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Swann Plans, Deals, and Promotions

Ready to make a purchase? Here's what you should know about Swann's pricing, subscription fees, and more.

Swann's Pricing Explained

Swann's cameras are self-monitored and there are no monthly fees required to use them. With that said, the cost of owning a Swann system mostly comes from the equipment fee. To get started, you must purchase all the hardware you need from Swann, from cameras to recorders. They don't offer a financing option, so you must pay the full price of the products. On the bright side, you have the freedom to expand your system anytime, so if you want, you can start with a few cameras and then eventually add more.

Although not a requirement to use their cameras, Swann offers premium cloud storage with monthly fees to customers who want to expand their cameras' cloud storage space. This feature is offered to wire-free and wireless camera users.

All wire-free and wireless cameras come with a 2-day cloud storage space for free. All event videos are stored in the cloud for two days, during which you can playback, download, or save them. Premium cloud storage, offered at $4.99 a month or $49.99 a year per camera, extends the storage period to 30 days. On top of that, it gives the user rights to use premium phone support that is available 24/7. As long as you're paying for the subscription, you can call the phone support hotline to ask for technical help. Those who are not subscribed can only use phone support for the first 90 days of use of their camera and then they can only use email or live chat to talk to customer support.

You can choose which cameras to give access to premium cloud storage. If you have five cameras, for example, you can buy only two subscriptions and leave the other three with basic cloud storage.

Ways To Save

Putting security cameras in your home can be an expensive endeavor, but with Swann, there are several ways to lower down the initial or long-term cost.

Discount Codes

If you scour the internet, Swann regularly offers discount codes especially to new customers. You can these codes when shopping on Swann's website. Generally, they lower the equipment cost, but some discount codes also provide discounts on the monthly cloud subscription fees.

Shop Elsewhere

If you can't find discount codes from Swann, you may try looking for vouchers from online retailers. Swann is available on Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, and other retailers.

Buy In Bulk

Swann also offers multi-camera packages. They are usually offered at a discounted rate, so buying in bulk is a good idea if you plan on buying multiple cameras.

Plan Your Layout

Planning the layout of your security camera system helps you determine exactly what you need and prevent you from overbuying. Start by planning where you want to place your cameras and what you want to monitor. For example, instead of placing two cameras in a wide room, you might want to consider getting a pan-and-tilt camera to monitor the entire room.