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What Is Scout Alarm?

Scout is a young company that offers hybrid, self-installed security systems. The system is hybrid because it can function three ways: as a local alarm with no monthly fees, as a self-monitored system with a minimal monthly fee, and as a professionally monitored system with police dispatch.

Scout Alarm Service Area & Coverage Map

Who Is Scout?

Scout was a Chicago-based startup that launched its first product in 2013 through an independent crowdfunding campaign. The idea was to provide a security system that doesn't force things like monthly fees and contracts. During its first few years, that's exactly what Scout offered: a security system that works with or without a monthly fee and that's what made it stood out in the growing crowd of hybrid security systems. However, things changed in 2016. Scout started charging for features that used to be free and the "no-monthly-fee" option, although still available, became unideal.

On a positive note, Scout never ceased to evolve. The company launched new products, including sensors and a brand new hub, improved its service, and enhanced its app.

Why They're Different

Over the years, Scout has lost the things that made it truly unique, but that doesn't mean that it's no longer a good alarm provider. If you compare it traditional alarm companies, Scout still stands out. To this day, Scout's "no pressure, no contract" approach remains its best quality. If you want to use the system without paying monthly fees, that's cool. If you're paying a monthly fee and you want to cancel, that's okay, too. Scout doesn't tie its users into contracts so you're free to opt in and opt out anytime. You can even pay for monitoring for a couple of months, quit, and then revive the subscription months later.

Who's It For?

Scout is for homeowners and renters alike. The system is completely wireless and easy to install.There is no drilling required. On top of that, it can be up and running in just under two minutes. The system is also ideal for those who are planning to move. Because it's wireless, you can simply take it down, box it up, and install it in your new home. Finally, it will work for you whether you're looking for a professionally monitored or self-monitored security system. You can even switch between the two monitoring options from time to time.

Key Features & Tech

  • Mobile Control
  • Redundancy
  • Optional Professional Monitoring
  • Home Automation

Mobile Control

Instant mobile monitoring with the Scout Alarm app ensures you always have access to monitor your home, no matter where you are. There are two versions of the app, including one for iOS and one for Android, with the option to voice-control devices using Google Assistant and/or Alexa. The app allows users to view notifications based on events and provides the ability to remotely arm and disarm the system as well as customize modes.


For as low as $9.99 a month, Scout owners can purchase an “Always On” monitoring plan. This fee activates the 3G chip that is embedded in the hub. If your internet fails, the system will stay connected using a cellular signal. If the power goes out, the hub includes battery backup. Redundancy means you stay protected. While 4G activation requires a fee, battery backup is a free feature for all Scout owners.

Optional Professional Monitoring

Scout Alarm offers a professional monitoring service for additional reassurance and security. The monitoring service provides verification of incidents, as well as police dispatch on the homeowner or renter’s behalf. Unlike multiple other home security system options, Scout stands apart because of their “no contract” feature which allows users to pay month to month, and cancel at any time.

Home Automation

Along the way, Scout has made good friends in the smart home industry. The Scout system now integrates with Nest, Philips Hue, Wemo, Lifx, IFTTT, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant.

Monitoring Options

Scout offers two monitoring plans that are both contract-free: AlwaysOn and AlwaysOn+.

Both plans activate the 4G cellular chip inside the hub, give you access to the Scout mobile app, and enable email and text alerts. AlwaysOn is the self-monitoring option, while AlwaysOn+ is professionally monitored.

For more information regarding Scout's monitoring plans, check out our in-depth Scout review.

Hardware & Technology

Scout's hardware offering consists of a the Scout Hub, a Door Panel, a bunch of security and environment sensors, an indoor camera, a Yale smart lock, and a key fob. Scout also provides yard signs and window decals.

The stars of the show are the Scout Hub and Door Panel.

The Scout Hub is a router-like device and its job is to connect your security sensors and devices to you and the monitoring center. It may not do much physically, but it's the device that runs the show.

The Door Panel is simply a control panel designed to be placed near your front door for easy access. Instead of a touchscreen interface or keypad, however, it has a RFID reader that allows you to arm or disarm your security system using RFID tags or stickers. Two RFID key fobs and one RFID sticker come with the Door Panel, but you can always buy more fobs or RFID stickers.

For more information about Scout's features and equipment, you can visit our comprehensive Scout Alarm review.

Add-On Equipment Pricing

  • Door Panel: $50
  • Access Sensor: $20
  • Motion Sensor: $30
  • Scout Indoor Camera: $99
  • Smoke & CO Detector: $50
  • Glass Break Sensor: $50
  • Water Sensor: $30
  • Yale Smart Lock: $229
  • RFID Key Fob: $4.99
  • RFID Sticked: $2.49

Customer Experience

If you're a customer, Scout provides a variety of support materials and channels. If you need help with installation, there are tutorial videos on Scout's website. If you need help troubleshooting your system, Scout has an extensive knowledge base. And if you can't find the answers you're looking for, you can always email or call Scout. Both channels are active seven days a week between 9AM and 6PM.


  • What geographic locations does Scout serve?

    Scout is available nationwide in all 50 states.

  • How long are contracts?

    The advantage of Scout is that there are no contracts. You're free to opt out of the service anytime.

  • How are Scout Security Systems installed?

    Scout is DIY installed. The system will ship to you pre-configured so you can get it up and running in just a few minutes.

  • Can I try out Scout Security Systems before buying? What if I decide to return it?

    Scout has a 60-day return policy, but only products ordered through their website can be returned. You must also ensure that the product is in good condition and has the complete accessories. Otherwise, Scout reserves the right to charge a 10% restocking fee or refuse the item.

  • How much does Scout Security Systems’ monitoring services cost?

    For a detailed review of security monitoring bundles, here’s our full assessment of Scout’s monitoring packages and pricing plans.

  • How much does the Scout Security Systems equipment cost?

    For more details on equipment bundles, check out our full review of Scout’s equipment packages and pricing plans.

  • Are Scout Security Systems protected by warranty?

    Yes, there is a three-year warranty.

  • Are there installation or activation fees?

    No. The system is self-installed and there are no activation fees.