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Slomin's Plans, Deals, and Promotions

Ready to purchase a Slomin's Shield security system? Unfortunately, Slomin's doesn't offer pricing plans on their website, so the only way to know the real cost is by requesting a quote. This article, however, will give you an idea on what to expect from the sales process as well as a high-level overview of Slomin's pricing.

What To Expect From Slomin's

Getting started with Slomin's requires getting in touch with them and requesting an in-home visit in order to get a quote. Most alarm companies employ this type of sales process so they can send you sales reps who are trained to close deals. Often, sales reps are pushy and their only goal is to make a sale. Fortunately, that's not the case with Slomin's. In reading customer reviews, we've seen a number of customers applauding Slomin's sales reps for not being pushy and for actually being helpful. Several customers pointed out that they had a pleasant experience dealing with Slomin's sales reps and that the process didn't feel like they're being pushed to make a purchase.

In order to get a final quote, you'll need to select  your equipment and monitoring package. You can start with the free basic equipment that includes a touchscreen control panel, a motion sensor, and three door/window sensors and then add more sensors, home automation products, or cameras as needed. Although the basic package is free, any additional products must be paid upfront.

As far as monitoring, Slomin's monthly rate starts at $33.95, but adding security cameras, home automation products, and mobile app features will increase the monthly fee to $46.95. Unfortunately, these pricing plans are only offered to homeowners who have never had any service from Slomin's before. Returning customers and renters get a different rate.

Other Fees You Should Know About

If you get a security system from Slomin's, there's an upfront fee (for any equipment you add to the basic package) and a monthly fee (for the monitoring service), but there are also other fees you should know about.

Installation Fee

Slomin's offers free professional installation, but only for the equipment you purchase upfront. If you buy additional products after the initial installation, an installation fee is required. The total cost will depend on the item you had installed. Paying an installation fee is also required if you relocate to a new home and take the system with you.

Service Calls

Slomin's also offers maintenance services including repairs. During the first year of use, your security system is covered by a limited warranty. They will service any equipment affected by normal wear and tear for free. After the initial year, however, service calls won't be free. Slomin's has a standard rate for non-emergency and emergency repairs done during normal office hours and a separate rate for emergency repairs done outside office hours.

Alarm Permit

Some cities and counties within Slomin's service area requires an alarm permit prior to installing a professionally monitored security system. Alarm permits cost around $20 in most cities and can be obtained from your local police department of city hall.

Ways To Save

Getting a security system is an investment, but that doesn't mean it's okay to pass up on discount opportunities. If you're looking to get a security system from Slomin's, here are a few ways you can save.


Slomin's doesn't always offer promotional deals, but when they do, it's a good way to cut down your equipment or even monitoring expenditure. They sometimes offer free or highly discounted equipment packages, lowered introductory monitoring rates, and more. Keep an eye out for promotional discounts.


If you're already using Slomin's services for your heating and air conditioning system, you may be able to get discounts as a loyal customer. Before getting a quote, mention that you're also using their other services and who knows? They might be generous enough to give you freebies.


Another good way to save money is to negotiate. Some sales reps have the authority to offer you a better deal, so take advantage of that and try to squeeze out a better offer from your sales rep.

Get Your Insurance Discount

Insurance companies are keen to offer discounts to customers who prove that they're doing their part in protecting their own homes, such as by getting a security system. Once your system is up and running, you may request a monitoring certificate from Slomin's. Simply show the certificate to your insurance adjuster and ask about your insurance discount.