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Smith Thompson Plans, Deals, and Promotions

Ready to make a purchase? This guide outlines Smith Thompson's pricing plans, how you can save, and other fees you should know about before buying services.

Wireless Monitoring Plan

Wireless Monitoring by Smith Thompson is an entry-level professional monitoring plan with basic features. A basic control panel is included in this plan that provides Smith Thompson monitoring access to your security system.
Install Typeprofessional
Plan TypeProfessional Monitoring + Kit
Primary Connection TypeCellular
Battery Backup
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Wireless Monitoring + Interactive Plan

Wireless Monitorign + Interactive offers the same features and control panel as Wireless Monitoring, but it also gives you monitoring access to your security system via the Smith Thompson smartphone app.
Install Typeprofessional
Plan TypeProfessional Monitoring + Kit
Primary Connection TypeCellular
Remote Monitoring App
Battery Backup
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Monitoring With Smart Home Features Plan

Monitoring With Smart Home Features is the ultimate monitoring plan offered by Smith Thompson that includes a smarter control panel. It has all the features that they offer, including camera access, smart home automation, and home security monitoring.
Includes Home Automation
Install Typeprofessional
Plan TypeProfessional Monitoring
Primary Connection TypeCellular
Redundant ConnectionBroadband
Remote Monitoring App
Battery Backup
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Monitoring Plans Explained

Smith Thompson's monitoring rates start at $16.95 per month, but this doesn't necessarily mean that your monitoring package will have the same pricing. Your monthly rate will ultimately be decided by your equipment choice.

If you choose the basic security system that uses the DSC control panel, the starting monthly rate is $16.95. This covers for professional monitoring only. If you want smartphone access, an additional $6.95/month will be charged to your account, amounting to $23.94/month.

If you get the more advanced system with a touchscreen Qolsys control panel, the starting rate is $29.95. It's more expensive, but it includes professional monitoring, smartphone access, smart home features and integration, and video surveillance features.

Of course, the features you'll have access to depends on the actual components you add to your system. To enjoy the full potential of the Qolsys control panel, you need to purchase smart home products and cameras.

Speaking of equipment purchases, Smith Thompson's security systems are offered separately and must be purchased upfront. You can also buy additional equipment once your system is up and running.

Other Fees You Should Know About

Besides the equipment and monitoring fee, there are a few other fees that will likely be charged to you. It's vital to know these extra fees so you don't be surprised when you receive a bill for these charges.

Installation Fee

Smith Thompson requires professional installation, and as expected, there's an installation fee. The flat rate is $89, but this may change depending on the layout of your system. Generally, if your security system requires drilling or if you have outdoor security cameras, there will be additional charges.

Service Calls

If you need help troubleshooting your system, you can schedule a service call through the customer support hotline. Each trip of the technician to your house is charged $59 plus materials and labor charges if the repair or maintenance service requires additional parts.

Alarm Permit

In cities that require an alarm permit, you must obtain the permit first before buying any service or equipment from Smith Thompson. A permit will cost you around $20. On top of that, your city might also charge penalties if they respond to a false alarm.

Ways To Save

If you're eyeing a Smith Thompson security system, there are several ways to get equipment and services at a lower price.

Equipment Packages

Smith Thompson usually sells their products individually, but you can actually request equipment packages. Equipment packages are pre-built systems. You can customize it by adding more components, but you can't take away products that are already in the package. Generally, equipment packages will cost you less than if you buy your equipment individually.

Plan Your Layout

A sales rep will come to your house and make a recommendation, but it's better if you plan your security system layout yourself prior to the visit. For example, your sales rep might recommend placing a door/window sensor on every first-floor window, but in reality, it's much more practical to place motion sensors to monitor a room with multiple windows.

Ask For Promotions

Smith Thompson's rates are already pretty low, but occasionally, they would offer promotions that further bring down their rates or equipment pricing. These promotion, however, are usually not posted on their website, so the sales rep comes to visit, ask if they have any promotions running.

Claim Your Insurance Discount

Finally, once the system is up and running, you may ask your homeowners insurance provider for an insurance discount by obtaining a certificate of monitoring from Smith Thompson and showing it to your insurance provider. This discount is given to homeowners who use security systems.