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What Is Uxari?

Uxari is a home security company that provides a full suite of security and automation products powered by Alarm.com. They offer 24/7 professional monitoring and home automation features under a three-year contract with a one-time fee. They use a modular approach to link home automation and security devices under one system.

Nationwide Service Coverage

Who is Uxari?

Since 2002, Uxari has earned its place as one of the top home security providers in South Florida. Based in Naples, Uxari offers a wide selection of home security products and systems to customers  in all 50 states (home automation features, however, are only offered in Southern Florida). They provide Alarm.com technology and products to customers.

Why They’re Different

Uxari stands out not because of what they offer, but how they offer such features. The company utilizes a modular approach that unifies many different home automation and security devices under a single system.

While some companies have an upfront equipment fee or provide a pre-determined set of devices for free with a long-term contract, Uxari takes a different approach: points. Each monitoring plan includes a control panel with a set number of devices and a certain number of equipment points to “purchase” any device you want.

Who They’re For

Uxari is ideal for those who want to fully integrate their home security and automation systems. Wireless technology means the system works for homeowners and renters, alike.

Plus, thanks to their free-movers policy, if you move to a new home you may simply take your system with you. Uxari does not charge a reconnection fee.

Key Features & Tech

  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  • Cellular Monitoring
  • Locked-In Rates
  • 2-Way Intercom
  • Mobile App
  • DIY Installation
  • Points System
  • Home Automation

Mobile App

Uxari allows customers to remotely control and monitor their alarm systems via a Mobile app powered by Alarm.com, one of the foremost home security brands. The app, which is available for both Android and iOS systems, will let any internet-connected smartphone control your security system from anywhere in the world. If an emergency event is detected, the app will also sends push alerts to your phone.

Monitoring Service Options

Unlike most competitors that charge equipment fees or provide a pre-determined set of devices with a long-term contract agreement, Uxari uses a points based system.

Uxari offers three package plans. Each monitoring plan comes with a control panel as well as a set number of devices determined by your plan. But instead of giving you a pre-set collection of devices, they provide equipment points, which you use to “purchase” any device you want.

Uxari offers three primary packages at three different price points, starting at $29.99. All plans offer 24/7 Professional Monitoring and Mobile App Access. Uxari provides cellular monitoring, but does not offer broadband or landline. Contracts are three years in length. There are no equipment fees.

The following services come with 24/7 Professional Monitoring:

  • 2-Way Intercom
  • Police Dispatch
  • Fire Department Dispatch
  • Medical Dispatch

For more information on monitoring bundles, check out our full review of Uxari’s monitoring packages and pricing plans.

Hardware & Technology

Uxari offers its signature high-quality Alarm.com brand products to customers. While Uxari offers a wide selection of security equipment and technology, one device stands above the crowd: the Go!Control 3 (GC3) control panel. Each monitoring plan comes with this 7-inch touchscreen control panel which functions as the nerve center behind the entire Uxari system. With a touchscreen interface, the GC3 connects all of your security and home automation devices.

Along with the GC3, there are a variety of security sensors. Uxari offers motion sensors, door/window sensors, smoke detectors, CO detectors, and water sensors. These devices are wireless and Uxari’s system communicates via a cellular signal, which are less vulnerable to potential disruptions.

Finally there are a number of security camera and surveillance offerings. One popular option is the SkyBell HD doorbell camera, which streams motion-detected videos to your phone and provides two-way communication. In addition, you can select the 720p HD wireless indoor camera, which supports live streaming to your mobile devices via the Alarm.com app, night vision and a 110° wide angle lens. Another top choice is the outdoor camera, which is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, dust, and water. A wire-free battery-powered image sensor, which captures snapshots of motion events, is another commonly purchased device.

Here’s a full list of equipment offerings:

Surveillance Cameras

  • Indoor Cameras
  • Outdoor Cameras
  • Doorbell Cameras
  • Tilt & Pan Cameras

Environmental Protection

  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Flood
  • Temperature Change
  • Smoke

Life Safety

  • Panic Button

Customer Support Experience

Uxari has mixed reviews when it comes to customer experience but they do make it easy to communicate. They offer multiple lines of communication for customers, who are able to talk to a real person, 7 days a week. There’s live chat support via their website, an open phone line for queries, a customer support hotline for those who are already customers, and a separate line for cancelling false alarms. Their phone line hours are Monday – Saturday, 7 am – 8 pm EST and Sunday, 9 am – 6 pm ES

Uxari support performed well during our secret-shopping test via the live chat feature on their website. A friendly agent transparently answered most of our questions, explained equipment and monitoring plans and even informed us of the activation fee. Other companies hesitate to discuss pricing (and definitely avoid additional fees).

Of course, not all customers were satisfied. Common complaints include misleading contract explanations or failure to live up to the equipment warranty.1

Awards & Rankings

Uxari has a stellar A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Since 2016, the company is also a BBB Accredited Business. While the company has five stars on BBB, there is only a single review.

Uxari is also HomeAdvisor screened & approved, having earned its Seal of Approval.


  • Where are Uxari monitoring services available?

    Uxari home security is available throughout all fifty states. Home automation, however, is offered only in Southern Florida.

  • Is there a trial period to use Uxari home security equipment and services before purchasing?

    Yes. All Uxari services come with a 30-day, risk-free trial. In fact, they will even pay for return shipping.