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My Alarm Center Review 2020

: What To Know Before Buying Services

My Alarm Center provides professionally monitored, professionally installed home security systems. They offer cellular monitoring and wireless equipment, but a long-term contract is required as well as upfront equipment fees. Monitoring rates start at $34.99/month.

Monitoring Type: Professional
Install Type: Professional

Pros & Cons


  • Best-in-Class Technology
  • UL Listed Professional Monitoring
  • Affordable Monitoring Rates


  • You Must Request A Quote To Get Pricing Details
  • Lack Of Transparency When It Comes To Policies

The Good

My Alarm Center offers excellent professional monitoring services backed by security equipment from well-known manufacturers.

The Bad

My Alarm Center isn't transparent when it comes to equipment pricing and policies. If you choose My Alarm Center, be sure to give the contract a thorough read before signing.

Bottom Line

My Alarm Center offers high-quality professional monitoring, but its lack of transparency keeps potential customers in the dark in terms of pricing and policies. If you want a company that is more open but has the same quality of professional monitoring as My Alarm Center, check out LivSecure, a more transparent alarm company owned by My Alarm Center.

Equipment & Technology

In order to get a My Alarm Center security system, you'll need to go through the company's sales process, which includes requesting a quote and house visits. Because of this, we weren't able to gather the specifics of the devices they offer. However, My Alarm Center's website tells us that they get their equipment from a number of well-respected manufacturers.

Although we don't know exactly what products they offer, we were able to research their key features. For one, My Alarm Center offers cellular monitoring; not landline or broadband monitoring. Cellular monitoring is considered as the most secure and reliable monitoring method because it uses wireless cellular signal to communicate, unlike landline and broadband that are wired and can be disconnected.

We also know that My Alarm Center offers smartphone control via a mobile app, although this feature is reserved to those who are on the mid-tier and high-end plans. Using the app, you can arm/disarm your system remotely, monitor your system's status, and control home automation devices, and watch over your security cameras.

That brings us to the next features: home automation and cameras. We do know that My Alarm Center offers smart lighting control, energy management via smart thermostats, and access control using smart locks. We also know that they offer security cameras.

Other devices that they might offer includes:

  • Extra Keypad
  • Key Fob
  • Panic Button
  • Door/Window Sensor
  • Motion Sensor
  • Glass Break Sensor
  • Smoke Sensor
  • CO Detector
  • Flood Sensor
  • Smart Lock
  • Smart Thermostat
  • Smart Lighting Control
  • Cameras


As far as monitoring, My Alarm Center is a little bit transparent. It offers three monitoring plans: MyEssential, MyHome, and MyHome Premier.

MyEssential starts at $34.99/month. As the cheapest of the three plans, it has the most basic features. At $49.99/month, MyHome is a huge upgrade over MyEssential. It also offers basic security features, but adds in home automation and smartphone control. Being the most expensive monitoring option, MyHome Premier starting at $59.99/month, will give you access to security cameras and video monitoring features.

My Alarm Center's pricing may vary depending on your location. Also, all three plans require a long-term monitoring agreement. The contract term length may also vary.

For more information on My Alarm Center's monitoring plans, click here.

Customer Service

My Alarm Center has a customer care center operated by trained representatives that is open 24/7. Their customer care team can be contacted through email or by telephone at 866-484-4800.

On top of that, My Alarm Center has policies. Some of them are customer friendly, but the exact details are not shared with the public. That said, be sure to read the contract thoroughly before signing it.

Moving Policy

If you relocate while still under contract with My Alarm Center, you'll be able to take the system with you and continue the service in your new address. If you leave the system behind, you might also be able to transfer the contract to the new owners. However, if you cancel the contract during the move, you'll be subject to penalties.

Return Policy, Warranty, Other Policies

Unfortunately, My Alarm Center chose not to share their return policy, warranty coverage, and other policies to the public.


My Alarm Center is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. Despite the rating, they have received complaints, especially when it comes to their customer service and contracts.

There are reports ranging from tricky contract agreements to contracts that renew automatically without notice. There are also reports of customers who find it a hassle to discontinue their agreement, even after moving out of the country.

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Customer My Alarm Center Reviews

Reviewed by David on Oct. 24, 2017

My experience with ‘My Alarm Center’ - Scan Security South Hampton NY Which I like to refer to as SCAM SECURITY

So where to start.

We live in East Hampton, NY and had an alarm with ADT for many years. We had no problems with ADT, we had an alarm system with cameras and we could also control the heat, aircon and some lighting.

Two years ago I moved my business from NYC to work from home and due to the nature of my business my insurance company gave me a list of requirements for my home alarm.

After shopping around for an updated alarm system it seemed SCAM SECURITY were better options at ADT. This also felt good for me as SCAM were a local company.

So SCAMS sales guy told me nothing was a problem, it would be an easy switch over. He informed me that our existing cameras would work on SCAMS online / app system - Sounds great no? He informed me / promised me / WROTE in the contract that the new alarm would be UL certified just how my insurance company had requested - sounds amazing!

So we agreed on terms with SCAM We gave notice to ADT We informed our insurance company all sounds great

Now here comes the problem - sorry PROBLEMS

  • The installed happened a couple of days late

  • The installed guys turned up and know NOTHING about a UL rated alarm and UL listed parts

  • I spent hours on the phone with SCAM’s office, my insurance company

  • SCAM’S office informed me that we couldn’t have a UL rated alarm system, even though the sales guy sold us this and wrote it on the contract

  • We were told the cameras wouldn’t work on SCAMS online / app system unless we brought an extra part (converter) for each camera at a cost of over a thousand dollars

  • We were told that SCAMS online / app wouldn’t handle the same number of cameras that we currently had with ADT and we had two choices 1- to have less cameras 2- to have two online systems/apps at an extra monthly fee….. (and far from user-friendly having two systems/apps)

So we went for option 1 to have less cameras - funny our new SCAM alarm has less video security than our old ADT alarm

  • Our alarm installs managed to take WEEKS, not a couple of days promised. This was due to the fact of the UL rated parts, the camera nightmares and we needed parts for a large safe (vibration sensor and door sensor) and they had issues sourcing these (both were agreed and in the sales contract) This meant for a period of time we had ZERO security at our home and in turn no business insurance.

  • The wiring was left a REAL MESS by SCAM. I’ve lived and had alarms installed in Miami, NYC, London (UK), France and Greece and I can honestly say I’ve never been left with wiring in such a mess.

  • We were never trained on the system

  • After the install, we were not left with a ‘road map’ or any idea what sensor was what.

So those were the install nightmares

Then perhaps 1 year later the alarm control started to beep once every minute, this happened for hours I called and was told we had a low battery in the master bathroom window…. however we have 4 windows in the master bathroom and due to no labeling or map it was impossible to tell which one was low. After some time on the phone with support, I managed to press the old ADT keypad in the basement and the beeping stopped.

Someone from SCAM came out two days later and whilst they in my home they told me 1 window in the master bathroom was not connected to the alarm and was there a reason for this - OF-COURSE NOT - WHY WOULD WE NOT WANT AN ENTRY POINT NOT SECURED.

And then…..

A couple of nights later around 2 am BEEPING BEEPING again every minute, both my and my girlfriend tried everything and then we called support. The first girl kept on telling us to key in our 4 numbers into the keypad…. we kept telling her we didn’t have a keypad we have a touch screen and there was no number keypad….. Her not knowing the system we have is crazy Her not being training on this touch screen system is crazy.

After over 30 minutes on the phone with her, she told us she would get someone to call us to help. A girl called who was amazing, super nice and spoke us through how to work the touch screen and disable the zone which was beeping. And she promised to follow up with us the next day… which she did.

Two days later a SCAM engineer/maintenance guy came to change ALL batteries so this problem wouldn’t happen again and to also create a map / number them so we never which zone there was a problem with in future.

Whilst he was here this happened

  • firstly he was AMAZED after so many SCAM staff coming to our home we still had an ADT sign in our driveway and sticker on our front door.

  • He found and asked us why THE WINDOW ON THE GROUND FLOOR NEXT TO THE FOOR DOOR, had no sensors on and wasn’t hooked up to the alarm!!!!!!! WTF are you KIDDING me that means we have had an alarm system for over a year, we have been paying for this system BUT THE WHOLE TIME WE HAVEN'T BEEN SECURE…….

And then this morning I received a bill for maintenance, the call out to fix the errors and what we paid for over a year ago…..

It is my mission to take millions of dollars away from SCAM SECURITY by sharing my story with all my friends, every real estate broker I know, the many custom home buildings I know. I know I’ve managed to push at least a hand full of people to other companies and I’ll keep doing so.

What a terrible experience.

Reviewed by Enrique on Jul. 18, 2017

I had service with Hawk Security who was bought out by My Alarm Center. I was sent notices to have my system updated to accommodate 3G service since it was running on 2G Service which would become obsolete at the beginning of 2017. Since then My Alarm Center has been charging me for service which they can't even provide. Mind you my contract was no longer in effect and we were on a month to month. I realized what they were doing ( ripping me off since they were not providing me service) and I called them for a refund for the six months of payments that they had already taken out of my bank account. They refused. This company sucks and I would never recommend them to anyone. This is just my first review. I plan to hit every social media site and then some to get myself some justice and my money back.

Terrible customer service, huge wait times.
Reviewed by Jim on Jan. 3, 2019

Their website shows 24/7 customer service but when you call after a certain time, they have to get someone to call you back because it's really NOT 24/7. When you call, you usually have to wait about 3-4 minutes to speak with a live person, hopefully, you're a house isn't on fire, or being held at gunpoint. Once you get a live person, they'll transfer you to another department and if you're not calling during banker's hours, they'll have to put in a ticket for someone to call you back. Don't waste your money on this company. My Alarm Center does a very poor job of taking care of their customers.