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What Is iSmartAlarm?

iSmartAlarm is a Silicon Valley company that offers DIY home security. They provide security systems, security cameras, and smart home products that are all self-monitored and DIY installed.

iSmartAlarm Service Area & Coverage Map

iSmartAlarm History & Overview

iSmartAlarm was a Silicon Valley startup founded in 2012. They pitched their first product concept to the public through a crowdfunding campaign in 2013, and on the same year, the product came to life. It's a self-monitored security system that is solely controlled and monitored using the owner's smartphone.

Over the years, iSmartAlarm has expanded their product range. In 2014, they launched iCamera (Gen 1), a pan-and-tilt, smartphone-enabled camera. It was discontinued the following year and replaced by iCamera KEEP and Spot. They now also offer a smartphone-controlled outlet that falls under the smart home category.

Why They're Different

iSmartAlarm is different from most alarm companies because it works with absolutely no monthly fees, contracts, or subscriptions. You simply need to buy the equipment and you're good to go. From a cost-value perspective, this is an advantage. Most security systems would charge you hundreds of dollars in monitoring fees alone. Because iSmartAlarm has no monthly fees, the cost of using the system long-term is significantly lower. From a security standpoint, however, this is not an ideal setup. With self-monitoring, it's up to you to call for help if needed. There is no monitoring center to check on you or call the police on your behalf.

iSmartAlarm Equipment Overview

iSmartAlarm's equipment lineup is limited, but they have got all the basics covered. The heart of the system is CubeOne, a cube-shaped hub responsible for tying all iSmartAlarm products together and opening up communication between your system and the iSmartAlarm smartphone app. CubeOne uses Wi-Fi to communicate and it's also dependent on AC power.

CubeOne lacks a screen or keypad, which means it primarily relies on the smartphone app for control. However, you may add a keypad to your system, allowing system control without the use of smartphones.

Besides CubeOne and they keypad, iSmartAlarm offers:

  • Door/Window Sensors
  • Motion Sensors
  • Remote Tags
  • Satellite Siren
  • Smart Switch
  • iCamera KEEP Pro

As for the cost of the equipment, you can head over here to learn about iSmartAlarm's promotions and deals.

iSmartAlarm Monitoring Overview

As mentioned earlier, the task of monitoring an iSmartAlarm system falls upon you, the user. As a self-monitored system, iSmartAlarm can sends notification alerts but can't call the police on your behalf. On the bright side, there are no monitoring fees involved. Once the system is installed, you can use it for free. iSmartAlarm generates push, phone, and SMS notifications. If you purchase Satellite Sirens, they will also sound in case of an emergency.

On top of all that, iSmartAlarm offers features that make monitoring your system a lot easier.

  • Remote Arm/Disarm
  • Security Camera Streaming
  • Two-Way Talk
  • Custom Modes

iSmartAlarm Customer Service Overview

iSmartAlarm's customer support team is specially trained and equipped to provide technical help regarding iSmartAlarm's products. They are also easily accessible. iSmartAlarm's phone line is open Mondays to Fridays, between 8:30 AM and 6:00 PM. They are closed on Saturdays and Sundays, but you may reach them via email at customerservice@ismartalarm.com or by leaving a contact request on their website. In our experience, it takes them less than 4 hours to respond to customer emails.

iSmartAlarm also has customer-friendly policies, such as a 30-day return period and 1-year warranty.

  • Phone Support
  • Email Support
  • 30-Day Return Period
  • 1-Year Warranty


  • Can I use iSmartAlarm's products anywhere in the country?

    Yes, and even in Canada, UK, and parts of Europe.

  • Is there a monthly fee?

    No, there isn't. iSmartAlarm is a self-monitored system with no subscriptions and no contracts.

  • Can I use iSmartAlarm without a landline?

    Yes, but iSmartAlarm requires an internet connection. Without internet, iSmartAlarm won't be able to send alerts and will only function as a local alarm. Instead of alerting you through phone, text, or push notification, it will only alert you by sounding its siren.

  • Is iSmartAlarm a real security system?

    Yes, but it's a self-monitored security system, which means alerts are sent only to you. It's up to you to call for help if needed.

  • Can I buy iSmartAlarm and then have it monitored by a third-party monitoring center?

    iSmartAlarm is a system with auto-dialer. UL-listed monitoring centers are not allowed to monitor security systems with auto-dialers.

  • Where can I buy iSmartAlarm?

    You can buy directly from iSmartAlarm's website or from retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy.