler, GetSafe offers a fixed monthly monitoring fee.

To get started, all you need to do is choose how long you want to be tied down to GetSafe's monitoring service. The longest term is three years, then one year, and then month-to-month. The next step is choosing your equipment. Opting for a 1-year contract will give you a free basic equipment kit worth $250. Choosing a 3-year contract will give you the same equipment plus a $250 credit that you can spend on any GetSafe equipment. The month-to-month contract doesn't include any free equipment and requires an upfront purchase of the basic equipment package worth $250. It includes a hub, a door/window sensor, motion sensor, siren, window stickers, and batteries for the sensors.

Next, pay the upfront price upon checkout. The upfront price is $24.95 (first month monitoring) plus the cost of the equipment. If you choose a contract term that offers free equipment and equipment credit, it's possible to pay only $24.95 to get started.

Once you confirm your order, GetSafe will ship the system to you. It will be your job to install and activate the system, but plenty of how-to videos are available online and you can always call GetSafe's customer support for additional help. The GetSafe smartphone app, which is what you'll use to set up your system, also provides clear instructions.

GetSafe Equipment Review

Most of the devices offered by GetSafe are self-branded and manufactured exclusively for GetSafe's distribution.

GetSafe Smart Hub

GetSafe Smart Hub

The heart of the system is the GetSafe Smart Hub and it looks different from what you might expect in a hub. Instead of a router-looking device, the Smart Hub is a device that stands on its base and is roughly the size of a smartphone. However, functionality-wise, it's the same as other hubs.

First, it connects to your GetSafe sensors and devices wirelessly. Second, it links your system to the monitoring center so that it's monitored 24/7. It uses broadband monitoring, which means you need a fast internet connection in order to use the system. As backup, it has an AT&T cellular chip embedded into itself. When the internet is down, the system will switch to cellular monitoring at no extra cost to you. The Smart Hub also has a battery backup so it can continue to monitor your home even during power outages. It won't power the hub for longer than six hours, but it's better than nothing.

One thing to note is that the hub lacks some features that are common in other hubs. For one, it doesn't have an interface to control the security system. The only way you can access the system is via the GetSafe smartphone app. While one might have hoped for  at least an arm or disarm button to quickly dismiss false alarms rather than waiting for the app to launch, this is not the case. A work-around option is to get a key fob remote so you can arm or disarm the system without using your phone. Second, it doesn't display your system's status. The hub does have an indicator light, but it only tells you whether the system is offline or online. It doesn't tell you whether it's armed or disarmed.

GetSafe Security Sensors

Although the hub is a vital component, it's nothing without sensors. GetSafe offers three types of security sensors: a door/window sensor, motion sensor, and glass break sensor.

GetSafe made their sensors a little bit more interesting by giving the sensors a fresh, new look when compared to sensors offered by traditional alarm companies. However, their features and function remain the same.

The door/window sensor is a two-part device that monitors anything that opens and closes, like doors, windows, closets, and even vaults. It's installed using the included double-sided adhesive and powered by an AA battery. Unfortunately, the battery is not included so you have to purchase one yourself from GetSafe or a local hardware store.

The motion sensor is a pet-immune PIR motion sensor. Like the door/window sensor, it sticks to your wall using adhesive and it runs on two AA batteries. The batteries are also not included.

Finally, GetSafe offers a glass break detector, a device trained to listen for the sound of breaking glass which might indicate a break-in. It uses two CR123 batteries that are included, but it doesn't directly connect to the Smart Hub. If you want to purchase a glass break sensor, you must first add a Z-Wave adapter to your system, which GetSafe sells for $65.

GetSafe Environment Monitoring

GetSafe can also protect you from environmental elements that can cause severe damage to your property and even loss of life if left unchecked.

First, it offers a battery-powered, professionally monitored smoke alarm. When smoke is detected, it sends a notification to your smartphone and alerts the monitoring center. It also emits a loud, audible alarm when triggered.

Second, GetSafe offers a flood sensor. It's not professionally monitored, but it sends out notifications to your smartphone when water is detected. That way, you can find the leak and repair it before it becomes a flood.

GetSafe's lack of other environmental hazard sensors is apparent. For instance, it lacks carbon monoxide detectors and temperature sensors. This is because GetSafe focuses mainly on security features. In fact, it doesn't recommend that you replace your existing smoke alarm with its smoke detector. The company only offers these environment sensors as an added layer of protection.

GetSafe Security Cameras

If you want added security, GetSafe supports security cameras. Unlike other products offered by GetSafe, the security cameras are not made by GetSafe. They are made by a security camera company called EZVIZ.

GetSafe supports three EZVIZ cameras. First is Mini Plus. It's a small indoor camera that can be mounted in different positions. You can let it sit on a table, hang on a ceiling, or mounted on a wall. It has a magnetic swivel base that allows you to adjust and finetune the camera's position. Mini Plus offers a 1080p resolution, two-way talk, night vision, and motion detection.

The second camera is Mini 360 Plus. It's also an indoor camera, but it round-shaped and has motion sensors all over its body. With its slew of motion sensors, it can detect movement from any direction. Simply place it in the middle of the room and the entire room is already covered.

The third camera offered by GetSafe is the Outdoor HD. It's a weatherproof outdoor camera with built-in night vision, motion sensor, and image sensor that records in 1080p resolution. It's best used to add video surveillance to your lawn or front porch.

One thing to note about the cameras is that although they are part of the GetSafe system, monitoring and controlling them requires the use of another app, the GetSafe video app. Also, the cameras lack free cloud storage. If you want to add cloud storage, it will cost you $5.99/month per camera. Another option is to add a microSD card to each camera for local storage. Videos stored on the card can be viewed using the GetSafe Video app.

GetSafe Home Automation

Z-Wave Smart Dimmer Module

Finally, GetSafe offers Z-Wave home automation devices. However, before you get started with home automation, you must purchase a Z-Wave adapter. The adapter is a small device that plugs into the Smart Hub via the power cable. It gives the hub the ability to connect with and control Z-Wave devices. Once you have the adapter set up, you're free to add smart home products to your system. GetSafe offers a Z-Wave thermostat, garage door controller, white-only and color light bulbs, dimmer module, and in-wall light switch. If you have a Nest thermostat (Nest Learning or Nest E), you can also add it to your system and control it via the GetSafe app.

GetSafe Monitoring Review

Although GetSafe offers a unique security system and flexible monitoring services, its monitoring process is not different from the monitoring service other alarm companies offer. When there's an alarm, an alarm signal is sent to the monitoring center. The monitoring center will assess the situation and call you and the emergency contacts you listed under your account. If the monitoring center confirms that there's an emergency or if you or your contacts fail to answer their call, they will dispatch help to your address based on what triggered the alarm. If it was your security sensors, for example, they will send the police. If it's your smoke alarms, the fire department will be dispatched.

If you're looking for GetSafe's pricing information, check out our GetSafe deals and promotions overview.

GetSafe Monitoring Centers

GetSafe's monitoring centers are located in two different states. One is in Utah and the other is in Idaho.This is called redundancy. In the rare instance that one of the monitoring centers is unable to operate, the other monitoring center will take over. Both monitoring centers are licensed to operate in all 50 states and are CSAA Five Diamond Certified and UL Listed.

The monitoring centers are also licensed to handle medical emergencies. If you have the right equipment, with just a push of a button, the monitoring center will send paramedics to your house. However, medical emergency monitoring requires a separate monthly monitoring plan that will cost you $25/month.

GetSafe Customer Service Review

One of the best things about GetSafe is its excellent customer service. For one, you can get a lot of help just by visiting the company's website. There's an extremely helpful FAQ section, a live chat feature, and tons of how-to videos and equipment documentation. If you don't find what you're looking for on its website, you may also call its customer hotline at 1-888-799-6255, available between 6AM and 5PM on Mondays to Fridays.

GetSafe also offers customer-friendly policies. For one, every customer has a 30-day trial period. You have 30 days to try the system and if you don't like it, you can send it back to GetSafe and get a refund whether you're on a month-to-month, 1-year, or 3-year contract. The refund includes your equipment purchase and monitoring fee minus the shipping fee.

GetSafe also lets you move your system to a new address without added fees. Simply take down the system, install it in your new address, and call GetSafe to move your monitoring location.

Finally, online customer reviews attest that GetSafe thrives on offering high-quality customer service. It's one of the very few companies that maintains high customer rating across different websites.

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Customer GetSafe Reviews

Reviewed by Larry on Jan. 24, 2018

The parent company, Essence Group, marketed the system via Viper (known car alarm service) and sold the system via BestBuy. BB stopped selling the system and Viper stopped monitoring (which was free) as of end 2017. Based on the GetSafe monitoring rates, it is not going to last long again. Hardware will be useless if the company folds.

GetSaffe Alarm
Reviewed by harry on Mar. 10, 2018

Same as Larry. Purchased the system via Viper Home/BB which stopped selling them a few years ago. Viper had ZERO customer support and the system will go offline randomly for days. Now Viper Home website is gone so the hardware is useless. Tried GetSafe app but it does not recognize the hub with serial number. Therefore, the hardware is useless. Any email communications with Essence have not been answered. STAY AWAY. THE COMPANY WILL BE GONE. THERE ARE OTHER OPTIONS.