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What Is LivSecure?

LivSecure provides professionally monitored, self-installed home security systems in all fifty states. They offer a wide variety of equipment backed by Qolsys and Alarm.com. They also offer affordable professional monitoring plans, all with a 3-year monitoring agreement.

LivSecure Service Area & Coverage Map

Who is LivSecure?

LivSecure has not been around for very long. It's a division of My Alarm Center that was established 15 years ago to provide a fresh approach to security monitoring. That's why it offers security systems that can be self-installed, unlike traditional companies that require professional installation. It also lets you shop for equipment and monitoring plans online.

LivSecure's equipment offering ranges from basic home security devices to home automation. Every system they sell comes standard with 24/7 professional monitoring, smartphone access, real-time text and email alerts, and a touchscreen control panel. Home automation and video surveillance are also a possibility, although these features are reserved to those who are willing to pay a higher monthly fee.

Our testing team have had the privilege to test out a basic LivSecure equipment package back in 2016 and it proved to be reliable system. However, it was the small things that made us think twice about giving LivSecure a better rating.

Why They’re Different

LivSecure is a breath of fresh air compared to traditional alarm companies. For one, it doesn't require professional installation. Its security systems are designed for self-installation, and the installation process is so streamlined that almost anyone with a smartphone or computer could do it.

However, what truly sets LivSecure apart is its smart home portfolio. It may not look like it based on the looks of its website, but LivSecure offers a wide variety of smart home devices. It offers smart locks, thermostats, lights, garage door controllers, and many more. This is, in part, thanks to Qolsys and Alarm.com. Qolsys is the manufacturer of the control panel offered by LivSecure, which is known for being widely compatible with Z-Wave smart home products. On the other hand, Alarm.com made the LivSecure smartphone app and Alarm.com-powered apps are known to have advanced home automation features.

Who’s It For?

LivSecure's easy-to-install, wireless security systems make it a great option for both renters and homeowners. It also provides options for those looking for short-term or long-term contract. If you're okay signing a three-year contract, you'll get a basic home security package for as low as $99. If you want a shorter, one-year contract, a higher upfront fee is required.

Key Features & Tech:

  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  • Wireless Equipment
  • Dual-Path Monitoring
  • Smartphone Control
  • Cameras
  • Home Automation

24/7 Professional Monitoring

LivSecure offers 24/7 professional monitoring as its primary service. Wherever you are and whatever you might be doing, when an emergency occurs, LivSecure's monitoring center will provide the help you need. They can dispatch the police, fire department, or medical responders to you address, depending on what the emergency is.

Wireless Equipment

LivSecure's security systems are almost 100% wireless, with the exception of some devices like cameras that need to be plugged in. Because they're wireless, they're easy to install and doesn't require hard-wiring.

Dual-Path Monitoring

How the security system communicates with the monitoring center is another important factor. Most traditional security companies offer landline monitoring, which is not reliable and secure because it's prone to disruptions and can be deactivated by cutting the phone line. LivSecure offers a dual-path. Depending on what's available, your security system can either use your home Wi-Fi or wireless cellular signal to send alerts.

Smartphone Control

Another feature that sets LivSecure apart is smartphone control. Using the Alarm.com powered LivSecure app, you can arm/disarm, access, and control your security system as long as your phone has internet access. Although this feature has become common, LivSecure is one of the few companies that offer smartphone control to all its customers regardless of the monitoring plan they are subscribed to.


Besides security sensors, LivSecure offers security cameras that you can use to visually monitor your home wherever you are. These cameras can also record events, so even if you miss something, you can playback their recordings and stay in the loop of what happens in your own home.

Home Automation

Home Automation is one of LivSecure's strongest suits. Using the LivSecure app, you can control your lights, locks, thermostats, and other home automation devices from anywhere. You can even set up scenes and automation rules to make your home even smarter. For example, instead of individually turning off your lights at bedtime, you can create a scene within the app that turns off your smart lights and lock your doors all at the same time.

Monitoring Options

LivSecure offers three monitoring plans: LivEssential, LiveEssential +, and LivPremier. All three plans offer professional monitoring, smartphone access, dual-path monitoring, and wireless equipment. For a low activation fee and a three-year contract, you'll also get a base equipment package designed specifically for your monitoring plan. Here you can find out more about LivSecure's monitoring plans and deals.

Hardware & Technology

LivSecure equipment

The hardware you'll receive will depend on the monitoring bundle you'll choose, but all three packages share one device in common: the Qolsys IQ Panel. It acts as an in-between device that links your security system to the monitoring center. However, it does more than that. It's also an all-in-one controller, a notification center, and an information display.

Back in 2016 when we tested LivSecure, the IQ Panel was the most advanced control panel offered by Qolsys. Recently, however, they launched IQ Panel 2. It has most of the same features as the older panel, but it's more aesthetically pleasing, has a faster operating system, and offers a faster cellular chip. Unfortunately, LivSecure hasn't upgraded their equipment offer yet. If you want an alarm company that offers the latest control panel technology, check out Link Interactive instead.

Aside from the control panel, LivSecure offers the following devices:

  • Door/Window Sensor
  • Motion Sensor
  • Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Sensor
  • Security Key Fob
  • Indoor Security Camera
  • Smart Thermostat
  • Smart Socket

Unfortunately, equipment pricing is not available to the public. While LivSecure is upfront regarding monitoring cost and fees, it’s impossible to find the pricing for equipment purchased a la carte. For more information regarding equipment and features, check out our full LivSecure review.

Customer Experience:

LivSecure’s customers have access to customer support through the phone or email. For urgent concerns, customers can call LivSecure from 8am to 10pm EST Mondays to Sundays. Outside those hours, you can still send support tickets to their email address. Overall, most customers are pleased with how LivSecure treat them.

Monitoring Facilities

LivSecure refrains from sharing the location of its monitoring facilities, but they offer assurance that they have multiple monitoring centers located around the US and that all systems will always be monitored even if a natural disaster or power outage strikes part of the country.


  • What geographic locations does LivSecure Security Systems serve?

    LivSecure offers its services nationwide.

  • How long are contracts?

    LivSecure Security Systems offers three-year contracts and one-year contracts. One-year contracts require a higher upfront payment than the pricing posted on LivSecure's website.

  • How are LivSecure Security Systems installed?

    LivSecure offers self-installed security systems. A setup guide is included in every security kit and once the system is installed, there is a simple test you can run to ensure that it's connected to the monitoring center properly. For installation help, you can browse how-to videos posted on LivSecure's website or contact customer support.

  • Can I try out LivSecure Security Systems before buying? What if I decide to return it?

    Yes. LivSecure offers a 30-day risk free trial, during which you can return the system for a full refund.

  • How much does LivSecure Security Systems’ monitoring services cost?

    For a detailed review of security monitoring bundles, here’s our full assessment of LivSecure’s monitoring packages and pricing plans.

  • Are LivSecure Security Systems protected by warranty?

    Yes, there is a limited one-year warranty.

  • Are there installation or activation fees?

    Because the system is self-installed, there are no installation fees. However, there's a $99 activation fee.

  • What if I need extra help with installation and troubleshooting?

    For extra assistance, you can reference the EZ Setup Guide.1

  • Where can I get more information about LivSecure?

    Our detailed LivSecure review can help you decide whether they're the right alarm company for you. Alternatively, you can also check LivSecure's website.