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Cameras That Work with Amazon Alexa

Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Gen - Smart Speaker With Alexa

Alexa, the forerunner of AI voice assistants, is a favorite among consumers and developers. As a result, hundreds of smart home devices are now compatible with Alexa, including home security cameras.

If you’re looking for a camera that integrates with Amazon Alexa, there are many robust options. In fact, they’re downright flooding the market. So how do you choose?

We rounded up a list of the best Amazon Alexa-friendly home security cameras.

Different Echos, Different Skills

How Alexa controls your security camera will depend on the Echo device you choose and what the camera’s Skill allows for.

Skills are created by developers and usually backed by the camera maker. A Skill might allow you to arm and disarm your camera, check on motion events, or even swap to a custom mode. Most Skills are compatible with:

  • Echo ($79.99) — Dolby speakers
  • Dot ($29.99) — smaller size, smaller speaker
  • Echo Plus ($149.00) — better speaker, built-in Zigbee hub
  • Echo Dot Kids Edition ($69.99) — kid-friendly features

On the other hand, some Skills are only compatible with Alexa-enabled devices that have or connect to screens:

  • Echo Show ($229.99) — 10″ built-in screen, Zigbee hub
  • Echo Spot ($129.99)— 2.5″ round screen
  • Fire TV ($69.00) —TV box
  • Fire TV Stick 2nd Gen ($39.00) — streaming device
  • Fire TV Cube ($119.99) — TV box with hands-free voice control)
  • Fire TV edition Smart TVs — Smart TVs running Fire TV
  • Fire Tablet — 4th gen or later

Having (or being connected to) a screen allows these devices to stream a live camera feed from compatible security cameras. (PRO TIP: Most cameras have a streaming limit of ten minutes. When you reach that limit, your Alexa video stream will automatically timeout. You can’t use Echo Show and other Alexa devices with a screen as a camera monitor.)

Security Cameras That Work With Screened Alexa Devices

Skill NameCompatible CamerasFeatures Exclusive to ‘Screened’ Alexa DevicesFeatures Available to all Alexa DevicesCheck Prices
Amazon Cloud CamCloud CamShow/Hide Camera, Show Last Activity/Most Recent EventTurn On Camera, Receive/Play/Delete Notifications, Trigger Routines With Motion DetectionBuy Here
Blink SmartHomeBlink, Blink XTShow/Hide Camera, Show Last Activity/Most Recent EventArm Camera, Disarm Camera (Requires PIN), Ask “When was my last motion alert?”, “What’s my status?”, and “What’s my schedule?”Buy Here
RingRing Video Doorbell 2, Video Doorbell Pro, Video Doorbell Elite, Floodlight Cam, Spotlight Cam, Ring Stick Up Cam Wired; Limited Features Only For Ring Video Doorbell (1st Gen) and Stick Up Cam (1st Gen)Show/Hide Camera, Answer Doorbell, Show Last Activity/Most Recent EventDoorbell Ring Triggers Alexa Announcements, Trigger Routines With Motion Detection & Doorbell RingsBuy Here
ArloArlo Wire-Free, Arlo Q & Q Plus, Arlo Pro & Pro 2, Arlo Go, Arlo BabyShow/Hide Camera, Show Last Activity/Most Recent EventTurn On Light/Change Light Color (Arlo Security Lights)Buy Here
Nest CameraDropcam, Dropcam Pro, Nest Cam, Nest Cam Outdoor, Nest Cam IQ, Nest Cam IQ Outdoor, Nest HelloShow/Hide Camera
Buy Here
August Smart HomeAugust Doorbell CamShow/Hide Camera, Show Last Activity/Most Recent Event, Answer Doorbell (Coming Soon)Doorbell Ring Triggers Alexa Announcements, Trigger Routines With Motion Detection & Doorbell RingsBuy Here
Logi Circle – LiveLogi Circle, Logitech Circle 2Show/Hide Camera, Show Last Activity/Most Recent Event
Buy Here
TP-LINK KasaKasa CamShow/Hide CameraControl TP-Link Kasa Smart Home DevicesBuy Here
CanaryCanary All-In-One, Canary Flex, Canary ViewShow/Hide Camera
Buy Here
WyzeWyze Cam v2, Wyze Cam PanShow/Hide Camera, Discover Devices
Buy Here
EZVIZMini Plus, Mini 360 Plus, Mini O, Mini Trooper, Husky, ezGuardShow/Hide Camera
Buy Here
Honeywell HomeC1 Wi-Fi Security Camera, C2 Wi-Fi Security CameraShow/Hide CameraTurn On CameraBuy Here
Chk-In CamConeC CamPlayback Event RecordingTurn On/Off Camera, Arm/Disarm Camera, Launch Smartphone App,Buy Here
SmartCam+ for live viewSmartCam D1, SmartCam N1, SmartCam N2Show/Hide Camera
Buy Here
Amcrest CloudAmcrest IPM-723S, Amcrest Pro HD, Amcrest Ultra HD Series (require premium cloud subscription)Show/Hide Camera, Discover Devices
Buy Here
ZmodoEZCam, Zmodo Greet HD & Pro, Zmodo Outdoor Pro, Zmodo Sight Series, Zmodo Snap, Zmodo Wireless CamShow/Hide CameraTurn On CameraBuy Here

Amazon Cloud Cam

The Amazon Cloud Cam is a prime example of a security camera that’s well integrated with Alexa. The Cloud Cam Skill is an interesting one. First, unlike other Skills, you don’t have to activate it—it’s automatically enabled when you link a Cloud Cam to your Amazon account. Second, it works with screened and non-screened Alexa devices. Obviously, you can’t play live or recorded videos using an Echo or Echo Dot, but you can use your non-screened device to turn the camera on. You can also use it to announce Cloud Cam notifications or you can set Cloud Cam’s motion detector as a trigger for your Alexa Routines.

When we tested and reviewed Cloud Cam’s integration with Alexa, we gave it two thumbs up.  

Blink SmartHome

Blink is a security camera brand also owned by Amazon. They currently offer two wire-free security cameras: Blink (indoor camera) and Blink XT (outdoor camera). We’ve tested and reviewed both cameras, so if you want to learn more about them,

Blink offers offers an Alexa Skill called SmartHome. This Skill lets you view live video feeds and the most recent recorded event from your Blink cameras if you have an Alexa device with a screen. If you have a screen-less Echo device, you can still arm or disarm your cameras and ask for the status of your camera’s battery, schedule, and notifications. Disarming the camera with your voice requires that you provide a voice PIN.


Ring is yet another Amazon-owned company, and they offer a range of security devices. Ring sells video doorbells (Ring Video Doorbell, Video Doorbell 2, Pro, Elite), security cameras (Stick Up Cam), and camera-equipped security lights (Floodlight Cam, Spotlight Cam). They also sell a security system, although that’s a topic for another day.

The Ring Alexa Skill lets you view your cameras and watch the most recent event clip on your Echo Show, Spot, Fire Tablet, or Fire TV. The Ring Skill connects with Ring Video Doorbell 2, Pro and Elite as well as Floodlight and Spotlight Cams and Stick Up Cam Wired. Unfortunately, some older Ring products are not supported by the Skill including Ring the first generation Video Doorbell and Stick Up Cam. On the bright side, supported Ring Doorbells support Alexa Announcements. When someone rings your doorbell, Alexa will announce the event. Ring and motion alerts are also supported by Alexa Routine triggers. For example, if motion is detected, Alexa can make a custom announcement.


Arlo is a camera brand most famous for their wire-free, battery-powered cameras. If you’re an Arlo user, the good news is all of their cameras are supported by the Arlo Skill, including Arlo Wire-Free, Arlo Pro and Pro, Arlo Go, Arlo Baby, Arlo Q and Q Plus, Arlo Audio Doorbell, and Arlo Security Lights.

The bad news is that the Skill’s camera-related features are only available for Alexa devices with screens. You can watch a live stream on your screened Echo device. You can also watch the most recent event recording, provided that you have free or paid.

Arlo’s Alexa Skill does have some features that can be accessed using a non-screened Echo device, but those features are reserved for controlling Arlo Security Lights.

Nest Camera

Nest is one of our top-rated security camera brands, and all of their cameras are compatible with Alexa. In fact, Alexa even integrates with Dropcam and Dropcam Pro (cameras released in 2014). Other cameras currently sold by Nest include Nest Cam, Nest IQ, Nest Cam Outdoor, Nest IQ Outdoor, and Nest Hello, not to mention the products the company sells in the smart home and home security department.

Unfortunately, the Nest Camera Skill doesn’t let you do much beyond watch live video feeds on your ‘screened’ Echo devices.

Logi Circle – Live

Not to be confused with the Logi Circle – Control Skill, Logi Circle – Live lets you watch live video streams and the most recent video recording from your Logi Circle and Logitech Circle 2 cameras. This Skill is exclusive to Alexa devices that have or connect to a screen. If you have a screen-less Echo device, you should use the Logi Circle – Control Skill, featured in the next table.


TP-Link Kasa is TP-Link’s smart home brand that includes smart lighting products, smart switches, and security cameras. The TP-LINK Kasa Alexa only offers camera features exclusive to Alexa devices with a screen. More specifically, you can watch live videos and review the latest event recording.


Wyze is a camera brand we love, mainly because their cameras are inexpensive but come with exceptional software and support.

Currently, the company sells Wyze Cam v2 and Wyze Cam Pan, but there are whispers about an outdoor camera version coming soon. We’ve tested both Wyze Cam v1 (still works but no longer recommended) and Wyze Cam v2 as well as Wyze Cam Pan.

Take note that the Wyze Skill only works with Wyze Cam v2 and Pan. Also, you can only use the Skill if you own an Alexa device that has or connects to a screen with an exception. Fire TV Stick isn’t currently supported but according to the company, integration is coming soon.

Skills Currently Not Recommended

As for the remaining Skills mentioned in the table, we decided not to elaborate on them for several reasons. Some of them have very low or no reviews, indicating that the Skill is either not useful or that the hardware is underwhelming. Some, such as Honeywell Home, are focused on non-camera related features. EZVIZ is a decent brand, but we don’t recommend the Skill as enabling it requires you to turn off your camera’s image encryption, which might have some effect on your camera’s privacy. And then there are others, like Amcrest, that are free to enable but require a subscription to use the Skill.

Security Cameras That Work With All Alexa Devices

Skill NameCompatible CamerasVoice CommandsOther FeaturesCheck Prices
SkyBellSkyBell HD, SkyBell Trim PlusArm/Disarm Motion Sensor, Change Modes, Record Video, Take A SnapshotTurn On Quiet Mode (silences the indoor chime)Buy Here
Remo+ VoiceDoorCam, RemoBellCheck Battery Status, Check Wi-Fi Status, Ask Details (time, type, etc.) About Latest Alert/Event
Buy Here
Logi Circle – ControlLogi Circle, Logitech Circle 2Start a Recording, Disable Privacy Mode, Turn On Camera
Buy Here
Yi Home CameraYi Home Camera Series, Yi Dome Camera SeriesTurn On/Off Camera
Buy Here
KunaSmart Security Light, Camera Floodlight, ToucanDiscover New DevicesTurn On/Off Smart LightBuy Here
SmartCam+SmartCam D1, SmartCam N1, SmartCam N2Ask Event/Alert Information
Buy Here
Chk-In Cam – Smart Home SkillsConeC CamTurn On/Off Camera
Buy Here


SkyBell used to be Ring’s toughest competitor in the video doorbell department, but has since lagged behind. Still, SkyBell Doorbells offer useful features, and although they’re not as popular as Ring in the DIY smart home market, many professionally monitored security companies use SkyBell doorbells.

If you happen to own a SkyBell Doorbell, you can integrate it with Alexa via the SkyBell Skill. The Skill lets you arm or disarm the Doorbell’s motion sensor, change arming modes, or even command your Doorbell to take a snapshot or record live video. You can also enable Quiet Mode with your voice, which temporarily silences all indoor chimes connected to SkyBell.

Remo+ Voice

Remo+ (or Remo Plus) is another brand that sells products in the doorbell department. Currently, only two of their products work with Alexa: RemoBell (a doorbell) and DoorCam (a camera that hangs on your door, perfect for renters).

The Remo+ Show Skill lets you do three things: Check the battery status of your doorbell or DoorCam, check their Wi-Fi status, and ask for details about recent alerts. The last feature gives you information such as when the alert happened and what type of alert it was (doorbell ring, motion, sound, etc.). The Remo+ Voice Skill offers the same three features but is specifically geared towards Echo products.

Logi Circle – Control

As mentioned earlier, Logi Circle has two Skills. The second Skill is Logi Circle – Control Skill.

If you own a Logi Circle or Logitech Circle 2 camera and non-screened Alexa devices, this Skill is for you. You can also use it to access features not offered by the other Logi Circle Skill.

Logi Circle – Control, as the name implies, lets you control certain camera features. For example, you can use the Skill to start a recording, turn on your cameras, or disable privacy mode. However, it can’t turn off your cameras or enable privacy mode for security reasons.

Home Camera

Yi Home is a budget security camera brand from the Chinese company Xiaomi. The company offers several security cameras, but only their Yi Home (indoor camera) and Yi Dome (dome-type outdoor camera) are compatible with Alexa. Disappointingly, you can only turn your camera on and off with the Skill, which is one reason why we ranked the camera lower than Wyze Cam v2 when we compared the two to several other inexpensive security cameras.


We’re fans of the Kuna brand. They offer security cameras with built-in security light features, which is a great way to enhance outdoor security. Unfortunately, Kuna’s Alexa Skill fall below our expectations. Although it works with all the company’s products, it only controls the security light features of the device, letting you turn on and off your outdoor lights. Many users have already requested that Kuna add camera features to their Alexa Skill, but the Kuna Skill remains stagnant.


If you own SmartCam cameras such as D1 (doorbell), N1, and N2 (security cameras with person detection and facial recognition) but not an Alexa device with a screen, the SmartCam+ Skill is for you. It lets you ask for information like time, type, etc. as related to previous alerts and events, which is somehow an alternative to event playback. If you think something out of the ordinary has happened based on the information provided, you can use the free SmartCam+ smartphone app to watch a recording.

Chk-In Cam – Smart Home Skills

Finally, Chk-In Cam’s Smart Home Skill lets you turn your ConeC Cam on or off. Chk-In Cam also has a skill for ‘screened’ Alexa devices, but it fell on the “Not Recommended” list as it doesn’t have a single review. Unfortunately, the same is true with this Skill. We don’t recommend this Skill.

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