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What Is Smith Thompson?

Smith Thompson is a Texas-based company that offers professionally monitored home security systems and monitoring take over. They pride themselves on having no contract requirements and keeping their monitoring rates the same since 1978.

Smith Thompson Service Area & Coverage Map

What Is Smith Thompson?

Smith Thompson is a Texas-based company that offers professionally monitored home security systems and monitoring take over. They pride themselves on having no contract requirements and keeping their monitoring rates the same since 1978.

Smith Thompson History & Overview

Currently headquartered in Plano, Texas, Smith Thompson is a family-owned and locally operated home security company. They offer services around the areas of Dallas, Ft. Worth, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin. It was established in 1978, and it proudly claims that their monitoring rates remained the same since then. Their monitoring cost starts at $16.95. They also take pride in the fact that they offer month-to-month contracts unlike most alarm companies that require long-term contracts.

Currently, Smith Thompson offers wired and wireless security systems. Their basic home security system is built around a DSC master control panel. Although it looks a little dated, it offers smartphone access for an additional monthly charge. Smith Thompson also offers a more advanced home automation system built around a touchscreen control panel from Qolsys. The Qolsys control panel supports security cameras and smart home devices.

Why They're Different

What makes Smith Thompson different from most alarm companies is the fact that their monitoring rates are affordable. The company claims that their introductory rate of $16.95 is the same rate they offered back when the company was founded.

Another interesting thing about Smith Thompson is that they don't require contracts. If you wish to cancel the service, you're free to do so anytime without incurring penalties to yourself.

Smith Thompson Equipment Overview

Smith Thompson offers two types of equipment, one for the basic home security system and another for the home security plus automation system.

The basic home security system is built around an analog keypad and master control panel from DSC. The master control panel is wired, but you can add a cellular wireless transmitter that allows the connection of wireless sensors and transmission of alerts via cellular signal.

The home security + automation system includes a touchscreen control panel. It's completely wireless, has battery backup, and uses cellular signal to communicate. It's also Wi-Fi enabled.

Both systems support a variety of home security equipment, like motion sensors, door/window sensors, glass break sensors, key fob remotes, smoke & heat detectors, and more. However, the components are not backwards compatible. The basic system's motion sensor, for example, doesn't work with the touchscreen panel, and the touchscreen panel's motion sensor doesn't work with DSC.

The DSC panel supports:

  • LCD Keypads — $99
  • Motion Sensors — $99
  • Glass Break Sensors — $99
  • Cellular Wireless Transmitter — $89
  • Keyfob Remote — $49
  • Door/Window Sensor — $29
  • Battery Backup — $25
  • Smoke/Heat Detector — $129

On the other hand, the Qolsys panel supports:

  • Motion Sensors — $99
  • Glass Break Sensors — $99
  • Smoke/Heat Sensors — $99
  • Carbon Monoxide Sensors — $99
  • Flood Detectors — $99
  • Door/Window Sensors — $29
  • Z-Wave Appliance Modules — $59
  • Z-Wave Dimmable Bulbs — $59
  • Extra Keypads — $199
  • Temperature Sensors — $39
  • Z-Wave Smart Thermostat — $149
  • Garage Door Controller — $199
  • Z-Wave Plus Smart Lock — $249
  • HD Indoor Camera — $99
  • HD Doorbell — $199
  • HD Slimline Doorbell — $199
  • HD Outdoor Camera — $199

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Smith Thompson Monitoring Overview

Besides security and automation equipment, Smith Thompson offers professional monitoring services. They operate a privately owned, UL-listed central station located in Plano, Texas. Although it lacks redundancy, meaning there' only one office and no backup station to take charge in case the main office fails to operate, it does have contingency measures. It has dual uninterruptible power supplies, backup diesel-powered generators, fully redundant servers, fully redundant telephone networks, and the entire building is access controlled and under 24-hour surveillance.

One of the best things about Smith Thompson's monitoring service is that it's contract-free. If you do purchase from them, you're not obligated to continue using their service for years. On top of that, the monitoring rate is affordable, and according to Smith Thompson, they were able to keep the price as low as it was when the company was founded in 1978. Monitoring rates start at $16.95 per month.

  • Smartphone Access
  • Home Automation
  • Video Surveillance Features
  • No-Contract Monitoring
  • Starts At $16.95/month

Smith Thompson Customer Service Overview

Locally operated family-owned alarm companies are known for delivering high-quality customer service. They are accessible, easy to talk to, and not hidden behind corporate policies. On top of that, their customers are within a couple hours away from their offices, so scheduling a service call is easy.

The most convenient way to contact Smith Thompson is by phone. They have a separate customer hotline for each of their four offices and they also have a toll free hotline. In addition, you can leave a message on Smith Thompson's website. They also have an extensive FAQ section and video tutorials.


  • What's Smith Thompson's service area?

    Smith Thompson only caters to Texas residents. They have an office in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, and San Antonion.

  • Do I need a landline or internet?

    The basic security system requires landline, but you may add a cellular transmitted to use cellular signal instead. The home automation system uses cellular for monitoring, but some system components, like cameras, require broadband.

  • Is there a contract?

    There is no contract. You can cancel the service anytime, but the system will remain in your possession and won't be refunded.

  • Can I move my system with me if I relocate?

    If you're moving within their service area, and if you own a wireless system, then yes.

  • Where can I find out more about Smith Thompson?

    We wrote an in-depth review of Smith Thompson's offers here. You may also check out their website to get more information.

  • How much will it cost me to set up a Smith Thompson system?

    The actual cost will depend on your equipment and monitoring choice. Check out our review of Smith Thompson's pricing plans, deals, and promotions for more information.