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Uxari Plans, Deals, and Promotions

Uxari's pricing is pretty straightforward. They offer a couple of monitoring plans, each with an equipment kit included. Their monitoring plan rates starts at $29.99 per month and their more expensive plan is $39.99 per month. Both plans come with a three-year contract.

Home Protect Kit Plan

Home Protect is a basic monitoring plan that covers 24/7 professional monitoring, smartphone access, and police, fire, and medical emergency dispatch. It also comes with free equipment including a motion sensor and door/window sensors.
Return Period30 days
Install Typeself
Plan TypeProfessional Monitoring + Kit
Primary Connection TypeCellular
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Home Connect Kit Plan

Home Connect Kit is a more advanced monitoring plan that uses a full-touchscreen control panel and comes with the same features as Home Protect. This plan also comes with free equipment, but with an upgrader touchscreen panel.
Return Period30 days
Install Typeself
Plan TypeProfessional Monitoring + Kit
Primary Connection TypeCellular
Remote Monitoring App
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Uxari Monitoring Plans

PlanPricePromo PriceContract Length
Home Protect Kit$29.99/mo--
Home Connect Kit$39.99/mo--

Uxari Monitoring Plans Explained

Uxari's pricing structure is divided into two tiers: Home Protect and Home Connect.

Home Protect is a basic security monitoring plan with a $29.99 monthly rate. The rate covers 24/7 professional monitoring of burglary, home invasion, fire, and medical emergencies, smartphone access, and a basic equipment kit. The kit includes a semi-touchscreen control panel (2GIG Go!Control 2), a motion sensor, two door/window sensors, and a set of window decals and yard signs.

Home Connect's monthly rate is $39.99 and it offers the exact same features as Home Protect. The only difference is the control panel. Home Protect comes with a semi-touchscreen 2GIG Go!Control 2 control panel, while Home Connect comes with a 2GIG Go!Control 3 full-touchscreen control panel. Home Connect still comes with a motion sensor and two door/window sensors.

Of course, Uxari doesn't expect you to rely on the provided equipment to secure your entire home. They offer add-on equipment for the price of $20 per point. Some devices are equivalent to one point, while others are equivalent to two points. For example, a door/window sensor is 1 point, so it costs $20. A motion sensor, on the other hand, is equivalent to 2 points, so its price is $40.

  • Regular Door/Window Sensors — 1 point
  • Recessed Door Sensor — 2 points
  • Motion Sensor — 2 points
  • Fire Sensor — 4 points
  • Garage Door Sensor — 2 points
  • Water Sensor — 2 points
  • Keychain Remote — 1 point
  • Smoke Detector — 4 points

The point system only covers the security and life safety-related products and sensors. Cameras and home automation products cost extra plus they add a fixed rate to your monthly fee. Buying home automation products will raise your monthly fee by $5 while cameras will add $10 to your monthly fee.

Uxari offers:


  • Smart Thermostats — $129
  • Smart Lock — $199
  • Garage Door Controller — $129
  • Image Sensor — $139


  • Doorbell Camera — $199
  • Indoor Camera — $139
  • Outdoor Camera — $199
  • Amazon Echo — $49

Other Fees You Should Know About

Uxari's pricing is pretty straightforward, but there are still lesser-known or even hidden fees you should know about. First, in addition to the monthly fee, there's a one-time $49 activation fee upon purchase of your system. They will charge it to you once the system is installed and linked to their monitoring center.

You should also be aware that there's a three-year contract with every plan and cancelling service before the end of the contract will subject you to penalties. If you wish to cancel, you will need to buyout your contract and pay your entire remaining balance.