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Vintage Security Plans, Deals, and Promotions

Vintage Security offers professional installation for home security systems as well as monitoring services. They also install home automation systems and entertainment systems. Their pricing scheme, however, is less-than-candid.

What To Expect From Vintage Security

When it comes to equipment and monitoring plan pricing, Vintage security is on the less transparent end. They don't share any pricing information on their website and the only way to get a quote is to invite a sales rep to your home to assess your security needs and provide recommendations.

Not knowing what you're getting into is tough and not at all ideal, especially because Vintage Security requires a long-term contract. The only contract options are 3 years or 5 years. That said, we've done our own research and though we didn't get hold of their pricing, we can give you an idea of what to expect.

Most existing customers got their Vintage security system back when their homes were constructed. If that's the case for you or if you move into a house with a Vintage Security system already installed, there won't be any more equipment fee. All you need to do is activate the system and sign the monitoring service agreement. The monthly rate will depend on your system and which features you wish to activate. Monitoring pricing plans range anywhere between $35 and $60.

If you didn't get a security system during construction and you want to add one now, you'll need to purchase the equipment before activating the monitoring service. A security system could cost you hundreds of dollars or even thousands if you choose to add home automation and entertainment systems.

Currently, Vintage Security is advertising an "interactive package" on their website, which includes a Qolsys IQ Panel 2, four door/window sensors, a motion sensor, and a smoke sensor. Other alarm companies sell a similar package for $300 to $600, so expect the cost to be somewhere around those numbers. Vintage Security likely offers other packages with more inclusions than the interactive package, so we recommend asking your sales rep about those. Based on our collective experience, shopping for equipment packages is a practical move when buying a new security system.

Once the system is installed, the monthly monitoring fees will start rolling in. The rate is likely similar to the monthly rate of pre-installed security systems.

Other Fees To Watch Out For

Besides the equipment and monitoring fee, there are other fees you need to watch out and prepare for.

Installation Fee

Of course, there's the obvious: installation fee. Vintage Security requires professional installation, so an installation fee is also inevitable. The fee will likely depend on the type of system you had installed. Most alarm companies charge about $100 for security system installation (sometimes more), and because Vintage Security also offers automation and entertainment systems, expect to pay more if you're having those types of systems installed.

Alarm Permit

Before getting a security system, it's best to contact your local government first and check if you're required to obtain an alarm permit. Some states and counties in the United States require an alarm permit for professionally monitored security systems with police dispatch. Alarm permits were introduced as a way to reduce cases of false alarms and the unnecessary waste of resources that go into responding to them. You should also check whether the requirement is a single alarm permit for all types of monitored systems or if there's a separate permit for police, fire, and medical responders dispatch.

Cancellation and/or Moving Fees

As we've noted in our in-depth Vintage Security review, Vintage Security is not at all transparent when it comes to policies. Just like most alarm companies, however, Vintage Security most likely has an early termination/cancellation policy and moving policy. Before signing the contract, find out what the penalties are for cancelling the contract prior to the end of its term and what's the penalty for relocating if there's any.

Ways To Save

Getting a new security system is an expensive endeavour, so it's only fitting that we look for ways to somehow save a few bucks. If you're considering getting a security system from Vintage Security, we've got a couple of tips for you.

Time Your Purchase

Timing your purchase is essential. In most cases, we recommend buying a security system during sales seasons: Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, and Year-End. However, since Vintage Security is super secretive with their pricing, we're not sure if they even offer promotion during sale seasons. So when's the best time to get a security system from them?

When you're doing renovations. Getting in touch with Vintage Security through one of their partner contractors opens up equipment discount opportunities. On top of that, you'll most likely get a lower quote on the installation.


The second best way to save is to haggle. Vintage Security requires an in-home visit in order to give you a quote, and you can take advantage of that by negotiating with the sales rep. You may not get huge discounts, but you'll get a pretty good chance of convincing the sales rep to give up their wiggle room.

Get Your Insurance Discount

Insurance companies give insurance discounts to customers who prove to them that their doing their part in protecting their own homes, such as by getting a security system. Once your system is up and running, you may request a monitoring certificate from Vintage Security. That's your ticket to getting a substantial discount on your homeowners insurance premium.