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Best Atlanta, Georgia Home Security & Alarm Companies 2023

Here's what we found when we analyzed home security providers and crime data in Atlanta

Recommended Home Security Providers in Atlanta

Affordable Option
  • Home Automation
  • Recommended in Areas with High Violent Crime
  • Recommended to protect against threats of fire
  • Options with Video Cameras
Best for Renters
  • Video Monitoring
  • Recommended in Areas with High Property Crime
  • Known for quick response time
  • Several Home Automation Options
Best Home Automation
  • Home Automation
  • Simple Wireless Install
  • Simple Professional Install
  • Best value option

Our Analysis of Safety in Atlanta

The level of criminal incidents in Atlanta is significantly above average, with 57.28 offenses for every one thousand residents. When compared with other U.S. cities, Atlanta places in the 86th percentile for highest crime figures.

Criminal incidents against property are significantly above average in Atlanta. 50.85 property infractions transpire for every one thousand citizens annually, placing the city in the 92nd percentile. The city’s very high property crime is acutely irregular when compared to Georgia — and the United States across the nation. Atlanta is more vulnerable to property-related crimes than 102% of Georgia counties and 143% of counties in the nation.

Atlanta experiences significantly high person crime — the city ranks in the 93rd percentile for incidents against individuals. For every one thousand inhabitants, there are about 6.42 crimes against individuals. Notably, Atlanta's rates are prominantly assymetric to crime levels in the state of Georgia; they do, however, not diverge significantly from national crime rates. Atlanta's very high person-related crime rates are reflective of those throughout the state of Georgia and with estimates across the nation.

The majority of criminality is property crime, including burglary, larceny-theft, motor vehicle theft, and arson. In Atlanta, homicide offenses are the most commonplace offenses against persons. arson is the city’s most numerous property crime.

With its very high crime levels, Atlanta has a moderate officer-to-civilian ratio, with 4.34 officers per 1,000 inhabitants. That's one officer to protect 231 residents.

Aside from crimes per capita, the rate of criminal activity is another critical safety indicator. Atlanta has significantly above average crime frequency, with 3.15 offenses taking place every hour. A crime occurs every 19 minutes in Atlanta. Specifically, a property offense takes place every 21 minutes and incidents against persons occur roughly once every 3 hours.

Data sourced from FBI Uniform Crime Reporting, 2017 (last available dataset)
Top 40% Percentile
Top 20% Percentile
Top 20% Percentile
Top 20% Percentile

Recommended Option for Cost Effectiveness

Adding a security system to your home doesn't have to be an expensive ordeal, but you should not compromise the quality of the system either. Fortunately, there are security companies, especially in Atlanta, GA, with affordable deals but with high-quality products and services. Protect America is one of those companies.

Protect America offers top-notch security systems, industry best monitoring service, and stellar customer service, all of which for a low introductory price. Of course, they also offer extra features at an added cost, but even if you purchase these added features, the company's pricing is still very competitive. On top of that, Protect America is known for offering great deals frequently, further lowering their equipment and monitoring pricing. If you chance upon one of their promotions, we highly recommend grabbing it before it's too late. For more information on the pricing, monitoring plans, and promotions offered by Protect America, click her.

To purchase a security system from Protect America and set up professional monitoring from them, we recommend you to get in touch with a Protect America security expert by calling (855) 251-3641. Doing so will likely allow you to get better deals. You may also visit their website to get a quick overview of their pricing.

Recommended for Renter

For renters in Atlanta, GA, we recommend ADT as the strongest option. We've come to this conclusion after analyzing the crime rates and comparing them to the safety features offered by security companies in the area. Our studies show that ADT is the best fit for renters in Atlanta, GA.

While the crime data made a huge impact in our decision-making process, there are other things you should take into consideration when finding the best alarm company for you. For example, the company's customer service quality. We recommended ADT due to the fact that they treat all their customers well, whether you're a homeowner or a renter. Aside from that, our analysis shows that ADT offers the most competitive pricing in Atlanta, GA.

If you want to learn more about ADT first, you may also check out our in-depth ADT review

Recommended Option for Home Automation

Automating your home smart sometimes feels like a luxury rather than a necessity, but the truth is, home automation is a great boost to home security. Adding home automation to your security system gives you access to certain features, like rules creation and scheduling, which then let you program your smart home to act in a certain way if a break-in is detected. For example, your lights can automatically turn on to scare away intruders if a door or window is opened or when motion is detected.

In Atlanta, GA, we recommend Brinks as the as the best company for home automation due to the fact that they offer advanced home automation features. For one, you can access your automated devices from anywhere using their smartphone app. You can also create rules or schedules to automate routine tasks, such as turning your lights off at night or setting the temperature before dozing off. Of course, you can also use rules and schedules to set up automated actions to improve your home security.

Brinks is more than just an expert in home automation, but they also provide a high level of security to their customers through professional monitoring and high-quality equipment. In fact, Brinks is one of the few companies that is capable of offering security features designed to mitigate the most common threats to the security of Atlanta, GA homeowners and property renters. Because of this, our recommendation for having the best home automation offer goes to Brinks.

To learn more about Brinks, we recommend reading our in-depth Brinks review and checking out the pricing and deals offered by Brinks.

FUN FACT:If you’re thinking of moving to Atlanta, let me clue you in on one little secret….no one says “Hotlanta”. According to the Bustle, each neighborhood has its own personality.

Bringing your Midtown swag to a VaHi venue is a quick way to get some fierce side-eye. Don’t mix cultures. Leave your Midtown life in Midtown, go bohemian at Little Five Points, and reserve your over-relaxed “life is good” attitude for Dunwoody.

Picking a neighborhood can often mean finding the balance between lifestyle fit and security. Below is information geared toward helping you find the best home security system for you and also a safe neighborhood to call home.

National Home Alarm Companies in Atlanta

Frontpoint and Link Interactive are our top recommended national home security companies. We selected them for the way they do business. They treat customers right. They lock in your monthly rate for the entire term of your contract, let you move for free if you need to, support you, and they don’t have hidden fees. What you see is what you get.

Frontpoint Security

Frontpoint is our top recommended alarm company. This is because they have high-quality systems, dependable monitoring centers, and excellent customer service. Frontpoint offers wireless equipment that is easy to install on your own, so no installation fees. Their system communicates with the monitoring center via a cellular signal, one of the most efficient methods in the industry. They also offer smart features such as smartphone control, home automation, and video surveillance.

As for their customer service, Frontpoint is top-notch. They hold an A+ rating with the BBB, they are an Angie’s List Super Service Award Winner, and 94% of their customers would recommend Frontpoint to a friend.

(844) 328-2882
Read Review

  • A+ BBB Rating
  • Angie’s List Super Service Award Winner
  • Home Automation

Link Interactive

Link Interactive is our number two pick. Much like Frontpoint, Link’s systems are wireless and backed by Alarm.com. They also offer smart features. What differentiates Link from Frontpoint is how they handle customers. Don’t get me wrong, Link does a good job, but Frontpoint is better. Still, you should check out Link if you’re looking for an alarm company.

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  • A+ BBB Rating
  • Angie’s List Super Service Award Winner
  • Home Automation

Local Home Alarm Companies in Atlanta

Locally we recommend either Ackerman or EMC. Both companies offer the option of wireless monitoring and excellent customer service which puts them in the same category as Frontpoint and Link.


If you have existing equipment, Ackerman is your place. They can change over most systems and will charge just $19.95 per month to monitor your existing equipment.

Ackerman provides security systems and monitoring for homeowners in Georgia and the DC/Maryland/Virginia area.

770- 552- 1111
Rated B by the Better Business Bureau


EMC holds that same impressive Angie’s List Super Service Award as Frontpoint and Link. They can also takeover and monitor existing equipment. Out of the two local companies, I would say that EMC looks slightly stronger than Ackerman. Their alarm takeover starts at just $16.95 per month, and they provide alarm monitoring service on a month-to-month basis.

Since 1998, EMC Security has proudly serviced over 70,000 homes and businesses in Georgia.

770- 963- 0305
Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau

If you do add alarm service in Atlanta, don’t forget your alarm permit.

Crime Statistics for Atlanta

During the mid-20th Century, Atlanta had a major crime problem—murder, burglary, violence, and rape. For more than three decades, Atlanta was on the top five list of the most dangerous cities in the US. But don’t worry. As the US crime rate decreased, Atlanta also successfully decreased its crime rate.

Atlanta is safer than 2% of US cities. Yes, that means less safe than the other 98%. When you’re in Atlanta, you have a 1 in 17 chance of being a victim of a property crime. As a whole, Georgia has a lower crime rate, with a 1 in 33 chance of being a victim of a property crime. The national median for property crime is 24.9 per 1,000 residents.

Atlanta’s Neighborhoods and Safety

Atlanta, like most cities, has a dark side and a safe side. If you’re planning to move to Atlanta, do your best to avoid these neighborhoods:

  • Humphries Street SW : 1 in 12 chance of becoming a victim in a year
  • Richardson Street : 1 in 11 chance of becoming a victim in a year
  • Marietta Street : 1 in 9 chance of becoming a victim in a year
  • Carter Street : 1 in 8 chance of becoming a victim in a year
  • McDaniel Street : 1 in 10 chance of becoming a victim in a year

On the other hand, these neighborhoods are considered the safest:

  • S Johnson Ferry Rd NE/ Mill Creek RD NE
  • Druid Hills
  • Vinings
  • Regency Woods Dr/ Briarwood Way NE
  • Chatham Rd NW/ Andrews Dr NW



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Atlanta Home Security Providers

Here is a complete list of providers available in Atlanta:
ProviderHAR ScoreWebsiteInstall TypePhoneMonitoring TypeBusiness Service
Frontpoint8.7www.frontpointsecurity.comDIY(833) 606-4477ProfessionalYes
ADT9.4www.adt.comProfessional(844) 741-8968ProfessionalYes
Alder7.2www.alder.comDIY(866) 717-8611ProfessionalNo
Link Interactive8.5www.linkinteractive.comDIY(877) 826-5443ProfessionalNo
Brinks7.5brinkshome.comProfessional or DIY(866) 305-6806ProfessionalYes
Ring9.5ring.comDIY(800) 656-1918Professional or Self-MonitoredNo
Protect America7.8www.protectamerica.comDIY(800) 951-5111ProfessionalYes
Simplisafe8.5simplisafe.comProfessional or DIY(800) 297-1605Professional or Self-MonitoredNo
Vivint7.8www.vivint.comProfessional(801) 377-9111ProfessionalNo
abode7.5goabode.comProfessional or DIY(650) 443-7834Professional or Self-MonitoredNo
Xfinity Home Security8www.xfinity.comProfessional(877) 591-2503ProfessionalYes
Lifeshield7.5www.lifeshield.comProfessional or DIY(877) 632-7657ProfessionalNo
Swann7www.swann.com/usDIY(562) 906-3983Self-MonitoredNo
Fortress Security7.5www.fortresssecuritystore.comDIY(206) 981-5371Professional or Self-MonitoredNo
Ackerman Security7.8www.ackermansecurity.comProfessional(800) 552-1111ProfessionalYes
iSmartAlarm7www.ismartalarm.comDIY(408) 245-2551Self-MonitoredNo
My Alarm Center7.5myalarmcenter.comProfessional(855) 334-6562ProfessionalYes
Ooma8www.ooma.comDIY(888) 711-6662Self-MonitoredNo
LivSecure7.8www.livsecure.comDIY(844) 349-7233ProfessionalNo
Alarm Grid8.5www.alarmgrid.comDIY(888) 818-7728Professional or Self-MonitoredYes
Cove8.3www.covesmart.comDIY(855) 268-3669Professional or Self-MonitoredYes
Protection One7.3www.protection1.comProfessional(877) 776-1911ProfessionalYes
American Defense Systems7.8www.americandefensesystems.comProfessional(800) 610-2134ProfessionalNo
Centurylink7.5www.centurylink.comProfessional(888) 723-8010ProfessionalYes
AT&T Digital Life7.8my-digitallife.att.comProfessional(855) 288-2727ProfessionalNo
Cox Homelife8.5www.cox.com/residential/homelife.htmlProfessional(855) 446-5970ProfessionalYes
Scout Alarm7.3www.scoutalarm.comDIY(844) 287-2688Professional or Self-MonitoredNo
Uxari7.8uxari.comDIY(877) 877-9788ProfessionalNo
GetSafe8getsafe.comDIY(888) 799-6255ProfessionalNo
Alarm Relay8www.alarmrelay.comDIY(800) 624-6866ProfessionalNo
Slomin's7.4www.slomins.comProfessional(800) 252-7663ProfessionalYes