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What Is Vintage Security?

Vintage Security is a full-service integrator offering home security system and installation and monitoring, home automation products installation, and entertainment systems setup. They provide their services to the Northern Virginia, Washington D.C, and Maryland areas.

Vintage Security Service Area & Coverage Map

Vintage Security History & Overview

Vintage Security's focus has always been on providing security and safety-centered products that are custom-built for each individual customer. Their primary products are security systems, but they also install home automation systems, entertainment systems, and video surveillance products. They also work with local home builders and provide whole-home wiring and networking services.

Vintage Security was founded in 2001 and it has since grown to establish multiple offices in Maryland and Virginia. They currently have three offices in Jessup and Prince Frederick, MD and in Chantilly, VA. They also offer services to residents and small business owners in Washington D.C.

Why They're Different

Vintage Security offers high-tech products both in the security, home automation, and entertainment department. Because they are a full-service integrator, they can help you in whatever stage of homeownership you are, whether you're constructing a new house, renovating, or already occupying the place.

Equipment Overview

As a full-service integrator, Vintage Security gets their equipment from different manufacturers. In the home security department, they offer products from Alarm.com and Qolsys. These two manufacturers also provide equipment to Frontpoint, our highest rated alarm company for 2023, and Link Interactive, another of our top-pick alarm companies. This only means that Vintage Security, despite being a local company, gets its equipment from the industry-best manufacturers. Besides security-centric products, Vintage Security provides life safety products that tie into the security system, including smoke alarms, medical alert systems, and security cameras.

Vintage security also partnered with Origin Acoustics, Legrand, and Sony in order to provide home theater systems and smart home products.

The home security systems Vintage provides are completely wireless; the smart home system and home theater setups, on the other hands, are mostly wired, which is one reason why they require professional installation. Vintage recommends installing these systems during construction and renovations, but they can also perform installations on homes that are already built.

Monitoring Overview

Vintage Security's primary service is installation and maintenance of the systems they sell, but they also offer monitoring services. It's unclear, based on the information we gathered online, what their monitoring service entails, but we do know that they are certified to send police, fire, and medical alert dispatch. We also know that their wireless systems powered by Alarm.com supports smartphone control.

They’re less-than-transparent when it comes to contracts and contract duration. . Vintage Security requires a long-term contract if you're a security system user with professional monitoring services. Some sources say that the contract length is 3 years, but many existing customers also claim they were given a 5-year contract.

Head over here for a deeper explanation of what to expect with Vintage Security's pricing plans and deals.

Customer Service Overview

When it comes to customer service, there are two ways customers can contact Vintage Security. First, they can call the toll-free hotline. The second option is to leave a message on Vintage Security's website and hope to get an email response or call from them.

In reading countless customer reviews, we found a good number of pleased customers, but we also found some who are just as equally displeased. Many have commended Vintage Security for having sales reps who are not as pushy as most alarm companies, and also installers who are courteous, professional, and knowledgeable. On the other hand, most complaints stemmed from difficulty cancelling their contracts and issues in billing.

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