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Vintage Security Reviews 2023

: What To Know Before Buying Services

Vintage Security is a full-service integrator that providers professionally installed, professionally monitored home security systems, home automation devices, and home theater systems. They offer wireless equipment backed by cellular monitoring with 3 to 5-year service contracts.

Monitoring Type: Professional
Install Type: Professional

Pros & Cons


  • Full-Service Home Integrator
  • Alarm.com & Qolsys Equipment
  • Cellular Monitoring


  • Local & Limited Availability
  • Long-Term Contracts
  • Lack of Transparency

The Good

Vintage Security is a full-service integrator that can handle installation of home security, automation, and entertainment systems. They offer equipment from two of the most reputable manufacturers in the security market.

The Bad

Vintage Security is only available in Maryland, northern part of Virginia, and Washington D.C. If you move outside their coverage area, you may be subjected to penalties in violation of their long-term service contracts.

Bottom Line

Vintage Security is a good consideration if your home is under construction and you're looking to add security, automation, and entertainment features to it.

Sales Process

Vintage Security's sales process starts with an in-home visit and ends with professional installation. First, you request a sales rep to come assess your security needs. After the visit, the rep will give you a quote on the equipment and service you agreed upon. Once you confirm your purchase and sign the contract, they'll schedule an installation appointment. On the installation day, you will get a time window during which the technician will arrive.

To request an in-home visit, fill out this form on Vintage Security's website.

Vintage Security Equipment Review

Because they offer multiple equipment types, Vintage Security also partnered with several equipment manufacturers. They get their products from Alarm.com, Qolsys, Legrand, Origin Acoustics, and Sony. However, because home security is our primary interest, let's talk about Alarm.com and Qolsys.

One of Qolsys' most popular products is the IQ Panel 2, a touchscreen tablet-like control panel capable of wirelessly connecting to and controlling home security and home automation systems. It's also capable of communicating through Wi-Fi and cellular signal. IQ Panel 2 is known for its built-in security features. For one, it has a glass break sensor, so that if someone breaks a window near your control panel, the monitoring center is notified. It also has an 85dB siren that acts as a warning system and intruder deterrent. One of our favorites is the built-in camera. This camera takes a photo every time the system is disarmed and sends it to your email. That way, you can monitor who had disarmed your security system while you're away. Finally, it has a battery backup. Even without power, it can continue to watch over your home and send alerts to the monitoring center.

The control panel isn't alone. It's backed up by a supporting cast of security sensors and life safety sensors, such as smoke alarms and medical emergency response systems.

Alarm.com is also a security systems manufacturer, but its main contribution is the Alarm.com app. The Alarm.com mobile app controls the IQ Panel 2 remotely, even outside your home as long as your phone is connected to the internet. This will allow you to arm or disarm your security system from anywhere, manage your sensors, and even control smart home device.

In the area of home automation, Alarm.com also takes the lead. Alarm.com's smart thermostat is known to work with IQ Panel 2, allowing you to control your indoor temperature using the control panel itself. Alarm.com and IQ Panel 2 also integrates with smart locks, garage door controllers, and small appliance/lamp modules.

Vintage Security also offers security cameras and video surveillance systems. They don't explicitly tell which cameras they offer, but it's possible that they use Alarm.com cameras as well. Alarm.com offers indoor and outdoor cameras and they also have an indoor camera with a built-in Bluetooth speaker.


With regards to installation, everything is done by a professional. Vintage Security recommends getting installation service during construction or renovations because it makes the job easier for their technicians and the results are usually better. However, you can still get installation jobs done even if your home is already built.

Professional installation, of course, requires an installation fee. Vintage Security hasn't disclosed the installation fee price, but it most likely depends on what type of system you're looking to have installed.

Vintage Security Monitoring Review

Installing security systems, smart home products, and whole-home entertainment systems is Vintage Security's primary business, but they also provide monitoring services for their home security system users. Vintage Security offers several monitoring plans and deals to their customers, with features including professional monitoring with police, fire department, and medical emergency dispatch. Unfortunately, the month rate pricing is undisclosed. If you wish to get a quote, you may fill out this form.


One of the most dreaded parts of owning a professionally monitored security system is the contract, and yes, Vintage Security does require a long-term service contract. According to our research, the minimum contract term length is 3 years, but it may go as long as 5 years for some customers. Considering the contract term length, and the fact that Vintage Security's service area is limited, we advise you to consider other options if you have plans to relocate within five years. As is proven by the testimonials of those who have tried, getting out of the service contract from Vintage Security isn't easy and it often requires hefty penalty payments. If you have prospects of relocating, we recommend finding an alarm company that covers a broader service area, perhaps even a company that is available nationwide with a customer-friendly moving policy.

Vintage Security Customer Service Review

When it comes to security companies, customer service and experience can make or break the company. So let's take a gander at the type of customer service Vintage Security offers.

Customer Support Availability

Customers may get support by calling Vintage Security's toll-free hotline or by leaving a support ticket on their website's contact form. Unfortunately, the toll-free hotline is only available during normal office hours. If you need help outside office hours, your only option is to leave a message through the contract form. Agents usually respond to messages within 1 hour to 24 hours.

As shared by many Vintage Security customers on consumer review sites, Vintage Security's support availability is limited. What if your system breaks down in the middle of the night, or worse, during the weekends? That could leave your home unprotected for days.

Customer Support Quality

As for the quality of Vintage Security's customer support, customer views vary. Many find their support staff helpful, but some are complaining about their lack of product knowledge, inaccurate response, and overall poor customer service quality. There are even reports of rude customer support agents. However, a few bad apples shouldn't paint the entire company as bad. In fact, despite being on the receiving end of several complaints, Vintage Security has managed to maintain a stellar A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.1 The company is also a recipient of multiple Angie's List Super Service Awards. These awards prove that Vintage Security's customer support is substantially good.


If there's one thing missing from Vintage Security's customer service, it is clearly defined policies. Vintage Security doesn't offer up any details about their policies online. You can only read about their policies in the contract that they'll make you sign prior to the installation of the system. Our advice? Read the contract thoroughly.

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